My name is Abigail Russell. I look like a slut. But don’t be fooled, this is merely a disguise to lure the dangerous predators who walk among us. This is their jungle. Their breeding ground. And tonight I’m on the hunt. These are the cheaters - the married lying scum. They are like diseased cells, cultured in alcoholic petri dishes, but destroy unsuspecting families, and infect millions of innocent vaginas. There is not cure for the married cock. ONLY ME, THE NURSE.
Nurse 3-D (2013)
Dir. Douglas Aarniokoski


Finally got around to watching Nurse (aka Nurse 3D), and it was one bloody good time.

Sure, it’s a pretty brainless film that most feminists will despise, mainly due to its blatant sexualization of women. But honestly, where else are you going to watch an alluring lesbian nurse perform psychotic acts of gore, sexual perversion, and obsession?

Paz de la Huerta is a blood-soaked goddess in this film, and any horror fans looking for a decent thriller with just the right amount of dark humor and gore can’t miss out on this one.

(Catch it now on Video on Demand! Or, you know, torrent it like I did.)


(Obs. O vídeo não é uma visão romântica sobre os personagens.)

Sony Vegas pro 11.
Video: Hannibal, Nurse 3D
Lisa Garland: Katrina Bowden
Michael Kaufmann: Mads Mikkelsen

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