Different types of Brain stroke, ischemic and hemorrhage…

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The Ebola outbreak that affected more than 28,000 people in West Africa is over, but the long-term impact is still felt and MSF is still responding to its aftermath. MSF nurse Carissa Guild has been involved in the Ebola response since 2014. She speaks about the lasting impact that Ebola has left in the West African region.

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5 Types of Abnormal Respiratory Patterns

Recognition of a pt’s respiratory pattern should be as key as knowing what happened to them. It’s part of any medical assessment really when you are doing you’re A-B-C’s correctly. At this point, I am writing with the knowledge that you understand the regular anatomy of the respiratory system and how it works.

Cheyne-Stokes Respirations

Gradually increasing rate and depth of respirations followed by a gradual decreas or respirations with intermittent periods of apnea

Commonly associated with brainstem insults

Kussmaul Respirations

Deep, rapid respirations

Commonly associated with DKA; Caused by metabolic acidosis as a way to remove CO2 and increase the pH of the body.

Biot (ataxic) Respirations

Irregular pattern, rate, and depth of breathing with intermittent periods of apnea

Commonly seen in ICP pt’s, since there is pressure on the pons and medulla, you are causing issues with respiration control.

Apneustic Respirations

Prolonged, gasping inhalation followed by extremely short, ineffective exhalation

Commonly seen with brainstem insult

Agonal Gasps

Slow, shallow, irregular, or occasional gasping breaths

Seen as a result from cerebral anoxia. Agonal gasps may be seen when the heart has stopped but the brain continues to send signals to the muscles of respiration. Not really a respiration.

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Karlene Davis (b. 1946) is a Jamaican nurse and midwife who revolutionised her field in the United Kingdom. She served as the General Secretary of the Royal College of Midwives from 1994 to 2008, and during that time transformed the institution in the modern professional organisation and trade union that it is today.

The policies she instituted led to a better job quality for British nurses and midwives, and better care provided to expectant and new mothers. She also established the Annual Midwifery Awards to recognise the crucial role of the profession in the medical world.