There is nothing beautiful about a girl pining over a boy that takes her for granted. 

There is nothing cute about a girl breaking herself apart to try to make her edges fit his.

There is nothing romantic about unrequited love. Stop romanticising the feeling of loss for something that never even eventuated into anything.

—  Unrequited love is brutal and heartbreaking, it shouldn’t be captivating.

Dennis Stock     Miles Davis, Birdland, New York City     1958

“The very first thing I remember in my early childhood is a flame, a blue flame jumping off a gas stove somebody lit…. I remember being shocked by the whoosh of the blue flame jumping off the burner, the suddenness of it….That stove flame is as clear as music is in my mind. I saw that flame and felt fear, real fear, for the first time in my life. But I remember it also like some kind of adventure, some kind of weird joy, too….The fear I had was almost like an invitation, a challenge to go forward into something I knew nothing about. That’s where I think my personal philosophy of life and my commitment to everything I believe in started, with that moment….In my mind I have always believed and thought since then that my motion had to be forward, away from the heat of that flame.” Miles Davis, “Miles-The Autobiography” 1989

For some reason, Killian’s line that the shears are ‘leagues under the sea’ has stood out to me. Maybe it’s just my own fan knowledge interfering because we already knew 6.06 was Killian’s centric with Nemo, but something immediately pinged about that line because it seemed like such an odd thing to say…

IDK, it’s probably nothing but my already there knowledge about what was coming for the next episode. 

I feel like my dad thinks I’m gonna be a broke studio artist in NYC.

I'm wasting my life with nothings...

Why can’t I be a something? Oh that’s right… because I’m a shorty 14 year old with a dirty mind and a useless love for video games and cartoons… or as my classmate calls them “baby shows”

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OMG I can't wait for next week's episode!! What's that nosebleed all about?? Judging by the bruises on his forehead and nose, Yuuri might've hit something. Then that means something distracted him. WHAT IS IT?? Aaaaaaaaah~

I’m really curious myself. Probably Yuuri fell or something. I hope nothing serious ;__; AND NOSEBLEED IS FOR VICTOR.

The fear of death is really
The fear of becoming nothing.
What if you are already nothing?
To depart from this vast nothing
In order to be
A small something
Is the folly of individuality.

When there is no place
One has to be,
When there is no one
One has to be,
This is freedom.
When the false is
Seen as false and
Everything is accepted
As it is,
This, too, is freedom.

The Infinite has no preferences.
It kisses both the darkness and
The light equally.

—  Wu Hsin

…. Man, I told myself that this was just for my own reference and I wasn’t going to post it, but… it turned out so nice that I couldn’t resist. Anyways, I wasn’t happy with my first Warrior!Satine design, so I decided to give it a makeover, and I’m really proud of the result! It looks a lot fancier now (because honestly, Satine is nothing if not The Fanciest At All Times), and much more like something she would wear, but still functional as, well, battle armor. (Plus a bonus variant color scheme, because I wanted to see if I could get her to match Obi-wan and the 212th.)

The Other One: part 3

Part 1  Part 2

You went to the café where you and Jaebum first met. You didn’t really want to go. You would have rather gone to a restaurant or something.

“Why don’t we go to that bbq place down the street?” You suggest.

“We love it here.” Jaebum says.

“There’s this new smoothie you should try. It’s a berry mix. I think you’ll like it.” Jinyoung proposes.

“That s-“ You were interrupted,

“She likes the mango and orange smoothie.” Jaebum says.

“Maybe I should try something new. There’s nothing wrong with cheating a little, right? I’m sure the plain old orange and mango smoothie won’t mind.” You say, and he picked up that you had a hidden meaning.

You let Jinyoung order the drinks and you all sit down. You observe Jinyoung and Jaebum, they don’t seem to be like they usual were. No jokes, no brotherly love. Maybe they had an argument, Jaebum was ruining every good thing in his life, including his relationship with his members. For who? Some homewrecker.

Jaebum reaches out and touches your hand, you didn’t want to Jinyoung to know the turmoil of your disastrous relationship. So you just left your hand there. Jinyoung glares at the two of you, if only you really knew what Jaebum was up to, you had your suspicions, but if you really knew what he did. Sneaking around, using his old dorms to meet her. You would feel sick, Jinyoung couldn’t help but think how happy you’d be with him. He would shower with the love you deserve. For so long he had held back, because Jaebum was his best friend. But now seeing what he had become, how he was treating you, he could no longer hold back. You deserved to be showed love, real love.

“A penny for your thoughts.” You turn towards him, removing your hand from under Jaebum’s touch.

“I just wondering if you’d like to go out with me tomorrow evening?” He asks.

You needed this, to get out the house, to stop feeling sorry for yourself. To stop waiting for Jaebum to come clean.

“Sure, what do you have in mind?” You question.

“Jay Park is having a concert in Hongdae and I know how much you like him, so I got us tickets.” He smiles.

You smile back

“I’d love to.”

Jaebum sits there in disbelief, he was just sitting there witnessing his ‘best friend’ ask you out. If he asked Jinyoung, he’d deny that it was a date. But it was, you were going on date, while you were still his girlfriend. He wasn’t happy at all. If he really assessed the situation, he didn’t have the right to be jealous, he didn’t even really deserve you. He watches you with Jinyoung, he missed seeing you smile, and he missed being the one who made you smile.

“I’m gonna go to the bathroom.” You say, leaving your seat.

As soon as you leave, Jaebum leans forward.

“I see what you’re doing, and you need to stop it.”

“What do you mean?” A smirk plays on Jinyoung’s mouth.

“You know exactly what I mean. Leave. My. Girlfriend. Alone.”

“Oh, so you know you have a girlfriend? Do you also know that when you have a girlfriend, you’re supposed to stay faithful to her? And make her happy, which you are obviously not doing.”

“And you think that you can? I make her happy.” He fights back.

“I guess happiness is crying and just being all round sombre all the time? If that’s happiness, then you sure bring her a lot of it.” Jinyoung, sits back in his chair.

“I can change, I do love her.”

“It’s not me you have to prove it to.”

You walk out of the bathroom and make your way to the table. Before you have the chance to sit down Jaebum locks lips with you. This was the first he had kissed you passionately in a long time. He had an effect on you, one you couldn’t control. Your eyes close and he pulls you in. As he kisses you slowly, he glares at Jinyoung. You’re pretty sure you can feel a smirk on his lips. But then you get caught up in your thoughts. The lips you were kissing had been kissing someone else, the hands on your waist had been touching someone else. You pull away and sit down. Jinyoung looks away.

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“I’ve got to go. I have got some work to do in the studio.” Jinyoung basically runs out of the café.

It was just you and Jaebum. You felt uncomfortable, you didn’t like being alone with him nowadays, you would get comfortable, but then you would remember you weren’t the only girl would enjoy his company every now and then.

“I should get going.” You get ready to get up.

He pulls you to sit back down. He did not know how he was going to stop, but he knew that he wanted you back. You’d hadn’t left but you were on the cusp of it. He wasn’t going to let anyone else have you, especially not Jinyoung. You were his. He couldn’t even fathom the thought of you being with someone else. He knew that it was bad that all it took for him to realise his love for you was the threat of another guy, the other guy being his now ‘best friend’.

“Listen, I know things have been tough for the past few months. And that’s my fault. It’s time for me come clean.”

This was it, maybe you’d finally get some answers.

“I’ve been cheating on you, with my work. I need to finish this album.” He lied to you, but he couldn’t even imagine how much you would be hurt.

You felt stupid, of course he’d be distant, and his mind wasn’t in the right place.

“Then who was the girl who turned up this morning?” You ask.

He freezes.

“She was just some trainee who needed my help.” That wasn’t a lie, she was a trainee.

There was something off about it. You couldn’t put your finger on it.

“You just haven’t been the same and it’s been taking a toll on me. I didn’t know how to talk to you about this. I felt like I was going crazy. I thought… I thought there was someone else.” You look in his eyes, he wasn’t fully telling the truth.

“There is no one else, only you.” His words echo, they sounded like the all too familiar words from this morning. But right now they seemed more genuine, that’s because he was trying to convince himself the same. There was no one else just you.

He phone started to ring, he takes it out of his pocket and looks at the screen. He then declines the call.

“Aren’t you gonna get that?” You ask.

“No, it’s not important. This is important, you and me.”

His phone rings again. He declines.

“I wanna try this again. I don’t wanna lose what we have. I love you.” You believed him this time. You didn’t want to lose it either, he was a huge part of your life. If you lost him, you wouldn’t even know who you would become.

The rings once more.

“I think you should pick up, it must be important if they keep calling.”

He sighs and puts the phone to his ear. He didn’t know what he would say, what she would say. Or how he could cover up.

“Hey, what’s up?” He ask whoever was on the other line.

He pauses.

“I’ve been busy. No I don’t have free time later, sorry. Im with…”

He pauses for a long time, you study his face, trying to read him, and he was stressed.

“Yes, I’m with her. I can’t do this right now, I’ll call you later.” He hangs up.

“Who was it?” You ask.

“Just some trainee.”

The trainee from this morning, the one who was demanding. He would go at her beck and call and leave you yearning for his company. But you just heard him say that he wanted to try again. He loved you. And you loved him. That’s all you needed right? Maybe trust would come later. He turns and looks you deep in the eye.

“I love you, more than you’ll ever know. You may not trust me, but that will all change.”

He gently presses his lips against yours, this was what he lived for. To hear your breath quicken which anticipation, your soft skin under his hands. He was so stupid, he messed all of it up, for what? A few moments of thrill? He needed you, you were a constant, in between the tours and the photoshoots. You were always there.

Jinyoung goes back to the JYP building, back to the room Got7 was practising in, and he watched the trainee group from the little window in the door. He spotted her, Jaebum’s play thing. He must have stayed there for about half an hour before the group took a break. She came out and walked straight passed him.

“Excuse me.” He says, stopping her in her tracks.

“Oh Junior- Sunbaenim.” She bows.

“It’s Jinyoung.” He corrects.

“Oh, Sorry. What can I do for you?” She asks.

“You love Jaebum, right?” He asks.

“Uh, yeah. But you shouldn’t say out loud.” She whispers.

“Why should you whisper? If you love him, go and get him. I’m here to help you out.” He says, smiling.

She was sceptical, she saw something dark in his eyes, something mischievous. But she did want Jaebum and who knew him better than his best friend? Nobody

“What do I do?” She asks.

He smiles, this was going to be the start of something great. He felt something in him change, he wasn’t the selfless Jinyoung anymore, and he didn’t need to be. He wanted to be your Jinyoung, and show you and give you everything you deserved and more.

You're Not Alone || Tyler&Jack || TRIGGER WARNING ⚠️: Attempted Suicide

He knew Addie had been asking about a toy of her and wanting it. But with the busyness of getting the crib set up for Peter, planning another trip, recording for that and the show ending it had slipped everyone’s mind. Sean reminded himself to take the stuffed animal with him as he went to The Space so he could bring by Tyler’s later. Once the day was done he drove to the other males house with Butters next to him happily holding the toy in her mouth happily. He chuckled slightly at his service sofas the pull up to the house. Sean got out of his rolled up to the front door. With one knock the front door pushed open. Confused he pushed the door open more. “Hello?” He called out. Nothing. Something didn’t sit right with him so Jack rolled in more calling out. “Tyler? Jayden?” Still nothing. It was strange. Tyler’s car was still here and the door wasn’t full closed. Nothing felt right. He called the other males phone only to have it ring right next to him. It was then he noticed the yellow lab on the floor in front of a door, whining. “What is it girl?” Slowly he rolled close to the room and slowly pushed the THE door open. “Tyler?”


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If you don't mind me asking, what is the speculation that could potentially be true?

@j-philly-b (you guys should send her asks, she’s pretty awesome) and myself have been speculating for a solid 2-3 weeks, I think, that Morpheus is under the hood and the one trying to kill Emma. I posted something super quick about it.

It was basically based on nothing but clothes, something Dark!Hook said in 5x10, color of magic and the shenanigans he was up to in 6x01. It was a total shot in the dark.

For me this reinforces the speculation and the idea that a CS baby might be coming.

Last night when I saw who was filming, it just hit me that this is exactly like what Zelena wanted to do back in season 3 when she was creating the time portal. Zelena wanted to go back, remove Ava, which meant that Cora would have stayed with Leopold, and changed the future completely because Regina and Snow would not have existed.

And now Morpheus is in the present time, working with the EQ, and I wanna scream the parallel that I’m seeing here from the pilot.