New York City

We like books. Our bones are made of ‘em. In an effort to honor their spiritual scaffolding and inimitable ability to act as salve, mirror and friend all at the same time, Ace Hotel New York invented a writer-in-residence program called Dear Reader (wherein each month a writer pens a letter to an imagined audience, later to be distributed pillowside in hotel rooms). 

Now nearing its sixth month, Dear Reader has some letters to leverage. Odes to existence and circumstance and Dear Johns everywhere, we’re throwing a party and asking said letter-writers to read aloud to us. On May 27, we’ll be below our cavernous lobby in Liberty Hall, hosting the sexiest people we’ve ever met with the soothingest voices who also happen to be great writers: Chelsea Hodson, Saeed Jones, Atticus Lish, Lucas Mann, Dale Peck and Sigrid Nuñez will read excerpts from their ouevre, and also the letters they wrote when they slept over. 

Our neighbors at The Breslin will be standing by to quench what needs quenching at the cash bar.