just a little drabble with Avohkii and Nadia from The Scarlet Manor AU that belongs to @therowdyravens, nothing big just a little something fun

The bar would be far from quiet tonight, especially with such an aggressive beginning to the night. Nadia didn’t mind nor did she care in the slightest. None of her people were hurt but plenty of theirs would never return. Even for one who didn’t approve of the fighting…it was a good fight.

She gives a small wave to Lucio as she walks to the back, pushing open the door to their private areas and gently knocking on the washroom door.

Avohkii looks to her from the mirror, hands busy dressing the wounds on their chest. They smile at her before looking back to their work. Nadia lets out a sigh at the cuts, closing the door behind her.

“Must you do this every time?” she teases as she waves Avohkii’s shirt, vest, and tie. The moment that fight had turned brutal it had fallen at nadia’s feet as Avohkii hopped over the railing to help.

“If you rip any of these shirts, the new one is coming from your paycheck.” Avohkii chuckles, taking the shirt and buttoning it up while Nadia picks the lint off of the black vest. Flicking off the last piece she holds it open for Avohkii to slip their arms through. She watches as they do so, hands resting gently on their shoulder.

“As pesky as your little habit can be,” she chides. “I must admit I do quite enjoy watching you fight.” Her hands move down Avohkii’s arms, lightly touching them as they watch her through the mirror. She bites at their ear before her hands move back to their shoulders, whipping Avohkii around and forcing them to balance themselves by gripping the counter behind them.

Nadia smirks. Popping their collar she loops the tie around their neck, quickly tying a knot.

“Now then, Avohkii~” The drawl should have tipped them off, but it didn’t. Nadia tugs on their tie, bringing Avohkii to her and holding them inches from her face. “Behave tonight, and I will reward you for protecting me. Understand?”

They nod, blue eyes dancing happily as a stupid grin crosses their face. Nadia rolls her eyes at that, pecking their cheek. Why was it no matter how intimidating she was they could smile at her like she had complimented their eyes?

At least they were nice eyes.

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Okay okay okay now for the normal question: HOW can nothing be something, but you can't be nothing but you are still something during nothing can still be considered something


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thats been brought up already. How everyone is putting all their attention on her and his friends and family are getting like nothing. I think ninacodes said something about it on twitter asking to people to send his mom some love. I tried to spread my condolences out evenly but i havent seen a single tweet in regards to the situation that didnt have her name in it

And you know why that is, right? It’s because she’s going around and basically shouting from the rooftops, “I was his girlfriend and now I don’t know how I’m going to go on!!!! Pay attention to ME!!!!” while everyone else is acting like a normal, respectful human being. I guarantee that she wouldn’t be getting half as much attention as she is right now if she would’ve been low key or (at least kind of low key) about this. 

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1, 13, 15, 22?

Thank you :3

1. Do you plan on getting any tattoos when you get older? 

Absolutely not. I have passed out when having needles and even if I don’t it’s a deeply unpleasant experience. Besides which, I’d never be sure I wouldn’t change my mind afterwards about the design.

13. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

Green tea.

15. What’s your favorite movie?

Spirited Away I think. It’s just flawless.

22. What is your favorite topping to put on ice cream or frozen yogurt or do you just like it the way it is?

It really depends on the ice cream. Green tea needs nothing. But something I like to do is get various dried fruit - peaches, pears, apricots, prunes, and cover them with water and simmer them with sweet spices for ten minutes or so so they go all soft and plump and the water becomes a spicy syrup, and it’s so good on vanilla ice cream. I’m actually gonna make that tonight so Syn can try it - as long as I resist eating the dried fruit in the meantime.

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I'm not here for discourse I just wanna tell y'all of something.. it is 150% okay to not feel comfortable writing a trans character. I'm trans and as a writer I've actually never felt comfortable writing a trans character because I can only base off of my own experience and I don't feel that's an accurate representation but anyway I just wanted to say I really respect and appreciate the thought that goes into not wanting to misrepresent anyone or spread incorrect information (1/2)

(2/2 cont. From the trans writer) There’s also absolutely nothing wrong with just not writing something you’re not comfortable with?? I understand that you probably get a lot of angry people that want you to write what THEY want to read but y'all are doinh great and don’t have to feel guilty or pressured bc you’re not obligated to step out of your comfort zone because someone demands it. I love this blog and I hope y'all are having a lovely day because you deserve it!!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thank you sweetie, you have no idea how much this means to us all, I mean, the amount of hate/complaints that gets sent in is ridiculous and sometimes it’s sent at the point of time where my mods are busy/sleeping and I tend to delete those ones because I don’t want my mods to see it…but with things like this I tend to post because I want the blog/followers to know what I think and how I feel about it, especially since we’re trying our hardest to please you all, so thank you so much sweetie and have yourself a heckin’ amazing day!

- Momma Eclipse 🌱🌱🌱

shitty advice of a college student. (part two)

(read part one here.)

  • sit where you’ll pay attention. sometimes this doesn’t necessarily mean sitting in the very front; personally, I like to sit more in the middle. it gives me a good view of my professor and at the same time makes me feel a lot less self-conscious.
  • not sure about shit? talk to your professor. email your professor. clarify things and show that you’re a student who cares about more than just showing up.
  • get to class on time!!!
  • when you email professors always say THANK YOU for their time and help! remember that they’re not required to put in extra time to help you; but the good ones just do. make these people love you!!! a good relationship could turn your B+ into an A- at the end of the semester.
  • reaching out to both your classmates and your professor when you’re absent is your responsibility.
  • please eat. and drink water. everyday. I mean it.
  • being a good student means that you will have shitty days. a lot of them. sometimes things go wrong, or you have more work than you can handle, or you end up getting a C on a quiz you thought you studied your ass off for. that’s okay. life happens. shit happens. let yourself feel shitty sometimes.
  • once again: let yourself feel shitty sometimes.
  • unless you want to die, don’t cram for your exams!! plan ahead. study a little bit every day so that the information is retained and you don’t have to study as much the night before. the process works. planning ahead will actually make you work lesstrust me.
  • know that mistakes happen and life goes on. sometimes there’s just nothing you can do to change something. acknowledge that you’ve done everything you could, it was worth trying, and move on. mistakes happen so we can learn from them. 
  • be realistic with your daily to-do list. if you spent all night studying your ass off for that mid-term and you know that you won’t have the mental energy to get a whole list of things done the next day, then they can wait! pace yourself and get done as much as you are capable of doing in one sitting.
  • you don’t have to look gorg going to class but if putting together daily looks and getting ur face beat gives you that motivation to go to school than you go girl!!!!
  • it does not matter if another student your age seems like they have it all together; because chances are, they don’t. no one does. we are all struggling to get shit done. we all have our own journeys. it is not a competition. no path is more valuable than another.
  • stress doesn’t mean you’re entitled to being an asshole. the people in your life probably know that you have a lot on your plate. they’re trying to live their lives as hard as you are. don’t be a dick about it.
Those offended by Coco

Are you seriously saying that you’d rather be represented by narcos and lucha libre movies because they are made by Mexicans, but are disgusted by Coco because OMG IT’S THE WHITE MAN AGAIN?

“They tried to brand it” yet I see unauthorized Disney characters painted on businesses’ walls in every street, bootleg movies and merchandise. Obviously all of this cannot be compared to a tradition, therefore it should be enormously overlooked because WHITE PPL HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE BUT WE DO. “El buen juez por su casa empieza”, Mexicans have been profiting from Disney without paying royalties for decades.

“It’s stereotypical” There’s a difference between stereotypical and realistic. If you think there’s something wrong with the characters in the movie then I’m afraid you’re scorning your own small town people. The logic here seems to be “Accurate = Stereotypical, Inaccurate = Racist” with no middle ground so you will always have the choice to get offended.

“It’s a copy of The Book of Life (Made by Mexicans)” WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT TWO MOVIES BASED ON THE SAME TRADITION WOULD SHARE SOME ASPECTS? THIS IS COMPLETELY UNEXPECTED. But hey, next time you watch one of the recent Mexican romantic comedies, make a list of all the things it has in common with just any Adam Sandler movie (you’ll need more than one page).

“They’re profiting from it and giving nothing back!” They did give something back– They widened the understanding of one of our traditions, employed Mexican artists in the soundtrack and might overall help expand tourism. And remember that entertainment is a BUSINESS, not a CHARITY so no, I’m afraid they don’t owe us. 

SOURCE: I’ve lived in Mexico my whole life and as an Elementary school teacher taught children about this tradition for many years.

I’d rather have a foreigner come to my country and take the best of it to show it to the world, than watch another Mexican movie that paints small town people as greedy little idiots carrying big bad guns and drugs.


i’ve seen so many people say “wow can you believe how bad dan and phil are at hiding secrets” and i’m like…it’s not them. it’s all of you who are so incredibly obsessed with digging into their business and preaching it to the world as though it’s nothing when obviously this is something that they are extremely excited for and wanted us to be surprised. i am so fucking tired of the phandom’s incessant need to invade on dnp’s life and expose every move that they make, thinking that it’s okay. fun fact: it isn’t. think about how you would feel if it was you, you probably wouldn’t be happy that your fanbase ruined a major announcement.

just maybe calm down and look forward to surprises for once instead of fighting to be the first one to expose it.


Im here to ruin your day.

Bad endings:

(alert: i never wrote a thing in my life,especially on this language, so… don’t hit me to hard)


  • You were trying to regain your memories, but failed;
  • You are broken and this time he cant fix you;
  • Now you are nothing more than a doll;
  • Something broke in Asra too.


  • Her headaches became worse;
  • You couldn’t help her; no one could;
  • One time in agony she fell from stairs;
  • The struggle for power began;
  • But you don’t care about anything anymore.


  • You gave your life to save him;
  • He’s completely broken;
  • Asra don’t take down curse, so Julian cant kill himself;
  • Asra won’t  allow to waste your sacrifice.

That’s it, now i hope that someone will death curse me, that’s the plan.

I tried different ways of coloring, so please let me know which one you like more.

I Ship It // Finn Wolfhard Imagine


It was a Saturday night and you were hanging out with the cast by the pool. You were sitting on the side dipping your legs in the pool as you watched the boys play chicken. Jaeden was on Wyatt’s shoulder and Jack was on Finn’s. Jaeden reaches over and knocks Jack off of Finn’s shoulders,

“YEA JYATT JYATT JYATT” Wyatt and Jaeden chant

“The greatest ship of all time” You yelled throwing your hands up

“Well Jyatt is no Y/S/N” Jack says. Finn’s eyes go wide and he hits Jack on the shoulder whispering,

“dude shut up”

“What?” You asked having never heard yours and Finn’s ship name before.

“Uhh nothing he said nothing” Finn says clearly hiding something. You take your legs out the pool and stand up,

“I uhm have to go to the bathroom” you say going inside. You walk inside and pull out your phone typing in

#Y/S/N in Twitter, then Instagram, and finally Tumblr

Holy crap, you thought to yourself

How have I never seen this before

There were MILLIONS of things with your ship name on it. There were edits of all your “cute” moments. There were photoshopped pictures of you two kissing, fan fictions, conspiracy theories on why you two might be hiding your relationship to the public


But what got you the most was a video. It was a video compilation of all Y/S/N moments.

All the times he’s made you laugh

All the times he’s looked at you like nothing else in the world mattered

All the times you two had joked around and never looked happier than when you were with each other

You sat in the bathroom letting this ship blow your mind and you finally decide to walk outside.

“Hey Jack can I talk to you for a second?” You ask. He gets out of the pool and follows you inside,

“What’s up?” he asks and you hand him your phone with the #Y/S/N open on it

“What the hell is this?!” You say loosing your cool

“Uhhhh well that’s yours and Finn’s ship name” he says uncomfortably

“What is it?”

“Well a ship is when people think that-”

“I know what a ship is” you say, “Why have I never seen it before??”

He hesitates to answer but finally gets it out, “Finn’s been trying to keep it from you..You left your phone alone one time and he uhh found a way to block the hashtag from reaching your timeline” he finally gets out

“Why would he do that?!” You ask. Jack looks at you hoping you’ll pick up on the hint so he doesn’t have to tell you,

“Does he…is it..Jack?” Jack continues to stay quiet.

“Shit does he like me?” You ask nervously

“He does feel something for you that starts with an L and has four letters”

You look down at your feet and say,

“C-can you send him in here” Jack nods and leaves to go get Finn. Finn walks in with a towel around his waist drying himself off from the pool,

“Hey Y/N what do you n-” he stops seeing the ship name open on your phone,

“Look I can explain” he says and before he can start to, you grab the sides of his face and pull him into a kiss. He kisses you back grabbing your waist,

“Does this mean Y/S/N is a cannon?” He says. You chuckle and pull him back into a kiss

Bruises On Another (part seven)

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Prompt: Steve doesn’t know where they come from, and he isn’t exactly sure why they’re there. All he knows is that his body is littered in bruises, and there’s something different about them. They aren’t just bruises, and they certainly didn’t come from a trip in a step or clumsiness. No, Steve knows there’s more behind the marks that litter his body.

THIS IS A SERIES: one - two - three - four - five - six - seven - eight - finale

Pairing: Slow!Burn Steve x Reader

Warnings: marks, bruises, pain, physical abuse, force, sexual inclinations, etc. I mean no disrespect to anyone or to upset anyone, this story starts off rough but I can say that things will get better.

A/N: I hope you all enjoy this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it. Send me a little comment in the ask section or leave it below on what you thought of this chapter. It doesn’t have to be long, I appreciate every single comment I receive and telling me just helps inspire me to write it more frequently.

Oh! And just to be clear, this derives from canon plot. While Nancy still broke up with Steve and the whole Halloween party still happened, the events with the demodog and everything doesn’t- mainly because it wouldn’t fit with how i’d like to take my story. So I hope you all don’t mind.

P.S. This a soulmate AU.

I will NO LONGER be adding anyone to the Tag’s List!

Steve stared at the disappearing figure of your father’s car, sighing heavily in thought. He hesitated in chasing after you, debating whether that really was the right decision. It almost seemed as if you didn’t want him to help you, but then Steve remembered the fear in your eyes when you’d screamed out in terror. He had you in his arms, you were safe and then suddenly you were just gone. 

Steve had you- and in that one short moment he’d actually seen you smile. And then it just vanished.

You were afraid, Steve knew, and that’s why you pushed him away. The unknown- you didn’t know what would happen to you or him if Steve fought your father or had said something, so you’d pushed him away just like he’d seen you push everyone else away these past few days. Steve may have only known you for a short amount of time but that afternoon he felt as if he learned so much about you. The vulnerability in your eyes had broke his heart, your severe lack of confidence had rendered him speechless.

Steve didn’t know if the abuse had been happening your whole life or more recently, but none of it mattered. What your father has done to you has turned you into nothing, something to be used and abused. And Steve knew that you were more than that- everyone was more than that. You needed help, needed someone to guide you into the light and show you what love and care looked like.

And Steve wasn’t willing to let you suffer. Damn what would happen to him- damn if you hated him forever. Your father had seemed angry, angrier than Steve’d ever seen anyone else, and he wasn’t willing to let that pathetic excuse for a man lay one more hand on you.

Making his decision, he begun running towards his car. Steve wasted no time in opening his door, practically falling into the drivers seat and turning on the engine. He sped out of his parking spot, rushing to reach your house. You’d gotten a head start but he was determined to reach you before anything bad happen. 

It wasn’t a long drive but to Steve it felt like forever, until finally he turned down the street of your house. You’d probably been home for a good ten to twenty minutes already and Steve felt his heart beating rapidly against his chest in fear of what your father had already managed to do to you. Once parked on the side of the road, Steve practically swung open his door and stepped out. He took quick steps and practically ran up the stairs to your porch, reaching your front door in seconds.

Steve could hear, even from his car, yelling from your father and soft cries that he could only assume came from you. He felt anger spike at his heart and his chest tighten in disgust at the man who pretended to be your father. Luckily for Steve, your father had left open the door and practically slamming it open, Steve stepped into the house.

It didn’t take him long to find you, and as he did your father swung his fist down directly smacking you in the face. You cried out in pain and Steve felt is eyes widen in surprise, before a sudden shock of pain ran through him. He gripped the same place your father had hit you, only on his own face in pain and let out a groan. Steve wondered why that one time it’d hurt, when none of the bruises that your father had inflicted on you had never hurt him.

But none of that mattered because the moment Steve recovered, he found both yours and your father’s eyes on him. He met yours, hating the pain behind them as you cried desperately. Though it almost seemed as if you were relieved at the sight of Steve, and Steve felt his soft eyes spike in anger as they met your fathers.


You groaned out in pain as your father practically kicked you into the house, falling to the ground with a loud thud. You spun around quickly, knowing your father was just behind you and watched with desperate eyes as he closed the door. The lights weren’t on in the house and you watched with despair as the door was shut and whatever light you had disappeared before your very own eyes. The dark had always scared you, but your fear of it had only grown when the abuse had started. “Father, please-” 

“You whore!” Your father belted out, leaning over your body. You cried out in fear, crawling back as fast as you could. “Get up!” Knowing better than to delay, you rushed up so you were on your feet and held your head high as your father gripped you with a bruising force. “What were you doing with that boy?” Your father asked and you shook your head, about to explain. But before you could answer, he spoke; “I thought I told you to stay away from him.”

“I tried-”

He tightened his grip and you let out a groan as your jaw ached in pain. “Forty minutes late- forty minutes spent with that boy. Steve was it? Do you take me for a fool?”

“No,” you sobbed, shaking your head as best at you could. “No, please, father I didn’t mean to-”

“I don’t care!” Your father interrupted, roughly shoving your head away. You struggled to stay balanced, feeling your knees grow weak beneath you and your whole body shake. You felt like you might pass out, your ears ringing from the volume your father was speaking at. You should’ve stayed with Steve- you should’ve…

What did you do to deserve this?

“Dad please!” You haven’t called your father ‘dad’ in so long, the last time you had he’d beat you for not showing him enough respect. But you were so desperate to have your dad back, to have the father you once had- you’d try anything. “I’m sorry.” You cried out, feeling every bit of defiance leave you and all hope disappear. You just wanted your dad back.

“I’m not your dad.” Your father spat, his voice this time much more quiet. Your eyes widened upon his words and meeting his eyes, you tried to see through the blur of your tears. What did he mean?

Your father took a step forward and you flinched when his hand reached out towards you. “And you’re certainly not my daughter.” His hand moved towards your neck, grabbing ahold of the necklace you so dearly cared for. It felt like your heart stopped as he gripped it and time slowed down as you cried out, begging him not to touch it. “And you certainly aren’t hers.” Then before you knew it, the necklace was ripped from your neck, falling to the ground pathetically.

Time slowed as you watched it hit the ground. Falling to your knees, you grabbed the ruined necklace with shaky hands, not quite believing what had just happened. 

“You killed her.”

You missed the door open and Steve step through as your father roughly grabbed the necklace and chucked it across the room. Then before you knew it there was a sharp pain radiating through your cheek and you were falling back, crying out in pain. It wasn’t until you heard a manlier cry, one that wasn’t your fathers, did you noticed Steve. And glancing up at him, you met his eyes with tears in your own.

He’d come…

Steve had come to help you-

Then his eyes left yours.

“You son of a bitch!” Steve bellowed out and took a step before you.

“You’re the boy who’s been-” Your father never got to finish his sentence before Steve punched him across the face so hard he stumbled back in surprise. It just so happened that as he stumbled back, he tripped over his own two feet in dizziness and fell to the ground. You watched with wide eyes, the tears seizing as he fell and his eyes closed in shock.

Then there was a hand gripping your arm, pulling you up. “Come on.” Steve’s soft voice filled your ears. “Come on, Y/N. I’ve got you- i’m not gonna let him hurt you anymore.” He pulled you up to your feet and begun leading you out the door. You didn’t fight him, your eyes staying glued to your fathers before you were suddenly outside and entering Steve’s car.

He set you in the passenger’s seat gently, buckling you up himself before making his way around to his own seat. The moment Steve sat in his car, he turned to you as your eyes stayed glued before you. Steve watched you, waiting for something to happen, but nothing ever did, and eventually you turned to meet his eyes.


“He was going to kill me.” You whispered, meeting Steve’s eye and Steve shook his head. What you said was true, he just didn’t know how to respond. “My father- my dad wanted to kill me.”

“It’ll be okay.” Steve reassured and you shook your head.


“I’m taking you to the police.” Steve answered. “I’m taking you to the chief.”

Part 8? 

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We’re nearing the end guys!

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