Secret Love Song - Harry Styles Mini Series (Part 19)

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Part 18

You were now in the States with Harry as his tour was starting up. You still were having a hard time with everything going on, but being away from home seemed to be a good idea to just forget all the bad shit going on, at least for a little bit. You were in San Fransico for Harry’s first show of the tour. You were really proud of him and you were happy that you were able to be there for him. 

In the meantime before the concert, you were trying to focus on getting some work done, something you hadn’t done since before the heartbreaking news came out. However, for the last hour, you’ve done nothing but stare at the screen on your Macbook trying to find something in you to write. You groaned putting your head in your hands when you realized you had nothing. 

“Everything okay, over here?” Harry laughed walking over and wrapping his arms around your shoulders. 

“No,” you sighed. “I need to write up some more blog posts since it’s been over a week since my last one and I’ve got nothing.” 

“Maybe you just need to take a mental break,” he said. “Take some time and step away from writing?” He shrugged.

“I wish I could, but this is my job and if I don’t post… I don’t get paid and then I lose readers…” you groaned. “Being in social media is a lot different than being you…” you joked. 

“Well, what if you wrote about the tour?” He asked. “You could take pictures and do some write-ups about each show,” he suggested. 

“I could, but would you be okay with that?” You asked. 

“I’m the one who suggested it, baby,” he laughed. 

“I know, but I just didn’t know if it’d be like weird or something since I’m your girlfriend…” you said. 

“It’d only be weird if you said my concerts are complete shit,” he laughed. 

“Well, you better be amazing because we both know I only write the truth,” you smirked. 

He laughed kissing your head. “I’ve missed seeing you smile,” he whispered moving hair out of your face. 

“I’ve missed having a reason to smile,” you whispered. 

Harry sighed sadly. “How are you feeling about everything?” 

You shrugged. “I don’t really know, to be honest. I don’t feel anything about it anymore. I’ve tried to just push it out of my mind for now.” 

He nodded. “I understand, but you know I’m here for you if you need me right? Don’t keep things from me just because you think you’ll be bothering me on tour,” he said. 

“I know,” you smiled looking up at him. “But the best thing for me right now is to just not talk or think about it.” 

“Okay,” he said. “I love you, you know.” 

“Yeah, I do,” you giggled leaning up to kiss him. “I love you too.” 


Later that night, you were backstage at the venue with Harry in the dressing room, while he got ready for the show that night. 

“Nervous?” You asked him. 

“A little, but mostly anxious to get out there,” he said. “This is my favorite part about doing what I do, and it’s the first show…” 

“You’re going to do great,” you smiled. “There’s already a huge line of fans waiting to get in.” 

“Yeah, they’ve been standing outside for ages,” he said. 

“They’re that excited to see you tonight,” you smiled. “I’m excited to see you tonight too.” 

“How excited?” He smirked wrapping his arms around your waist. 

“Hmm… really, really excited,” you smirked. “I mean my man is going to be up on stage, looking fine as hell and nailing every damn song on the set the list. What’s not exciting about that?” 

“So, are you going to include your lusting after my on stage in your blog posts?” He joked. 

“Would you like me to add that in?” You laughed. 

He laughed. “No, but I’d love to hear all about it after the show tonight…” he smirked looking down at you. 

“We’ll see,” you whispered against his lips. 

“Yeah, we will,” he mumbled into the kiss. 

Harry’s grip on your waist tightens a bit as he moved the two of you back towards the couch in the dressing room. This had been the first time in a while that you two shared a kiss like this along with another aspect of your relationship. You knew that Harry would never pry or make it seem like he was upset that you two hadn’t really been intimate with one another, but you could tell he was missing it and so were you. 

“So… are we going to be alone on that tour bus tonight or no?” You whispered. 

“I could arrange for us to be…” he said. 

“Do it, because I’ve got plans for you tonight,” you smirked. 


When it was time for the Harry’s set to start, you quickly went to your seat near the front side of the stage. You had your camera ready to start snapping away photos to use for the blog post. As soon as the lights went out, the entire venue started to scream at the top of their lungs. The spotlight revealing Harry’s shadow came on and you started taking photos of everything. 

The very second Harry started singing the crowd got even louder. You smiled proudly when the curtain dropped, revealing Harry to everyone. You snapped your camera again as you took pictures and kept doing so for the remainder of the show. Harry smirked at you whenever he caught your eye during the show causing you to giggle a bit. 

Along with the photos of Harry, you ended up taking photos and videos of the crowd during the show and how they were all having the time of their lives. You smiled feeling super proud of your boyfriend at that moment. By the time the show was over, you were sad like the rest of the audience even though you had plenty more shows to attend and you got to be with Harry after the show. 

You made your way backstage to meet Harry, who was chugging water when you saw him near the catering table. You ran up behind him and jumped on his back. 

“You were fucking amazing!” You giggled kissing his cheek. “I’m so proud of you!” 

He laughed looking back at you. “Security, I’ve got a crazy fangirl on my back,” he joked. 

“Hey!” You whined. “Don’t be mean.” 

“I’m not, I’m just glad you enjoyed the show,” he said. 

“Did you enjoy it?” You smiled. 

“Fuck yeah, I did,” he said. “God, it was so great. I loved every minute of it and it only makes me want to go back out there and do it all over again.” 

“Well, you will,” you smiled. “And I’m really happy I’m here to experience this with you.” 

“I am too, love,” he whispered. “I don’t think I’d be this great if you weren’t here with me.” 


After waiting out some of the crowd, you all made your ways onto the tour buses. Harry made sure that you two were the only ones on the one you two would be staying on for the trip back down to LA. When you both made your way onto the bus, Harry grabbed some wine before bringing you back into the room on the bus. 

You smirked wrapping your arms around him and looking up at him. 

“Is this where you tell me how sexy I was on stage tonight?” He smirked down at you.

“Perhaps,” you giggled. 

“Then bring it on, love,” he whispered. 

You smirked unbuttoning his shirt and pushing the white fabric down his shoulders. “You were so hot,” you whispered. “Like extremely hot. Especially with the guitar… I mean who doesn’t love a guy who can play the guitar.” 

“You were looking pretty hot out in the audience,” he smirked. “Especially with that camera… it made me think of a certain photoshoot we partook in a few weeks ago.” 

You rolled your eyes. “You would think of that,” you laughed. 

“Hey, that was one of the best ideas I’ve ever had,” he said. “Admit it.” 

“It was okay…” you smirked. 

“I think we both know it was more than okay,” he whispered wrapping his arms around you. 

“A little more than okay,” you joked. 

“I bet you won’t say that about tonight,” he mumbled pulling you closer to him. 

“I’m going to hold that to you, Styles,” you smirked pulling his head down for a kiss. 

He tugged on your shirt as he deepened the kiss. He pulled it over your head and moved his hands to your bra to unfasten your bra. 

“Bloody hell,”  he groaned after a bit. “Did you fucking glue this shit together.” 

You laughed reaching behind you and unhooking them all within seconds. 

“Show off,” he mumbled. 

“Well, I’ve done that every day since I was like eleven,” you laughed. 

He took your bra off your shoulders and down your arms before kneeling down and pressing his lips to your chest. You closed your eyes as you ran your hands through his hair. You felt his lips move down your stomach and he unbuttoned your jeans before pulling them down your legs. 

When he stood back up, you did the same to him before you both fell back onto the bed. Hands and lips were making their way all over your body and his, you knew that you missed this feeling, but it wasn’t until now, that you realized how much. 

Just when the last article of clothing was about to come off, you both were interrupted by your phone ringing. 

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me,” Harry groaned. 

“Just ignore it,” you mumbled. “Whoever it is, will leave a message.” 

He nodded as you pulled him back in for a kiss when your phone started ringing again. 

“Fucking hell!” Harry mumbled reaching over and taking it out of your pocket. 

“Who is it?” You groaned. 

Harry turned over the phone to look at the caller id. “It’s your dad.”

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M!A: You now have a small bee dragon! She is five times the size of a regular bee, and instead of being fuzzy, she has maliable but sturdy scales. She can be squished, crushed (nothing over 600 pounds) and eats vegetables! She looks up at you with her big eyes, and a soft buzz comes from her. A note is left with her as well in a familiar red writing. 'beecause a g00d m0irail d0esnt deserve t0 be al0ne when im n0t there'. What do you name this little one? [This dragbee is soulbonded to TD]

>> This was definitely not what you were expecting to happen when you went to check your inbox. You hadn’t even gotten dressed yet after your time with AA, who even bothers putting on shirts when they’re in heat anyways? So when this little thing blips into existence you and it– her– have to do a little ticklish dance until you can catch her scuttling up your back.

> Holy shit she’s cute, what the fuck. What are you going you going to name her, you’re not exactly great with names. You glance over at your husktop, where your 3ds is sitting with your animal crossing left open, and… yeah.

> Her name is Isabel.

“I won’t be seeing anyone for the rest of the day, thank you. I’m quite tired of being subjected to disgust and mockery over nothing when everyone was quite literally talking about– Eugh. The ‘bone zone’ earlier.”


Guys, brace your little camren hearts…

Big shout out to you lovely anons, keeping me in the loop with this one. (especially @figure-my-heartt-out and @cryinginmila, thank you ladies!)

First off, let’s remember these reality shows are always scripted. Anyway, this drama with Ty’s ex ‘shading Lauren’ screams PR. It’s so blatantly staged and the fact the whole new series has premiered just a week before his album drops means we are in for weeks of his ex throwing indirects and shade towards L.  Lets focus closely what she said about Ty. “He’s exactly like his music”. So he really is the disgusting, homophobic, misogynistic individual we thought he was. What an absolute dickhead. As soon as the media realise that the “she” his is ex is talking about, is actually “Lauren from Fifth Harmony”, the headlines will start rolling in. These are the same headlines` and articles that equate to marketing, promotion sales and profit. We’ve got Ty’s album, Lauren’s collab with Ty and Lauren’s collab with Steve Aoki. We’ve also got Dinah’s song with French Montana out in a few weeks, Fifth Harmony ft Pitbull and the girls song on ‘The Star’ movie soundtrack. The girls are on tour at the minute, so non of them are making proper headlines. Lets be honest, their team HAS to do something major to keep us talking/promoting because at the minute, we’ve got nothing to hype over. Even the Ty/Lauren mess has died down for a little bit. We haven’t had any negativity between the girls and Camila, the last time was pretty positive so it’s all quiet. Looks like it’s the calm before the storm. 

What can we expect?

  • Ty/Lauren ‘kissing’ pic/vid (I’m sorry guys but this has to happen because people aren’t buying it. I’d be more shocked if it didn’t)
  • His ex, shading Lauren (started already) but i think we’re gonna get a response from L. I’m low key sensing a little twitter spat or something between the two. Knowing how intricate Lauren is with her words, she’d easily shut her down in 140 characters.
  • Dinah will be promoting her song with French Montana. There’s no doubt in my mind that headline hungry interviewers are going to be asking about Camila. It’s easier to approach an individual girl about it, than when the rest of your group is with you. It’s bound to happen. I think Dinah will use this opportunity to publicly and positively address Camila’s departure. There’s a good chance they’ll do this with Lauren when she’s out promoting her solo music too.
  • I think at some point, the girls (either collectively or individually) will be asked/questioned about the ‘leaked documents’ suggesting Camila left the partnership in 2015.
  • Camila is in Europe at the minute, she’s got quite a few award show appearances scheduled and I’ve got a sneaky feeling she’ll be playing the Radio 1 Live Lounge again before the year is out.

The best thing we can do, is keep quiet. We stream, support the girls music. We vote for their awards. We buy tickets for their shows. But more importantly, we don’t say anything. Their teams know the Ty/Lauren situation is unsettling across the fandom, if we start shouting about it, they’re gonna do it all the more. If we’re quite and ignore it, it will fade out.

So after all that, i’ll leave you with this

take care x


Young The Giant: Nothing’s Over (In The Open)

Watch Young The Giant’s performance of their track ‘Nothing’s Over’ from their In The Open sessions in the video above! 

the customer is always wrong

woman, standing angrily at my till: I’d like to make a complaint

me: oh, of course, what’s been your problem?

woman: you

me: …I’m…sorry??

woman: i asked you for help twice and you walked past me and ignored me. I’d like to speak to your manager about your attitude

me, having never seen this woman before: OKAY SURE

– manager comes over & woman tells him her complaint –

manager: well, okay, usually our members of staff are very helpful. What did you say to lottie?

woman: excuse me????

manager: erm, what did you say to her to get her attention?

woman: why is that relevant?

manager: it’s possible she could’ve misheard you, or if you said a different name

me, (whispering): she didn’t say anything!!!

woman: I shouted

manager: you…shouted? what did you shout?

woman: ey

manager: ……ey. you shouted ‘ey’ to indicate to a member of staff that you needed their help

woman: YES, and she ignored me and I want to make a complaint

manager: yes, of course, I’ll process your complaint personally and deal with it

woman (smiling smugly at me): thank you

– woman leaves, manager turns to me–

manager: what a twat