Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - Photoshop.

Final one in the set.

Turns out I can be quite productive on a rainy day. Wasn’t sure on this one, though - Think I like it better without the outline of Indy (so it’s just the landscape) but then it wouldn’t really fit in with the other 3. Mind you, I guess you could argue this film didn’t really fit in with the other 3, as it was a bit rubbish. Ouch.

Anywho, any feedback would be lovely :)

Had a great weekend at Nuke the Fridge Con with most of my Bat family. Most of us were out of costume or in variations of ourselves. I need to rest up because next weekend I have the Batman ‘89 midnight showing in Los Angeles as “movie premiere Harley Quinn” and the rest of the weekend at Long Beach Comic Con as the Clown Princess running around and causing mayhem.


A couple of various other sneak peeks of the season 1 Ash vs Evil Dead special features have been made available from Nuke the Fridge and Dread Central. 

You can watch the “How to Kill” clip above and the “Tools of the Trade” clip here