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Christmas Card give-away

  • As a little thank you to all of you for your support, maybe a little bit to celebrate that I survived university, and mostly because I love sending Christmas Cards ^0^
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ZEXAL OC MONTH WEEK 2-Day 4: Numbers Card Day!

Alrighty then! Back to THIS. Ok so I took 3 DAYS to plan out this ONE thing XD! (lotta research of Ginga’s Deck plus reading the manga AND revisiting rules about Number Cards IN GENERAL to make stuff feel more organic)


With help from 2 buds & the references in the manga,I found out some fun Number Card facts and according to these sources, the Number Cards often reflect the beholder’s soul & the cards are created on the spot where they were found ((thanks Numeron Code & Don Thousand’s evul planz!)) So I decided to go with the family tree XD and since Fuya got possesed by Galaxy Queen, it’s only natural that he gets possesed by none other than HIS role on Different Dimension ESPer Robin- the evil emperor Furious Dead Max! Ginga’s inner demons would surface when he’s under the influence of the Number. He wouldn’t take ON the role of Dead Max like Fuya was with Robin though ( WE WOULD ALL BE IN DANGER IF THAT WAS THE CASE XD! That villain is ruthless!) because Ginga’s biggest obstacle isn’t not knowing how to be himself. Ginga possessed- would probably have a very similar attitude about justice as Light Yagami (Death Note) or Amai Mask( One Punch Man) and he would go to every corrupt person at his job, duel them into submission & get them fired because he wants to purge all the bad apples out of the company. Anyone who has horrible morals would be his first targets. And knowing how gossip spreads in the industry, it wouldn’t be TOO hard for him to narrow them down. He would show off his strict, paranoid side in a harsh way in public. Usually to himself he is constantly judging people but it takes a GREAT deal for him to speak up about it irl.



** SECONDLY! THANK YOU @tyrestgwa for helping me perfect the stats and stuff on the card and making it a reality 8D!

Just like Galaxy Queen, Number 98: Furious Dead Max is a Dark Type Spellcaster. But he is he is Rank 5, ATK: 2900 and DEF:1900.

Effect 1: Once per turn detach 1 xyz material monster. Banish all your opponent’s monsters on the field to the graveyard and inflict 400 points of damage per monster destroyed.

Effect 2:  Once per turn, gain control of one of your opponent’s monsters and they become an overlay unit for Furious Dead Max. If this card has no Xyz materials at the start of the turn, this card is destroyed.

OK so the reason I did this is in the IRL show that inspired ESPer Robin, the villain is this power hungry psychic who is bent on galaxial domination. So I paralleled that to Furious Dead Max (YAY RESEARCH!) I chose the number 400 because in Japanese culture the number 4= death. And from an evil dark lord’s point of view, he wants to vanquish the enemy, but make them have agonizing pain in death (which is why the opponent will lose LP). AND the stealing of monster’s to become overlay units is equivalent to Dead Max manipulating you to join his dark army 8D! Just like the show!~ BUT. If Furious Dead Max HAS no army, a king can’t rule without subjects! Therefore he is destroyed 8)! ♥ It has a nice balance of myth and strategy! And based on Ginga’s Nekroz Deck, Nekroz cards IN GENERAL are all about banishing things, so it all works out with consistency XD! YAAAAAAAY!

Hope this was informative! (IT WAS SO FUN TO COME UP WITH THIS!)

Thanks Tyrest and Kimmy for the help! ♥ You rawk~~~***

No one knew who the tabby belonged to, though they presumed Mrs Figg as the cat had been seen to enter her house. However, it also seemed rather fond of number four’s back garden and the green eyed boy with whom it played most Sunday afternoons when the Dursleys went out. Of course McGonagall would never admit she had a fondness for playing with Harry when she was supposed to be keeping an eye on him.

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