Who knew Adam Levine has basketball skills like these?!


A quick Wayhaught AU ficlet inspired by that cheerleader clip from the S2 trailer (y’all know the one). Enjoy!

“Heads up!”

Nicole threw up her hands and managed to catch the basketball hurtling on a collision course with her face. If she had been even half a second late, her nose would have been broken… again… and for very much the same reason as the last time.

Her palms smarted from the impact, but she covered up a grimace as she took a jump shot from the top of the key and hit nothing but net.

“That all you got, Cap?” She asked Xavier Dolls with a cocky smile. “I swear my great granny could throw a pass sharper than you.”

The point guard’s eyes narrowed, lips forming into an unamused line as he fielded the ball and casually dribbled it toward Nicole.

“Just making sure you’ve got your eye on the prize, Haught,” Dolls said. “And not other… distractions.”

His gaze slid pointedly toward the sidelines where the cheerleaders were warming up. Some stretched their legs in an impressive showcase of nimble flexibility. Others rehearsed memorized chants, projecting their shouts well over the constant ricochet of basketballs off hardwood and the noisy crowd slowly filling the bleachers.

It took all of Nicole’s will power, every single last drop, to not turn her head back toward a particular set of cheerleaders rehearsing a dance routine, their hips sensually gyrating and snapping to the driving beat of a bass-heavy track.

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Zach Imagine #3: Part 2

 It was the day of the big game. Zach had told Justin he really shouldn’t be playing in this game. Zach knew he hasn’t been able to make any of his shots since Y/N had left him. 

“Man, don’t sweat it. You’re going to do great, I already know it,” Justin reassured him. What Zach didn’t know was that Justin talked to Y/N to explain that their break up was his fault and that he needed her. Y/N agreed to come to the game.


15 minutes into the game and it had been home: 0 and visitors: 5.

Justin nudged Zach and pointed in a direction. Zach looked over and was completely shocked. She was smiling at him, holding her “Zach dempsey? More like Zach DAMN (DID YOU) SEE THAT SHOT?” Zach smiled widely. Now he really had to make the shots, I mean, you came to his game and made a poster and everything. Zach called for Montgomery to pass you the ball. He threw him the ball, and you smiled.

“Y/N this one’s for you!” He screamed and shot the basket. Nothing, but net. The crowd roared, but that was just the beginning.


The game was over and the score had changed drastically. Visitors: 7 and Home: 32. Zach had gotten his game back. Zach approached Y/N, “You came,” he smiled.

“I did, didn’t I?”

“I’m sorry Y/N. I really am. I was dumb, not dumb, even worse. I took you for granted and once I lost you, I realized what I had done. I was a bad boyfriend, and you deserved better. You’re this great girl, and I’m a hu-” You cut him off by grabbing his cheeks and kissing him. You feel him relax under your touch. 

“You shouldn’t forgive me,” Zach sighed. She is a great person, and she did so much for him, but the way he treated her was unacceptable. He couldn’t take advantage of her, not anymore and not ever.

“You’re right,” Zach’s chest tightened. It’s over, I ruined it all. “You’ll have to make it up to me. I say a lot of your best kisses and cuddles.”

“I can do that.”

“Oh and you’ll make up for loss of attention?”

“Of course.” He smiled and leaned down to kiss you.

Wait For Me? - Chris Evans Imagine

summary: You need a break from it all, but what if when you’re ready to come back, Chris hasn’t waited for you? What if he moved on while waiting for a sign? 

words - 1500+

warnings: angst (barely) / fluffF

a/n: I felt like this story in my drafts deserved to see the day of light, it may be crap but oh well you win some you lose some. 

“I’m not ready yet, Chris. I can’t be with you because I couldn’t fully commit to you, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” 

Tears ran down my face, as I began to walk away from one of the best men in the world. He was everything I wanted forever in a man, but I couldn’t… I had to find me before I could find us. As I walked away, my hands slipping from his own warm and protective hands. I could feel sobs rise in my throat as I walked away, trying to swallow the sobs until I could scream for hours in my car. 

“I’m going to wait,” Chris shouted. Or maybe I had imagined that? 

Turning around, I wiped my eyes, sniffled and wrapping my arms around myself for warmth since Chris’s no longer held me tightly. “I’m going to wait,” He repeated, walking towards me and cupped my face in his huge hand that somehow held my head perfectly. 

“YN, I will wait. Until you are ready. Whether that’s two weeks or two years. I want you, no one else.” I shook my head, pushing his hands away. I was angry at myself and him for ending up in this mess of heartache. 

“No! That’s… not fair to you! I can’t ask you to wait for someone you don’t even know is worth it.” My voice broke and I was backing up, trying to not let Chris touch me. Because if he did, I wouldn’t be able to push away this time. But he came towards me, taking safe steps, with his arms out pleading.

 “You may not be done, but I am. And I know what I want, and no one can deter me from it. You are… everything to me, baby. I want to wait for you, and I will. I’m one phone call away, and you know that. You can’t make me give up my love, YN. This is what I want, baby.”

 I smiled, shaking my head in the words I heard from his beautiful lips. 

“I’m going to New York, I bought a loft,” I whispered, looking up at him innocently. I saw his face perk up from my suddenly uncynical words, “Would you answer my calls even if it was just to talk?”

Chris moved closer to me, taking a hold of my left hand, where a tattoo of a lightning bolt was placed just days ago on the right inside of my middle finger. 

“I would answer you, just to hear your voice.” His gentle voice replied, putting his fingers in between mine, intertwining them. Little and big fingers that somehow felt so right together. 

“I-I.. um…” I swallowed the lump in my throat, knowing these were our last words. 

For now. “You should know one thing before I leave, Chris .” Our eyes pulled up together, coming closer, as I put my right arm around the neck, letting it linger slightly. 

“That phone call will come. I promise. I don’t know when, I don’t even know what I’m fucking look for criteria of being able to start another relationship but all I know is that you, are my first call, Chris. I promise Blue Eyes. I swear…” I let the tears slip as I saw his eyes gloss over, spilling tears of his own that I hate to admit I was causing.

 “I swear, baby. Pinky swear.” I held out one pinky, my left hand. His left pinky swung and locked with mine. He kissed them and then my forehead. 

“Goodnight, lovely. I hear from yo-u soon.” 

Chris tried to speak with his most dapper voice but I knew he was dying. The tears still there, residing on his perfectly cold pink-pinched cheeks. 

“Ce est pas la fin.” 

We were in August, yet the air was bitter in Boston. 


And that was it. Chris and I parted ways, until December the following year. 

When the call I was terrified to make finally happened, I was expecting to hear he had moved on. I owed him at least this call, though, regardless of whether he’d given up. This call was never for me, it was always his.


“H-Hi, Chris .” My accent was pushing out stronger from my nerves, his name sounded silky smooth even though his name had been turned into a Parisian Keer-is.

“YN? What’s up it’s nine here, aren’t you in London? I saw you on E net..-nothing. I saw you… on twitter, yeah twitter.” I smiled to myself from his nervous chattering in my ear. 

He had seen me and cared. It didn’t matter whether it was on a celebrity entertainment show. Chris felt that I was enough to remember.

“Anyway, um, isn’t it like three a.m. over there… are you okay?”

“No, actually. I mean yes, I’m perfectly fine but, it’s not three a.m. over here. Although the weather sure feels like Paris.” Chris chuckled softly, I knew he was rubbing the back of his neck now, stressing out on what to say next.

“Well, where are you then?” 

I knocked on the door, “Hold on, YN. There’s someone at my door. How have you been? Ya know… soul seeking, find yourself. All that good stuff?”

I heard him walk down his stairs, but not through the phone. 

“I’ve been great. I got to do some shooting on this new 1940’s movie, I loved it so much! That was really extraordinary. We filmed in Rome, Florence, and Naples, and I swear. Anywhere you stood, the sight was just indescribable…” I had to pause when I heard him get closer to the front door. 

My nerves were causing my heart to pulsate faster, and I felt the warmth rise in my cheeks, 

“a-and I think you would’ve loved it, C.”

His shadow showed up at the door and my heart jumped into my throat.

“Are you sure?” Opening the door, he was smiling ear to ear, and I couldn’t help but let out the most girlish giggle and squeak I have ever been able to conjure up. I showed toothy grin that only occurred when my heart can’t take the amount love or happiness I’m feeling. 

He still had his phone to his ear and I had my to mine. “Because I really love the view I’m getting right now.”

 I let my phone fall without a care and ran to him, even though he only within ten feet of me. We embraced and held each other close. Never wanting to let go of the other for fear that we’d slip away from each other, again. 

We were precious to one another, we always had been. Having Chris in my arms was like finally holding the one thing that I’d been missing for sixteen, painfully slow, dull, Chris-less months. 

“I missed you so much Chris,” I mumbled, almost letting out a sob from the ache that had finally been lifted from my chest.

“I know, I know. I missed you too, Jellybean.” I kissed his shoulder when I heard the nickname Chris glued to me. One he only ever called me when no one was around. That way it was just between the two of us, forever only our intimate secret.

“Did you give up on me?” Chris shook his head no, smiling into my hair. 

“I don’t give up when I’m in love, babe. Ever.”

i just thought of something from my childhood and it’s the most eva/sana thing ever? when i was growing up i played basketball on my school team. during practice one time we had to do one handed shots behind the three point line to practice our form. so anyway my friend, the best player on the team, sees i’m struggling and comes over to help me. i’m still not getting it so she just goes “here, i’ll show you how to do it,” looks me straight in the eye, throws the basketball, and deadass swooshes the one-handed shot into the basket from behind the three point line without even looking

Roll with the Punches

Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Pairings:  N/A

Triggers:  N/A

Important Stuff:  check the post that inspired this fic for @leinbow

Summary: Takeshi, not Tsuna, is the straight man, the sane one of the series. This changes everything (and yet nothing at all). | ao3

Takeshi met Tsuna when they were just seven years old. It wasn’t hard to miss Tsuna, short and fluffy looking. Tsuna was a shy kid, the only other boy not partnered up for their small gardening project.

“I wish I was a gardening robot,” Tsuna said as he looked at the limp looking plant he was holding. A week of taking care of plant with Takeshi and this was what was produced.

“I don’t think that’s going to help,” Takeshi said, wincing as a leaf fell off. The poor plant didn’t look very good. Maybe they overwater it?

“It might have!”

Frankly, Takeshi found Tsuna to be a little odd. Not that Takeshi would ever tell Tsuna that. It was rude according to his mother. But strange indeed. Takeshi couldn’t really describe exactly how Tsuna was strange, it was like his head was screwed on just a little too much to the left.

But strange as Tsuna was, he was very nice and Takeshi found himself a friend in Tsuna.


“Takeshi help!”

Takeshi stared up the tree. There in the highest branches was Tsuna, staring down at him. Takeshi had only gone to the bathroom! “How did you even get up there?”

Tsuna scowled. “There was this puppy. One day I’m going to smite them all.”

Takeshi felt a brief wave of horror wash over them. “But they’re puppies!” Puppies were the best things ever. How could Tsuna think of smiting them? (How did Tsuna even know the word smite? Takeshi made a mental note to ask his mother about the word. He didn’t know the exact meaning but it sounded bad.)

“Still agents of evil!”

Tsuna was so strange.

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