Young The Giant: Nothing’s Over (In The Open)

Watch Young The Giant’s performance of their track ‘Nothing’s Over’ from their In The Open sessions in the video above! 

As disappointed as I am in my country right now, I would like to offer a few thoughts:

1. We have three branches of government for a reason. The screaming cheeto puff can’t get away with everything he seems to think he will because American presidents don’t get that kind of power. Checks and balances, folks. Checks and balances.

2. If said screaming cheeto puff goes completely off the beaten path, there’s always impeachment.

3. And three, a word to his supporters: I’m not a strong person by nature. I’m not a mean person by nature. I generally don’t pick fights. But so help me, if you bring any of your racist, misogynist, homophobic crap near me, we are going to have a discussion that you will not enjoy. Comprendre? Good.

4. And one more, to all the frightened people, to all those wondering how they’re going to make it through the next four years. I like how Steven Universe said it: “I’ve got you. You’ve got this. We’ve all got each other!” You’re not alone, don’t be afraid.