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Ok but in the reboot universe Spock made the Kobayashi Maru, right? So that things, like, his baby. And when kirk hacked it, there mustve been all kinds of problems. So imagine spock guilt tripping kirk a bunch because of it. Like kirks like "mr spock can you help me with something?" "Can you not hack into my pride and joy?" "What?" "Cheater"

Kirk: Spock can you stop holding that over my head? Just let it go.

Spock: I hold no grudges, captain, for that is a human emotion. Nothing is being “held over your head.”

Kirk: Alright good.

Spock: All you did was hack into the only thing I’ve ever actually felt pride for in order to fuel your own selfish ideologies. No. Big. Deal.

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17 and klance? ๐Ÿ‘€ interpret to ur liking

Context: Lance is recovering from a traumatic incident with the Galra (lowkey based on future plans for of captive souls and broken bonds) 

17: “I don’t know where I am. Help me”

Images flooded through Lance’s mind, twisting and turning his senses of reality. He didn’t know what was happening, what he was seeing. His heart thumped in his chest to the pattern of the drums ringing in his ears. Too much. There was too much.

Haggar’s snarl filled his mind. She was there, right in front of him. What was going on? The druids. They were all there. Sendak. Lotor. Zarkon. Surrounding him. Lance wanted to pick up his bayard but he couldn’t seem to do it? Why was he here? Didn’t he escape?

Lance tugged at the follicles of his hair, crouching downwards. “No, no, no, no,” He repeated, over and over and over again. Nothing went away. It was all too overwhelming. Lance was lost in a sea of mixed reality, where he didn’t know what was real or not.

“Lance!” He heard a concerned voice yell. Lance thought for a moment and tried to adjust on the person before him. They…they looked more real. Were they real? He focused in a bit more and realized an extremely worried Keith was crouching in front of him. “Lance. You’re gonna be okay.”

He almost choked on his words. Keith was there. But so were all those monsters. They were closing in on him. Lance hated small spaces. Everything was shrinking. And Lance, he didn’t realize he was screaming.

“Lance, please talk to me.” There was Keith’s voice again. Maybe Lance could latch onto it. Find some solace.

He began to speak in ragged breaths. “Haggar…Sendak…druids…screaming…grabbing…I-I don’t,” was all he managed to get out. Lance locked eyes with Keith. He tried to focus on the purple glint inside them, but the visions from before took over again.

“Hey, hey you’re fine. Please, talk to me.”

Lance took in a deep breath. He didn’t know what was happening to him. He wanted it to stop. “I don’t know where I am. Help me,” he rasped.

Keith’s lips parted for a moment before he spoke. Lance shut his eyes tightly. He couldn’t bare to keep them open. The same twisted images flew through his mind. Lance felt Keith cup his cheeks, but he did not open his eyes again.

Keith began to speak in a soothing tone. “You are okay. You are safe. We are in your room at the castle. You are not with the Galra. I am here. I am real. You are real. This room is real. The Galra you see, they are not real. None of that is reality. We are safe.”

Lance took a deep breath and repeated, “We are safe.” He’d let a few tears escape as Keith held him there gently. Keith then tugged Lance closer, so their foreheads were touching.

“Lance. I need you to open your eyes. Can you do that?”

Could he? Lance didn’t know. But…he had to try. Slowly, he let his eyes flutter open and made eye contact with Keith again. He had to blink back tears, but he focused on the boy before him.

“I am real,” Lance coughed. “You’re real. This is real.” The visions began to dissipate as he stared at the boy before him. This, this was reality.

The corners of Keith’s lips upturned as the boy pulled Lance into a hug. The two whispered in unison, “Everything is okay.”

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Young The Giant: Nothing’s Over (In The Open)

Watch Young The Giant’s performance of their track ‘Nothing’s Over’ from their In The Open sessions in the video above! 

Teachers don't like drawing

So I was in study hall at the end of school just siting at my desk and I had just finished my homework cuz I’m a good little boy. So because I’m done and I literally have nothing else to do, no book to read,no homework to do, I pull out my art book and start drawing. Only last about a minute, then muted her comes over and said “put your art book away and do something productive” she walked away and my friend looked at me with this confused face, then I just sat their literally doing nothing for literally almost 40 minutes and she did nothing tell school was over. (Fun fact is that drawing is actually good for the brain, stupid teachers who think that drawing is stupid)

When your mom tells you to stop watching Voltron to go socialize with family


shiro: my girlfriend called me at two in the morning crying because of the fight you guys had…. so yes. you could say that you did something. 

imani: that’s stupid. she need’s to realize that ben is making shit up and we can move on.

shiro: look. i don’t know who cheated on who or what the truth is. what i do know is that rhea wouldn’t get this upset over nothing, and i think you know that too.  

BTS reacting to their S/O waking up from a nightmare in tears

Requested by; anon

When reactions are open again, could you do a bts reaction to their s/o waking up from a nightmare in tears?? Thank💗


He’d immediately rush to you; comforting you and letting you cry it out in his arms. He’d calmly hum something or would just say soothing things. Once you stopped crying; he’d ask what happened and he’ll cuddle you the entire time.

“I’m here now, nothing or nobody will hurt you!”


First; he’d get snappy and annoyed at the fact that you woke him up but once he sees you crying he’d quickly change moods. Then; he’d awkwardly hug you and stroke your back, waiting for you to calm down.

“Hey, let’s go back to sleep and talk about it tomorrow, okay? I’ll make sure nobody will haunt you.”


Confused; he’d wake up really tired and confused but then seeing you cry would make him extremely worried. He’ll attack you with questions but realises it isn’t helping. He’ll hug you really tightly and will wipe your tears.

“I’m here, I’ll protect you from anything bad! It’s okay, don’t cry.”


Scared; the sound of you crying would scare him but he’ll wrap his arms around you when he sees you sitting up and bawling your eyes out. He’ll tell you to focus on his breathing and he’ll gently give you kisses.

“It’s over, there’s nothing behind you. It’s okay; you’re safe with me.”


Seeing you cry would make him jump up in an instant and protect you. Wrapping the blankets around you and sitting in front of you, arms wrapped around your waist and he’ll pull you close. Sushing and singing gently to calm you down.

“Hey; want to talk about it or not? Just know there’s nobody who’ll hurt you.”


Worriedly; he’ll get you a glass of water and will hand you over one of his shirts. He’ll even bring a fresh washcloth to make you feel a bit more refreshed. Waiting for you to calm down; he’ll gently stroke your hands or your back.

“Baby; you feeling okay? See, it’s just me, nobody or nothing else.”


Awkwardly; he’ll wrap his arms around you or would place his hands on your back and gently stroke your back. He’ll be really tired and wouldn’t know what to do, he’ll just listen to your story and calm you down if you started crying again.

“I’m stronger than anyone; nobody will hurt you and I’ll make sure to keep you safe. Come, let’s cuddle.”