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Micahs new tattoos suit him! Gio and Nuri remind me of 2 naughty school kids who Rein has to seperate and put in time out when they get too excited and boisterous!

Oh yeah, Rein often has to lecture both of them– but he’s too much a softy, so he’ll instantly melt after saying what he needs to say lmaoo.

Meanwhile, Rein has no problem yelling at Micah LMAO.

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Everyone always just wants Kii lately... But I want either Micah or Gio! I kinda miss seeing them ;-;

It’s bc Kii’s easy af to draw lmaoo not only that, but because he has no definite story tied to him, it’s easier to put out random drawings. BUT I do miss drawing my other OCs that’s for sure. Have a stupid mini comic of Micah, Gio, and Nuri in a casual everyday situation.