One Day | Daniel Atlas x Reader

Warnings: Magic, Flirting, Hypnosis, Fluff.

Words: 1,394

A/N: Hey!! Due to me being a really big Jesse Eisenberg fan I’ve just watched the new nysm film and it’s so good ahhh!! i fell in love with Daniel so without further or do, i hope i do his character justice :D (The trick is a little shitty but I couldn’t think of anything else.)

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“Now you are going to tell me the last three digits of your phone number.” 

J. Daniel Atlas had spoken to you and you were honestly in awe of him. His tricks were remarkable and quite frankly, so was he. You had been a huge fan of the horseman for as long as you could remember and you were always fascinated by how they did their illusions and tricks because some of them were very questionable and it honestly made your brain explode. 


“And these are your real last phone digits, correct?”


“And there is no way, I knew this before?”

“N-No.” You shake your head and laugh in response.  

He looked into your eyes before giving you a cheeky smile, taking out his phone and ringing a number and before you could catch on to what he was doing he had guessed your phone number and was ringing you. 

“Hello?” You said, picking up the phone. 

“Hello.” He replied, as he smiled back. Of course, the crowd cheered around him and you couldn’t help but smile and be blown away by how he had guessed your phone number right there and then. 

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So tomorrow I’m posting more. Jack and Lula. More atlashrike. I’m going to ask you guys not to steal because getting this was very difficult. Right now I’m angry at tumblr for the gif size limits, apparently Dylan and Danny look at each other for way too long so I have to cut some parts. Well, anyways I really need to sleep. Message me If you guys want some scene.  


500 movies: 7. Now you see me (2013.)

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