that’s why i run to you

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[for the finnrey friday theme “hurt/comfort”!]

Sometimes, after a long day, Finn and Rey will lie and face each other, playing with each other’s fingers, just looking at each other. Sometimes they don’t even talk. Just being together, in each others’ presence, knowing they’re not alone, is enough. They’ll lie like that for hours. Catching up on each other’s days, sharing their worries, just being still. It’s usually Rey who gets sleepy first. She’ll eventually close her eyes against the pillow and shuffle up to tuck her head under Finn’s chest, tangling their legs together. Finn always pulls up the covers with a mere flick of his hands and then wraps her in his arms. It’s always hard to remember what was so hard about the day when it ends like this.

Finn is exceptional at shoulder massages. Rey will come home from a particularly rough training or workout session, tension lining her body. And Finn will either sit or lie her down, hands working against her muscles right away. He kisses words of comfort in to her skin and hair and keeps rubbing at her muscles until she’s half asleep or finally relaxed.

Nightmares are a given, after all they’ve been through. They both get them. Sometimes, they’re dreams that are linked through the Force, so they see the same horrifying things playing out before them. They’ve gotten rather good at comforting each other, though. It usually consists of holding each other as close as possible, breathing each other in, stroking hair, touching skin. Words of comfort are whispered in to each other’s ears. “I’m here. I’m here.” “You’re here. Yeah. You’re here.” “We’re okay.”

When it’s not nightmares, it’s insomnia. Rey will often wake to find the bed beside her empty, and then walk out in to the cool night air with a blanket in her arms to find him sitting down on the little grass bank, looking up at the stars, his back to her. “Can’t sleep?” She will ask. He’ll turn to her and smile sadly; his expression a strange combination of sleepy and wide awake. “No.” “Mind if I sit?” “I never mind.” She’ll smile and wrap the blanket around his shoulders, sitting beside him, taking his hand. She leans her head on his shoulder, and he leans his head back in return. They’ll find shapes in the stars and the planets and give them their own names. Gaze up at D'Qar’s moons. Give each other quick kisses and snuggles. Until Finn feels himself flagging a bit, and then they’ll retire to bed. Even if he can’t sleep, he’ll know he’s not alone.

Sometimes, when Rey can’t stop crying, Finn has a moment of panic where he doesn’t know what to do. His instinct is to try and take whatever pain it is away. But the worst part is when he once again realises that this isn’t something that simple. He would fight a million battles to take any pain away from Rey. And Rey knows that. She knows he would. Which is why, when the tears won’t stop, when the pain is so bad she can barely see a way out, when it feels like it’s ripping and tearing at her very core; she reaches for him. If he’s not in the same room as her, she just has to reach through the Force, and he comes running. He’s the only person Rey feels comfortable being vulnerable like this around. He’s the only one who understands. The only one who won’t judge. The only one who won’t ask questions; who won’t expect anything of her. He holds her, tightly against him, wrapping her so well in his strong arms as if he hopes it’ll keep her safe from the darkness. He presses kisses to her hair. “It’s okay,” he whispers, “it’s okay, I’ve got you. I’ve got you.”

In every situation, in every moment of hurt or sadness or pain or loss, one thing remains steadfast. “I’ll always run to you,” Rey whispers to him one night as they lie awake. She’s still got tears on her face. Her hands still shake. Finn stills them with kisses. “I know,” he says, closing his beautiful eyes as he kisses her fingertips. “And I’ll always run to you.”

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Man I know I’m being selfish to want Skam to be about Isak & Even but I really want to watch their relationship develop

me: stress over who the protagonist of skam season 4 will be

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phil pls what is wrong with sorceresses raising kids COME ON.

“If we were meant to waste our lives on mending scraped knees and wiping snotty noses, then we would not have been gifted with our magical talents. All those years of education, all that knowledge, gained so painstakingly, all those sacrifices that we had to make - we owe it both to ourselves and the world notr to w a s t e  our time and efforts on such menial, degrading tasks as those that come with motherhood.”

Math Sampler, square 16/16

And with that, the individual photos are done! The pattern is coming along well, too- over the weekend I’m going to print it and do the final proofreading and color check, and I hope to snap a good photo of the entire piece, too. Either way, I’ll make some sort of progress report Sunday evening. :)

So i did a bit of research (and its a good one cuz the last time i did i spoiled myself heavy). That apparently Morgana is sort of a mentor figure to the protag aside the generic mascot/best totally-not pet cat character of the group. But based on the P5 manga leak regarding Morgana (from their wiki page itself), it seems their inside a similar prison room (which is the velvet room???) and could most likely share the same fate as the protag (in terms of going on the same journey/plot of the game, but is trying to remember where it came from/wants to feel important/feel belonged/doesnt want to be alone anymore).