Now without a watermark

Oh yeah this was sort of part of the previous one, but I didn’t find a way to work it in well, so here’s just some random fluff you’re welcome.

(Coffeeshop AU)

I have to say: the last pic without watermark and cropped is now removed. THANKS

I always say feel free to repost my posts on IG. I prefer reblogs here that reposts, but if at least the pic is ok and they mention my accounts, I’m fine with it.


3/8 - kathniel x In The Mood Of Love pt.1: Hold Me Tight || 3/?? - BTS songs

You still shine
You’re still like a scented flower
Now trust me, hold me once again
So I can feel you, hold me


I understand that sometimes you find a photo on weheartit and you don’t know where it came from, but you get excited and repost it. But if the owner of that photo actually sees it and lets you know that they don’t want people reposting it, please be classy about it.

Please understand that they are not accusing you of claiming to have taken the photo yourself. They just know that someone (not necessarily you) cropped off the watermark and reposted it without permission, and now they want to undo the damage.

And please don’t be like and post it AGAIN just to be “a rebel.” You are not a rebel. You are not fighting for a just cause. You are being a disrespectful jerk.

Respect photographers and artists. Don’t repost without permission.

And for goodness sake, don’t save photos from a den of thieves like weheartit and expect that all the photos there are shared with permission.