The Art of Hasui Kawase

Hasui Kawase (川瀬 巴水 Kawase Hasui, May 18, 1883 – November 7, 1957) was a Japanese artist. He was one of the most prominent print designers of the shin-hanga (“new prints”) movement. Kawase worked almost exclusively on landscape and townscape prints based on sketches he made in Tokyo and during travels around Japan. However, his prints are not merely meishō (famous places) prints that are typical of earlier ukiyo-e masters such as Hiroshige and Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849). Kawase’s prints feature locales that are tranquil and obscure in urbanizing Japan. 


11月のbranch -2-





thanks to everyone that showed support and interest in the topic of egyptian astrology! i was really intrigued and excited when my pal @begonethoth showed me egyptian astrology a while back! and i’m super excited to share what i’ve learned! so without further ado, here are some basics on traditional egyptian astrology!

there are two types of egyptian astrology–traditional and pharaoh’s. from the title of this post, you have probably already deduced that i’ll be talking about traditional egyptian astrology first.

in traditional egyptian astrology, there are 12 constellations–12 signs–that make up 36 decans, similar to western astrology. each sign gets 3 decans that cover a month in total, but these decans last ten days (save for the 5 extra days required to make a 365 day year) each (unlike western astrology, which cover an entire month, traditional egyptian astrology uses separate decans that make up a month like pieces.) this zodiac is composed of 12 egyptian gods and goddesses.

here are the signs that make up these decans…

the nile: january 1-7, june 19-28, september 1-7, november 18-26

amun-ra: january 8-21, february 1-11

mut: january 22-31, september 8-22

geb: february 12-29, august 20-31

osiris: march 1-10, november 27-december 18

isis: march 11-31, october 18-29, december 19-31

thoth: april 1-19, november 8-17

horus: april 20-may 7, august 12-19

anubis: may 8-27, june 29-july 13

seth: may 28-june 18, september 28-october 2

bastet: july 14-28, september 23-27, october 3-17

sekhmet: july 29-august 11, october 30-november 7

“One of the most difficult scenes for me was the dinner scene with Kevin and Annette. At times they were so spontaneous that they would come up with different things and try different responses. It was very hard to stay inside myself and not bust out laughing. I think there is even a shot in it where you can tell that I am about to lose it.” Thora Birch

November 18, 1978

Magazine covers loudly proclaim the horror of over 900 cultists committing mass suicide at Jonestown, Guyana. Most of the cultists drank poisoned cups of Kool-Aid or other sweet drinks and simply lay down on the ground to to die, leaving behind a horrific scene for authorities to discover after several days of scorching weather. The charismatic leader of the self-proclaimed “Peoples Temple”, Reverend Jim Jones, was found dead of a gunshot wound in his hut.