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How we need another soul to cling to - Sylvia Plath

Dawn Squad

From top to bottom: Darren, Connors, Ralon, Lyrene, Cyrus


Hey guys. Things are kind of tight and I need to earn some money, if anyone is interested in a sketch or more, please shoot me an ask! We can talk about prices once i hear the complexity of what you’re looking for. Comms are now open. I will be doing them as quickly as possible and payments would be through paypal. Even if you just want a super simple doodle that would really only be worth a few dollars I’m down! really really looking to earn some money. 

Art blog is @pilotdraws , feel free to scroll through it. Art tags are also #my art and #tlp draws. 



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i found a new rarepair hell to burn in. i’m out of fics, send help

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I call this set “I am now fully Puppy Mechanic trash for real, look at them stood in the same room sharing the same oxygen” 

Scott makes his future self facepalm in the afterlife and Viv kicks ass in Champions #1.MU. Seriously, Viv is on the roll in this issue – she takes down two dangerous members of Freelancers, saves a bus full of people and later saves Kamala’s life.

Freelancers themselves are an interesting bunch. They are a diverse team with an interesting combination of personalities – Might seem to be a very confident leader, but to a point. Panic seems strangely bored of everything, probably because she has an insight into people’s fears. Crush is flirty and a bit manipulative and Hotness made me think “That’s how evil Chase Stein would look like” and now I want to see them fight one day. And Cursed Cass seems like one with a nice combination of powers, personality, and approach – she seems to be sad and pessimistic, calming to be unlucky at everything. She also is invulnerable but has nothing more to it, which can be a problem, as past comics have explored with characters like Butterball. How you make yourself useful with such power? Her answer was to go the same path as Mad Stan.

The story is very simple and straightforward – Freelancers are hired to get rid of people protesting against building an oil pipe through national forest by framing them into starting a riot, getting rid of the media and then beating them up (if that sounds like an implausible thing, please check what is happening in America right now) Champions try to stop them but later both teams have to team-up against monsters falling from the sky. While the issue has an extra number of pages, it’s still impressive how dense with events the story is, with very quick and brief setup, followed by action that allows showing some nice characterization as well as cool moments. We had Kamala wrestle a giant monster, for one, the entire scene with the bus was very cool, Sam and Miles got hit by a meteor. It was fun in a very old-school way I really hope mark Waid will keep this good level with Freelancers, once he gets to write them.

The more time has passed, the more I’m glad the “fan art” of the new Godzilla wasn’t real. It looked nice, but I’d rather see something that’s less a repeat of what we’ve already seen. Both recent iterations have managed to do this, with Legendary giving us something that feels a lot like what we know but updated in an exciting way, and Shin Godzilla giving us something so striking and imaginative that leaves such a strong impression. 

Both Legendary and Shin Godzilla are easily in my top 10, maybe even top 5 looks now. I’m not expecting them to be topped or anything, I just hope we keep seeing that kind of inventiveness as the series continues.

@valgeristik was rbing some of their old dh art n rbbed a piece from the dh pkmn au and. i had to fuckin Listen

Your Past. My Present. Our Future. Part 1

Summary: Ally has been with the Savior’s and by Negan’s side for a few months now. She quickly moved up the racks with the help of her skill set and attitude. In time she became someone that Negan could always count on and open up to. They developed a relationship base on mutual respect and playful shit talking. Over the months of her being there, Negan started to see Ally in a different light. One day, he decides to ask her a question, he never thought he would ask her. Would she accept his offer to be one of his wives? Or would her past effect her future with him?

Your Past. My Present. Our Future Part 1 

Waring: Cussing. Violence. Death

Chapter 1

“Negan, we need to cut them off now.” I said, looking at the men walking through the woods. “Before they reach their cars on the other side of the woods.”

“Don’t worry baby girl, those fuckers aren’t going anywhere.” Negan said,looking over at his men. “Alright boys, four of you guys cut off their fucken retreat and the other four with me. And as for you.” Negan looked down at me. “Go do your fucken thing spider monkey.”

I nodded my head and I took off running into the woods to cut the men off. I kept running, slowing building up speed. I was able to cut past the men without being seen. I took a deep breath as I got ready to jump. I push myself off the ground as I jumped for the tallest tree. I took a hold of it and started climbing up the tree.

I climbed it to I found a spot where I could see the men. I could see them about to enter a small clearing, leaving them completely open for an attack. I did a bird call, single to Negan and in return, he started to whistle. The men stop in their tracks when the Saviors and Negan came out of the woods. They turn around to run back into the woods, when the rest of the Saviors came out. 

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My favorite thing is that when they were still Kropp Circle, I remember vaguely seeing them on Radio Disney's Next Big Thing and I brushed them off cause like they didn't win but now I'm kinda glad they didn't win because look at them now! They are growing and thriving and have been signed to a record label! And I am so happy for them!



Professor Lupin


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