Number 4

Wrong Number Series Part 19

AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! YOU GUYS DON’T KNOW HOW MUCH I’VE WORKED ON THIS OMG!!!!! OKOK FIRST, I would like to give a huuuge thanks to my friend Ambar and also Bambi for proof reading because of my impeccable grammar wow you guys are dah best in the west!!!! 

I really hope you guys enjoy this story!!! Word of advice IF YOU HAVEN’T READ WNS SINCE THE BEGINNING THEN I SUGGEST YOU START THERE! ALSO DON’T SKIP AHEAD!!! I reference part 16 and this is a continuation from where story 3 left off! Thank you guys for sticking with me for a whole year and for those that are new I hope we can have many great times together! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY AND HAPPY READING!!! ^^^^^^^^^^

Word Count: 6442

Scenario: A member (to be revealed) texts you thinking it another member - Suggested

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ときめきノベル大賞 2017
Voltage Inc Tokimeki Novel Award 2017

To celebrate the release of their new app 100シーンの恋+ or 100 Love scenes (x) Voltage ran a short award from June 15 to 22 with characters from selected apps: MPD Close to you, Our two bedroom story, Kissed by the Baddest bidder, Her Love in the Force, Scandal in the Spotlight, My Last First Kiss, After School Affairs, Era of Samurai, Irresistible Mistakes. 

Illustrations (more like edits) and stories in the form of letters (not the usual one chapter substory) were up for sale on Koigame cafe as well as voting tickets. Votes could also be cast by logging into the app daily.

Nomura beat Kirisawa for the number one spot and Kaga surprisingly beat Ayumu in this round. Natsume Asaoka from Irresistible mistakes whose route was out just a month ago is number 4! The top 5 will get special illustrations, and each app will release prizes in the form of sub stories with illustration (which is a rarity these days), depending what ranking their characters got. 


ennotana week day 1: third year


The ocean chose you for a reason

No one knew who the tabby belonged to, though they presumed Mrs Figg as the cat had been seen to enter her house. However, it also seemed rather fond of number four’s back garden and the green eyed boy with whom it played most Sunday afternoons when the Dursleys went out. Of course McGonagall would never admit she had a fondness for playing with Harry when she was supposed to be keeping an eye on him.