Even though it’s Christmass, I would like to remember you all of the fact that today it’s exactly one month ago this beautiful young man’s journey took a way that’s different from ours. Because I want my words to get in everybody’s head somehow, and because I admired him so much, I will be posting some pictures of our dear Frank Wolf every month on the 25th, to show that he will never be forgotten.

If I only knew the stupid bullies who got him so far to take his own life, they would not survive, I can tell you that. This month’s pics are all with his cute pikachu-suit on, which I like very much =^_^=

The world is missing you, Frank! We loved you yesterday, we love you still and we always will! I hope you’re in paradise now, or just wandering around on earth as a gost so you can teach those monsters a lesson!


Tegan and Sara’s Closer made even cuter bec of these adorable dogs!!!!



Obama to announce major NSA overhaul, senior official says

POLITICO: President Obama today will announce the end of the National Security Agency’s telephone metadata program “as it currently exists,” a senior administration official says.

The official says Obama “will order a transition that will end the Section 215 telephone metadata program as it currently exists, and move to a program that preserves the needed capabilities without the government holding this data.”

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Photo: President Barack Obama speaks at a Democratic Party fundraiser in San Francisco, November 25, 2013. (Jason Reed/Reuters via