vegan matcha and vanilla pancakes with sweet potato swirled coconut yogurt, dark chocolate, peanut butter, granola

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Take your dreams and plant them in the loveliest of soils. Water them, nurture them, and feed them your attention each and every day. As time goes by, watch them grow. Notice how they blossom in the most magnificent ways. These dreams are yours, and will grow to be just right. All that is needed is time, attention, and an undying love as to nourish.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

#VEGAN BAKED LEMON CHEESECAKE SLICE😌🍋✨ nothing brings me more joy than re-creating wholesome, plant based versions of my childhood favourites and them turning out just as I remembered (and my Mum agreed!)🙌🏼 this super creamy, pillowy soft slice not only tastes like heaven, but is also 100% gluten, nut, oil + refined-sugar free✔️✔️
Let me know in the comments if you’d like the recipe and I’ll pop it up on the blog💛

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“You do like birds, Mr. Poirot?”
“Miss Lemon, small animals have no part to play in the home life of a private detective from Belgium. Except, of course, as a source of nourishment.”