Now you know

Breakdown of whats been going on in North and South Korea this month

Earlier this month there was a mine explosion along the wall of the DMZ ( De-militarized zone) that separates North and South Korea. and the south blames the north for planting it, and in response resumed loud speaker broadcasts (southern propaganda against the north) across the border. and the north sent a letter to the southern government, telling them to cease the broadcasts in 48 hours or there will be consequences. The south refused, and now they are firing artillery at each other. on top of that, a scheduled military drill between the south and the U.S. is happening later this month, that by the North’s definition is “an act of war”

Pray for the citizens of each county


yo whats up i spent nearly a month on this

February is National Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month! If you or someone that you know is in an unhealthy relationship it is important to seek help from your support network, or to find resources in your community. Stay tuned to ICYC Tumblr throughout the month of February for more information about relationships! 


Thankful for fandom
Thankful for shade
Thankful for meta
On point, unafraid

Whether you ship it
Or feel discontent
We all should have media
That does represent

When stuff’s problematic
Hey writers, do better
Be thankful we care, don’t
Expect a love letter

We want to keep watching
Our patience runs deep
But keep fucking up
And we’ll say, “take a leap”

So let’s all give thanks
For the shows that we love
And pray for some wisdom 
From heaven above

And if it don’t work
And we say “see you later”
Please do us a favor
Don’t call us a hater

So maybe this once
You own up to your privilege
And hire new writers
Cuz it takes a village

-Trollando Sonnets