TST Initial Reactions
  • The Holmes Brother wrestling like schoolboys 10/10 would watch all day
  • Our dads love our acronym-based secret society and think we’re the best and Mark wrote himself a line to tell us so
  • Mark also assured us that he doesn’t like loose ends, not on his watch
  • A few TAB callbacks, not just twins, like why echo lines from a fever dream unless… *whispers MP*
  • Also used cinematography effect that was used in TAB (the distorted telescoping BG when Sherlock sees the Thatcher shrine)
  • so much of this felt surreal, I have no idea if we’re in MP or not
  • I love Hopkins, she is my wife
  • Sherlock calling Lestrade Greg (0_0) talk about surreal!
  • “Mary” calling Sherlock a Dragon Slayer… hm…
  • John-mirror Hudders sitting in John’s chair
  • The two big numbers we got: 59… 58… oh hm, what comes next?!!
  • John saying he “used to” love “Mary”
  • AJ is a John mirror and Alex is a Sherlock mirror; Alex’s shadow being tortured was straight out of Serbia, and AJ says “I was loyal”
  • John’s loyalty is a major plot point, with the dog comparison and the AJ mirror, and the idea that he was cheating is a huge red herring
  • the late night texts make no sense in the context of the redhead
  • The Redhead is a Red Herring
  • Amo: I LOVE ~ AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The woman who shot “Mary” is a “Mary” mirror: she was a secretary (which “Mary” mentions being earlier in the episode) who was bored with her life and being overlooked and her past caught up with her. Oh yeah, and she tries to kill Sherlock with a gunshot to the chest.
  • “Mary Morstan” may be dead but we’re not done with AGRA 
  • Molly repeating “anyone” to Sherlock was unnecessary and likely a clue or some sort of coercion ~ her emotional tenor was off
  • SHERLOCK’S RECURRING DREAMS!!! (see MP speculation above)
  • we’re going to hell and back, they did warn us…
  • I need TLD yesterday
  • this is going to be the longest week of my life
Never Let Go

Group/Member: Got7′s Mark

Genre: Angst/Fluff Drabble

Word Count: 1217 

Summary: 58 - “So what’s his story?“ “Hmm…he was a hero, so he died first.” “So you’re not the hero?” “Nope I’m the villain, and you have less than 6 minutes to convince me to  spare you.”

Requested: Yes! - Could I request a Halloween Drabble fluff with Mark from Got7, Drabble line number 58 please. Thank you! 

Author’s Note: A bit long to be a drabble but please enjoy! 

- Admin Kiwi

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Lindner 1859 1st Type carbine

Designed by Edward Lindner and manufactured by Amoskeag Manufacturing Company in Manchester, New Hampshire c.1859-61 - no serial number.
.58 paper cartridge with percussion cap, single shot bolt action - the breech block springs up and forward when the bolt handle is rotated up, and can be loaded before being pushed down and maintained there for the bolt to rotate back above it.

One of the approximately billions of breech loading carbines made during the Civil War. This system had both the advantages of being applicable to old muzzle loading muskets and of looking good.

Anytime people bring up that men in the past were awful, domineering monsters, I just want to show them dramas like this. The good men talk to their wives and listen to their input. Just because a culture has strict gender roles and separation of duties does not necessarily mean inequality.

This is a tertiary couple, yet he adores and loves his wife. He treats her with kindness and respect. And like, the worst love interest is the king of Jin and he’s just mediocre. Your view of history doesn’t have to be bleak and full of rape in order to have a compelling story. Reason number 58 why I love this drama.

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Time right now: 8:19 am

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Favorite fiction character: Saeyoung Choi  (from mystic messenger)

Favorite singer/band: i like a lot of bands, but i’d say Green Day is my favorite

Dream Trip: all around the world, honestly. i want to see as much as possible and visit as many places as i can

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I'm called Sportacus or Rufus around these parts! I'm 5'4' and I use he/him! I'm a Taurus and my favourites are; number: 7 or 58; Lazytown song: either the Mine or Spooky song; book: The Life In The Woods With Joni-Pip (it's really cute and had talking animals and toys and time travel!!); colour: purple! My hobbies include talking to my friends, studying languages (starting on Icelandic soon!) and acting! Things that make me happy include this blog and spreading positivity! 💙 - Sportadad

Sportadad is best dad 10/10

THE MEME FOR PEOPLE WHO HATE HAPPINESS. - random number between 1-75
58. Your muse steals from mine and gets caught. ft. @onlyhumanxtalia

It wasn’t very often Lucian went about the town, even less often did he stop for a drink in a bar on his own. He preferred the solitude of his own apartment, the silence it provided. Maybe if bars lacked the human scum they were usually filled with it wouldn’t have been so bad but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. And it seemed like it only got worse as the years went by. Maybe that was his age catching up to him- his disdain for the younger generation as they began piling into those places, but he couldn’t say they were his go-to spot for anything aside from business on occasion. Tonight was a different story.

His eyes were set on a target- someone they had been watching for a while. It was simple recon. Assess the situation then they would figure out who was to follow through with it. Nothing big but it put him in the situation he was currently in. And something he enjoyed doing from time to time, no matter where it put him. Dark eyes lingered on the man in question, only glancing elsewhere when a girl came into his view and he nearly forgot what he was there doing. Not because she was attractive, even though she clearly was, that was usually something Luca could look past but because he knew her. He didn’t know where or how but he had seen that face in his past. His eyes focused on her. Watched as she laughed and tossed her hair over her shoulder. Tried to place where he knew those eyes from. But as soon as she was there she had disappeared into the crowd again and Lucian was left to observe once more. 

Until he felt a disturbance in his back pocket. Another reason he hated places like this, they were filled to the brim with assholes who thought they could get away with anything they wanted. Without so much as a second thought, the man turned, a quick movement and the small, feminine wrist was firmly gripped in his hand, her form being pulled closer to him. For a split second, he was caught off guard by her face- the same woman as before but this time the familiarity screamed at him. Eyes narrowed on her as he looked down at her empty hand, letting the rage that had vanished for a second come back to him “Do you want your damn hand cut off?” He asked, his voice hushed so no one could hear the threat but her. 

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I don’t know if you meant all the numbers between 34 and 58 or just the two so i’m just gonna answer the two 

34. How do you express sad emotions? And happy emotions? with sad emotions i literally just shut myself down and hide away from everyone, i don’t really speak or eat i just kinda exist and happy emotions i just kinda get really hyper and excited and laugh at everything but i literally switch between the two like 5 times a day (i sound bipolar lol)

58. How do you feel about parties? um idk, like if it was a party and i knew most of the people there then sure they’re great but if it’s like a party and i know like one person, hell nooooooo i’m too anxious for that shit 


Hacker goes after Baton Rouge police sites and records after shooting of Alton Sterling

In response to police violence, hacker @0x2Taylor has leaked 50,000 Baton Rouge police records online. The leak includes names, addresses, emails and phone numbers. He also leaked 58,000 records again on Friday morning, including IPs, addresses, passwords, emails, phone numbers, room numbers and agents. When asked what his plans are, @0x2Taylor said a major online retailer is his next target.

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An Open Letter To My First Love

Today I realized that you unblocked me on Facebook. Today I had a weak moment and I went through yours and her pictures together because I haven’t done that in months and you know what? It didn’t hurt like it used too. Today I logged onto my old computer and looked at our old conversations and pictures and I smiled. And now I’m writing this. 

It’s been about 4 months since I’ve last seen you. We haven’t talked much since then either. Oh, and this isn’t a desperate attempt for you to come back or anything, let’s just be clear. I don’t want that anymore. You probably won’t even read this but I read a lot of these things back when I was heartbroken over you, and I guess it’s my turn to write one now. You were my first love. I know I wasn’t yours, I know I was just girlfriend number 57 or 58, but you were my first love. Our relationship was toxic from the beginning. And it continued to be rocky up until we ended things for good. You might not realize this, but you were in my life for over 3 years. That’s a long time. We were just kids when we met. You were with me almost my entire high school career. Now we’re on the brink of adulthood and no longer apart of each others lives. It’s strange to think that we don’t know each other anymore. I didn’t expect us to last forever, but I also didn’t expect us to end the way that we did. I want to apologize to you. I realize that I made so many mistakes in our relationship. And I paid for them the last few months. And I’m so angry at myself for letting my anxiety interfere with us and I want you to know that I’m getting help now. Like I should have a long time ago. Even though we dated for over a year and a half, I still feel like we could have been more. I feel like we could have had a better relationship and I think that’s why it took me so long to finally let you go. I tore myself up with “what if’s” for a long time. I made a lot of mistakes, yes. But so did you. Especially at the end when you treated me like nothing. When you used me and then proceeded to blame all of your problems on me. That’s the last time we really talked. And I never got an apology. I blamed myself for a long time but we both hurt each other a lot. You have had a new girlfriend since then. Sometimes it hurts to know that you two get to have the relationship we never got the chance too but honestly, I’m happy for you, believe me. I’m happy that you found someone that loves you the way you deserve to be loved. And I love you too. Now relax, I love you in the sense that I think about you everyday. I probably always will. I love you in the sense that I wonder how life’s going for you. How your job’s going, where you’re going to college, how your family is, if you’re genuinely happy. I love you in the sense that I’ll listen to certain songs and think of you, or I’ll see something that reminds me of you or I’ll just be driving and sometimes wish you were next to me. I love you in the sense that you tend to appear in my dreams often. I love you in the sense that I want you to be happy, because that’s all I ever wanted for you. I know that I love you because I only want the best for you, even after everything. Sometimes I wish you were in my life, just as a friend, so I can tell you everything going on in my life too. 

Today I missed you. Today I thought about you and it didn’t hurt. And now I’m writing this. So, thank you. Thank you for teaching me what love and heartbreak is. Thank you for teaching me what love shouldn’t be. Thank you for molding me into a stronger, more independent person. Thank you for being apart of my life for over 3 years. Like you said in one of your last nice texts to me, “I’ll never forget it.”

- Jenna