November 2011

25 Nov ‘11: We get it, Harry.

25 November 2011 brought us some iconic moments. The boys were in Dublin doing a day of promo which culminated in the Late Late show at RTE Studios. They gave us gems such as:

And my personal favorite:

The “Girlfriend” Dance

This day was 4 days after Up All Night was released in the UK, which is amazingly and hilariously the day that Louis and Eleanor randomly decided was their anniversary. I say that to say this day was significant in the intricate dance around the word “girlfriend” that Louis did.

In the first interview of the day, Louis let Niall answer the “do any of you have girlfriends?” question for him (Spin 1038). In the second interview (Muzu TV), Liam answers for Louis when asked if they have girlfriends. For someone who just made it ~official~ with his model girlfriend, Louis sure didn’t want to show it off! 

In the third interview for X Pose, Louis was essentially cornered into saying he had a girlfriend for the first time. Please see this post I wrote about this moment almost 5 years ago (lmao). 

The running theme of the day was possessiveness. 

Cut to this video of the boys leaving RTE Studios that night. Harry would not stop touching/leading Louis around the mob of fans.

They turn and look behind them:

And Harry quickly drops his hand:

But he can’t not touch Louis this day, so he thinks he’s being sneaky and puts his hand on Louis’ hip:

Then thinks “fuck it” and puts his arm back around Louis:

Harry loves Louis and it was very important to him on this day, the first time Louis ever had to say he had a girlfriend on camera, that everyone knew that. 

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What happened was.. she was talking like: ‘I wanna see Titanic again.’ because she hadn’t saw it like since she was a little girl. So I was like ‘ok’. We were like.. not really.. we were like fighting a little bit. And then I was like you know.. we ended up being cool and everything was great. And then I was just like: ‘I really wanna take her somewhere special’. So I decided to take her to the Staples center. And we had dinner in the middle of the Staples center and uh.. yeah.
—  Justin talking about Selena during a radio interview (November 2011)