rafaelcasal When the videochat is rollin and about to connect, but you’re really just looking at yourself? It’s ok, people! We are one of the very short list of creatures on the planet who can recognize our own reflection, who are self-aware. It’s one of the most unique parts about being human. So check yourself out, fix your shirt, find your favorite angle. Get familiar with the uniqueness of how you look. Cuz you look damn sexy, and a selfie ain’t nothin but a mental picture you got developed, anyway. #selfie #selfawareness

i love how people will make those “encouraging” posts about romance that say shit like “one day you’ll meet your soulmate, that one special person whose kisses will make you swoon, and the sex will be glorious, and you’ll be together forever and spend the rest of your life with them”

and i’m just sitting here as an aro/ace person like…

Ok but talking about cliques and how you almost have to be an artist to make friends with an artist?

(First of all, you gotta ask yourself, if they WEREN’T an artist, would you want to be friends with them?)

Like sure you don’t have to be a gardener to make friends with someone who loves gardening but lets say you walk by someone’s garden every day and one day you say “Hey I really like walking past your garden every day and I was wondering if you wanted to come over and hang out in MY garden sometime and we can swap tips and drink tea or something.” and maybe they’re like “Oh shit you’re that fellow with all the hydrangea. Why can’t I get mine that big?” and you end up being gardening buddies, which is fun because it’s not that easy to find a gardening buddy that shares your love of hydrangeas.

But if you just pass by every now and then and maybe said “cool garden” one time, the gardener is probably going to think fondly of you for appreciating their garden but not know if you actually want to get to know them as a person. Maybe they’ll smile and wave at you when you walk by but don’t be shocked if that’s all that ever happens.