Why do we find it so hard to let go? Why do we have such a difficulty accepting the inevitable, dealing with what’s right in front of us - why can’t we get over something we can do nothing to change? I guess we all just hope too much. Hope for the best, hope that he’s still holding on when the truth is he’s long gone, up, up, up and away. There’s a fine line between faith and naivety, sometimes we’re too in love to see that line and so blindly cross it.
Futile Arguments That Astrology Naysayers Try To Use

Note: There are very few things that I hate more than people that speak as if they know everything about something that they actually know virtually nothing about. Shocker, right?

  • Precession of the Equinoxes: These people usually try to say that astrology is obvious bullshit because the constellations shift over time (this is also the reason for all the idiocy about there being a new sign). Well, if these people actually did some research, they’d know that tropical astrology has NOTHING to do with the constellations, it uses divisions of the ecliptic.
  • Retrograde is Impossible: So, some people like to try to disprove astrology by saying that planets going retrograde is impossible. If you don’t know, retrograde is when a planet APPEARS to go backward, emphasis on APPEARS. Once again, these people obviously didn’t do any research because if they did, they’d know that the planets only APPEAR to turn backward, they don’t actually change direction.
  • One Sign To Describe The Entirety of a Person?! I Think Not!: This is entirely represented by people that have no clue that a natal chart exists. They think that astrology only uses one sign and said one sign is supposed to fully describe someone. No, just no!
  • One Thing That Astrology Said Isn’t True About Me: This is the classic example of someone who is a Taurus but isn’t lazy or someone that’s a Cancer that doesn’t cry all the time. THERE IS A WHOLE CHART TO LOOK AT!!!! If there’s something about a placement that you don’t relate to, there’s a reason. I mean, humans are basically walking contradictions, of course there will be things that conflict.
  • Boss:so we will have you work almost full time if that's okay with you
  • Me:oh yeah that'd be great I have nothing going on this summer
  • Boss:well you could get a boyfriend or something. That would keep you busy!
  • Me:*laughs awkwardly*

Whether unintentionally or not, there is one thing I dislike and can be upsetting.

If someone says that something is concerning /freaking them out, do not minimize or belittle that.

It may not be a big deal to you, but for whatever reason, it is to them.

Don’t say “it’s no big deal” or “oh that’s nothing”. It is a big deal and it is something.

Running a mile straight may be a big deal to someone.

Going to lift weights for the first time may be anxiety inducing.

Wearing shorts or a dress may cause severe stress for one person.

talking to people in social situations can be a big deal to someone.

Instead, try to listen and understand where they are coming from. Encourage without making it about you.

“You got this!”
“You can do it!”
“You are strong enough to get through it!”

This is something they are working towards…. a goal they may have. Don’t make it about you and don’t make them feel like shit because it’s no big deal for you.

Bechloe [because i can’t sleep]

Chloe closed the door on the ruckus behnd her. She stopped for a moment to look down at her friend, her best friend. It was such a familiar sight, Beca sitting on the steps of the Bellas House, hiding from the partying crowd, waiting for her, Chloe, to come talk to her a little. It was their ritual, something they shared the other Bellas knew nothing about.

Beca turned and looked up at her. She was leaning forward, touching her hands to the toes of her sneakers. She looked calm and collected, very Beca Mitchell, but they both knew that this was going to be an emotional talk. It might be the last of this kind.

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Summer vibe playlist 2015 :)

All Time Low: The Beach 

All Time Low: Vegas 

The Ataris: Boys Of Summer

Cartel: Best Intentions 

A Day To Remember: I Remember 

Every Avenue: Someday Somehow 

Forever The Sickest Kids: Breakdown 

Glass Towers: Lust For Life 

Hollow Coves: The Woods (Ghosts Remix)

Jason Mraz: The Remedy 

Less Than Jake: Look What Happened 

Mat Kearney: Nothing Left To Lose 

The Maine: Same Suit,Different Tie

The Maine: Miles Away 

The Maine: Time To Go

Mayday Parade: Jamie All Over

Parachute: All That I Am 

Radical Something: Pure

Radical Something: California 

Transit: Nothing Left To Lose

Their Ocean: Breathe (The video for this is super cool) 

Work Drugs: Boogie Lights

Yellowcard: Be The Young 

Yellowcard: Make Me So

You Me At Six: Gossip

5 Seconds Of Summer: Disconnected 

5 Seconds Of Summer: Out Of My Limit 

Wiz Khalifa: See You Again (Mazeville Bootleg) remix

New World Punx: Memories (Le P Remix) 

Before He Cheats

Amelia slammed the trunk down after pulling her suitcases out of it, dragging them down the road behind her a Rabastan slowed his Maybach beside her, rolling down the window.  “Are we going to talk about it or are you just going to be a drama queen?” Rabastan asked.

“Fuck you,” Amelia yelled, before ignoring him and beginning to walk down the road.  She wasn’t about to get back in that car.  It wasn’t happening.  

“Amelia, honey, let’s not do this.  Let’s just get through this weekend with your family and then we can talk about it.  I know this is important to you,” he said before looking over at her.

“I don’t want to talk about it.  You slept with my roommate.  There’s nothing to talk about it.  This isn’t something we’re going to get over,” Amelia snapped, her heels clicking on the pavement as she marched down James’s driveway.  

“Amelia just get in the fucking car,” Rabastan said.


“Amelia, stop being a little bitch and get in the fucking car,” Rabastan said and Amelia somehow managed to continue to ignore him as James walked out of the house.  

“What’s going on, Amelia?” he asked, taking her bags from her.  

“My tool of an ex-boyfriend refuses to leave, despite how many times I’ve asked him to,” she grumbled.  

“I’m your boyfriend, Amelia, we aren’t-”

“Really?  Because you penis seems to think that you’re Alice’s boyfriend?” Amelia said before grabbing her purse and storming into the house.

I had a dream last night

It was Sebastian Vettel once again.. this is the second time i’m dreaming of him (the last time he rented a place at my mom’s house, got stoned, i was trying to send him back and suddenly Jenson Button and Sebastian got caught by Dick Tracy and were suspect/witness to a murder - crazy shit) oh well.. so this one was far more epic. Seb was eating, and i saw him and rushed over to take a photo with him.. So Seb was like reluctant since he was eating and i was being rude, but i had no other choice coz i knew that the reporters will be there in a jiffy and they’ll just throw me off (how sad that i was once one of these guys).. so i gestured to the mob that was heading our way and asked him: please, can i? just one? 

He smile and nodded and then suddenly he asked me:

And i stupidly replied: YES I DO! HANUTA!

Just as i said that, there was thunder and both of us looked up, and suddenly there was Thor?? Like WTF? And Thor told me that my late grandma was angry with me and told me to improve on my German? And the he suddenly took Seb’s coffee.. and said: Heimdell, i’m ready, life me up!

SOMETHING IS REALLY REALLY WRONG WITH ME MAN! The doctors are intoxicating me or i am intoxicating myself. Either way.. this was the strangest dream of all dreams.. the grandmother of dreams! I didn’t even had a chance to tell Thor to send my regards to Loki coz he was just gone in a jiffy!

-the end-


hullo friends i am moving next week and as a result will no longer have a job :’‘( i am in no way in any kind of emergency situation, but i’d like to have a source of income over the summer as i prep for school in the fall!! books and art supplies are expensive ahh!! so!! ongoing commissions!

  • visual references/personality blurbs are required. i cant draw something i know nothing about!!
  • Payment is UPFRONT and through Paypal! I will invoice you!! Do not send me any money until you receive that invoice!
  • extra characters are +half the original price (eg. a sketch of 2 characters would come to $22.50)
  • nsfw is OKAY but please be advised im VERY BAD at it
  • i reserve the right to decline a request if it’s too complex/uncomfortable for me etc etc
  • * The Crying Gem illustration thing is intended for Gemsonas and other OCs, not canon gems! The reason for this is because I plan to do those anyway in my own free time. 
  • sketch and color commissions get one free revision. gem illustrations get two. any beyond that i will have to charge extra :’(
  • do not tumblr message me about these! my inbox is notorious for eating messages!!! :’‘‘‘(
  • you look fantastic today
etwas aus dem Boden stampfen

literally: to stomp something out of the ground

to build something overnight, to jump-start something, to produce something out of thin air, to conjure something out of nothing

Whenever I’m around you I can see other girls looking at you and it makes my stomach hurt but you’re not mine and there’s nothing I can do but hope to see something other than you kissing them when I close my eyes and I hope that something you said was true and maybe you could want me and you looked at me and said you didn’t know what kind of mess we would end up making and I know we’d wreck each other but I can’t honestly say I care.
—  Do you want me? I’m yours if you do.

anonymous asked:

In the instance of being constantly let down, wronged, and putting all of your effort into something only to receive absolutely nothing in return, how does one find it in them to continue?

You can’t. There’s no point in running in circles. Pivot and get the fuck out once you start noticing a routine. It’s hard, but it’ll save you a lot of wasted time.

findmeifyoucant asked:

The green light red light theory is very very interesting. I can see how it helps in the seeding process but at the same time makes sure the coming out will still have a huge impact. Do you think the Harry colour ig pic was also something like that? Like we expected something huge to happen and nothing did(not yet anyway). Well anyway I'm excited to see how everything is being played out.

Not just to make sure the coming out has a huge impact–to normalize something, you have to get people used to something without them noticing that they’re getting used to it. That means slipping past their expectations.

And as for Harry’s instagram, it’s way too early to tell.

*reads 90% of the stuff about my horoscope* i am nothing like this at all *reads something that kinda-sorta applies to me* Horoscopes Are Real And The Universe Has Aligned The Stars To Seal My Destiny In The Flow Of Time