Nekoma Birthdays

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3rd Years

  • Nobukyuki Kai :: April 8th [17]
  • Morsuke Yaku :: August 8th [17]
  • Tetsurou Kuroo :: November 17th [17]

2nd Years

  • Taketora Yamamoto :: February 22nd [16-17]
  • Kenma Kozume :: October 16th [16]
  • Shouhei Fukunaga :: September 29th [16]

1st Years

  • Lev Haiba :: October 30th [15]
  • Sou Inuoka :: November 1st [15]
  • Yuuki Shibayama :: December 16th [15]
House Cup Announcement

We have decided the dates for the House Cups!

You voted to have four House Cups every year, and we can now confirm exactly when each Cup will be held. 

The 1st Term is from the 1st of September to the 30th of November.

The 2nd Term is from the 1st December to the 28th of February.

The 3rd Term is from the 1st of March to the 31st of May. 

The 4th Term is from the 1st of June to the 31st of August. 

The main motivation for these dates was to keep the dates as close to various countries’ school terms as possible, and our Prefects agreed that to start the first term on the 1st of September brings that sense of Harry Potter magic. 

We are open to changing the names for each term, however, so if you have any suggestions, please let us know! Also…

This year, we will have an extra term. For now, we will refer to it as the “Original Cup”.

This is because the Harry Potter Studyblr Community has been running for several months now, and we decided to have an individual Cup in order to celebrate everyone who has helped to make this community what it is, and so that the points already earned have more value. 

We will announce the winner of the Original Cup on the 31st of August. The blog colours will change to those of the winning House, and the winning House will, of course, take its place in the Trophy Room.

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On November 2nd, 1987, the police were called to the Steinberg residency Hedda Nusbaum, and Joel Steinberg, her adoptive parents. When police entered the house Elizabeth Steinberg (6) was found not breathing but Joel reported that she had been vomiting the night before. They also rescued an 18 month old boy who was tied to his playpen and wearing urine-soaked clothing. Both children had injuries consistent with prolonged abuse. Lisa was taken to a hospital where she fell into a fatal coma and was declared brain dead.

Nusbaum was interviewed and reported that Joel had struck Lisa’s head multiple times when she begged for him to take her out for dinner. Lisa was unconscious when he left, Nusbaum waited for him to get home for about 10 hours as she waited for Joel to return home as she believed he could heal. On November 4th, 1987, Lisa Steinberg died in the hospital from her wounds.

Joel was convicted of 1st degree manslaughter, and sentenced to 8-25 years in prison. He was released on June 30th, 2004, under New York’s ‘Good Time’ law despite having been denied parole twice before for never showing remorse for the murder of Lisa.

Today's the Day.

November 2nd, 2015. 10 years ago, Sam Winchester watched his girlfriend burn on the celing. 32 years ago, John Winchester watched the same thing happen to his wife. Sam Winchester became infected with the blood of pure evil. Dean Winchester carried his baby brother out of his burning house in his arms. 42 years ago, Mary Winchester made a deal with a demon to save her fiancées life. She lost her mother and her father in the same night. And that’s where it all began.

On 2 November 1755 The Queen-Empress was in labour all day with her 15th child. Since the experience of childbirth was no novelty, and since Maria Theresa, Queen of Hungary by inheritance, Empress of the Holy Roman Empire by marriage, hated to waste time, she also laboured in another way at her papers. For the responsibilities of government were not to be lightly cast aside; in her own words: ‘My subjects are my first children’. Finally, at about 8:30 in the evening in her apartments at the Hofburg palace in Vienna, Maria Theresa gave birth. It was a girl. Or, as the court Chamberlain, Count Khevenhüller, described the event in his diary: 'Her Majesty has been happily delivered of a small, but completely healthy Archduchess.’ As soon as was practical, Maria Theresa returned to work, signing papers from her bed.

-Antonia Fraser; Marie Antoinette: The Journey

On November 2nd...

For Sam, November 2nd was synonymous with heavy silences and the stench of alcohol. When he was little, Dean would refuse to talk to anyone but him and never leave him out of sight. It was the day Dean would make him stay awake the entire night; sometimes they’d talk, sometimes they’d just watch movie after movie, one time Dean even got him a dog, just for the day, just because (that was the best time). But he always felt it, always knew… everything was wrong, the world wasn’t right on November 2nd. There was something out of place with his brother, it was too much to understand but he felt it and it hurt, it hurt so much… Dean was glued to him the entire day, never leaving his side - not even to take care of Dad, no matter which room or position he’d collapsed in. When Sam got older, he began to understand what it all meant. Why everything was different. Why his mother’s name haunted every breath they took that day. The silences prevailed, the pain got worse with every year. It wasn’t fair, none of it - guilt and shame were pulsing through his veins and he couldn’t shake it. He was still a kid but… something inside of him felt wrong, so wrong. Every year, he would tell Dean that he’s sorry. Every year, Dean would say it wasn’t his fault. Every year, Dean would make him tomato rice soup. It made things a little bit easier, but… it still hurt, so very much. And he couldn’t do anything about it, couldn’t go back to change things, couldn’t even remember. And yet, every year, there was one thought that helped him forget the shame in his heart “at least Dean still believes in me.” 

For Dean, November 2nd was the day that smelled like fire and fear. He had always done his best to function, to keep going, and to keep from breaking apart. He’s always been vigilant and ready to fight. He knew better than to trust the silence or the lack of screaming - he could always hear it, every year. The burning never stopped. On November 2nd, Dean only trusted Sam and nobody else because Sam was the only one who didn’t smell like fire. Every year, Dean was terrified and alone and every year he wanted to run away, far away, never come back. It was the only day he allowed memories to reach the surface; how his mother always knew what to say, what to do, how to bring the sun back even on a rainy day, even when Dean used to be sad… she was his light and her embrace his home. Sammy never got to have a home and never had a light, never had a mum - so every year, Dean would stay. Every year, he sang songs to Sam and tried his best to make him smile and every year he would make him tomato rice soup and try to erase the burning and screaming in his own mind. He could hear Dad stumble and fall and break things, and he knew it was his job to go and see, to pick things up, to keep dad safe and he normally would, he really would but… not that day. Not when the world smelled like fire and Sammy needed to be warm and safe. On November 2nd, nothing and no one could make Dean leave his brother’s side. It didn’t matter, it never worked… every year, Sam would say he’s sorry and every year Dean’s refused to accept the guilt in Sam’s eyes but he couldn’t ignore it, couldn’t make it go away no matter what he did. And yet, every year, there was one thought that made him believe it was all worth it after all “at least Sam’s still safe with me.”