Every Kpop song

Song Intro: yeah yeah (group name) we about to get down uh huh (insert year of song) (name of management) yeah (song composer name) woooooo (list off all members) get ready (fan club name) we back yeah yeah (list label mates) uh huh we numbah one lets go


2/10/17 [12:49 pm] ; my friday went well! did a freewrite in english about seashells which made me kinda nostalgic. it’s been snowing a lot here and we have almost 2 feet, so i’ll be spending my weekend consuming too much hot cocoa and binge watching parks and rec 🙆🏻

↳ apologies for being super inactive on here as well. i’ll be setting up a queue since school is keeping me busy! thanks as always for the love you guys show me even when i’m gone :’)

Are we ever going to talk about the fact that Nigel Uno (AKA Numbah One) fucked up a mission and the KND believed the most fitting punishment would be to make this eight year old boy’s hair fall out and never grow back?

Because when it was first revealed and the music got all dramatic, it felt like just this kind of melodramatic jokey thing but in reality that’s actually kinda really creepy. That’s the kind of thing that happens when people have chemotherapy to fight off cancer by filling their body with poison. Only his hair can never grow back.

are we never going to talk about the fact that a large underground society run by kids thought it would be a fitting punishment to rip all of a kid’s hair out and destroy the roots so it could never grow again

are we never going to ask just what the hell he botched up so badly as to make them punish him by permanently altering a part of his anatomy without his consent

i feel like these are things i never got to talk about and i’m totally fucking ready and pumped to talk about them why haven’t we settled these issues yet

Cartoon Network Reboots? Consider the Following

So with Cartoon Network rebooting the Powerpuff Girls this April (oh yeah, THAT won’t date this later), here’s a short list of a few things CN could do along with PPG.

~Bring Back Sym-Bionic Titan

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a show that never really deserved to be cancelled (be it for “toy sales” or low rating). Titan was one of the best things that came out of the Dark Era of CN. Hopefully with Samurai Jack coming back then maybe we can get Titan to return…I can dream, can’t I?

~Galactic Kids Next Door

the sequel to the awesome Codename: Kids Next Door series would be great to the line up of old shows becoming new on the channel. Imagine if in the months before the 1st episode they played the original series so as to get today’s kids caught up. I wanna see the remaining members of Sector V take on the Galactic Kids Next Door and their newest recruit: Numbah One of Earth.

~The Life and Times of Juniper Lee

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a magical girl show (without the transformation scenes) where an 11-year old girl not only talks smack but will punch monsters many times larger than her. The show ending it’s 3rd season (for the longest time I thought it only had 2) on a kind of cliff-hanger, it’d be nice if we could get some kind of closure (I really want my Dark Ending HeadCanon to be replaced with a happy ending)

Honorable Mention: Green Lantern: The Animated Series/ Young Justice

these are honorable mention because it’s on DC and not CN or WB (well maybe a bit on WB)

Honorable Mention: Cartoon Network Groovies

small music videos using or about certain cartoons that played during the commercials were a welcome change of pace.

Honorable Mention: Whatever Happened To Robot Jones?

a series about a socially awkward robot boy trying to fit in with humans and animated in a “School House Rock” style…yes please.

Honorable Mention (the last): Dententionaire

for a while Cartoon Network was considering Dententionaire (more than likely Johnny Test scared the execs to bring anything else from Canada for a while, DAMN YOU TEST! DAMN YOU!) it is a great mystery conspiracy show that I’m not gonna mention lest I spoil anything.

If samurai jack keeps being fantastic and makes a lot of moneys hopefully as or other outlets will put more consideration into more adult shows that arent creepy, and more continuations. I want numbah one with a gun

Nothing to Fear but the Beard Itself

An Ode to Commander Riker’s Beard

Hold it right there, back right the fuck back
I’m about to serve you all a heart attack.
In the future, far out in the recesses of space
is a beard that sits on Will Riker’s face.
But first, be warned and keep in your mind
staring directly at it will make you go blind.

We first encountered Will at Far Point,
wearing thin pajamas that did not disappoint.
Something was missing, something inconclusive,
something to make my horniness conducive.
In fact, we had to wait all the way ‘til Season Two
to see that magnificent beard’s debut!

It’s okay, don’t look so blue
we all find your chin creepy too. 

There on his face it sat, full of pride and glory
well-trimmed and making me feel kinda whorey.
That beard’s glorious halo just won’t subside,
I wanna hop on and take it for a ride. 
Find the nearest Class M planet to rest
I’ll treat you like my gyno, gimme a pap test!

I’ll even pretend like I don’t mind
that you’ve tapped all sorts of alienkind;
that other females can’t feel the pull
of that facial hair so thick and full.
But, before we both get too invested,
I’m going to need your beard to get tested. 

External image

Yes, I promise I’ll ignore
every past space whore. 

Now we’re all feelin’ hot and naughty,
allow me to make your beard my imzadi.
Don’t worry about your curly-haired Betazoid,
I’ll point her toward a fully-functional android.
Since it’s fantasies we now discuss…
maybe that bald captain can join us?

I dunno which one to blame…
but I’m pretty sure I just came.

Command me, commander, do your worst,
it doesn’t take much to get me coerced.
You’re an explorer, a true space pioneer,
go ahead and explore my Final Frontier. 
Okay, I promise, this ode is now done,
for that beard’ll always be my numbah one.