(65/100) // 2.19.17 // Busy busy Sunday today. Started my day with studying at coffee shop #1. I ended up being there for 3 hours, and it still wasn’t enough time to study for biology. Next, went to church. Then, came to coffee shop #2 + poke for dinner to study UA&BF. It’s currently 7:45, and I’m still not done. 😭


20.02.17 Update: Currently studying for a sociolinguistics exam, I actually don’t like any of my classes this semester 😂😂😂 So, let’s just say that my motivation has been down lately… Also, thank you so much for 10k followers on here! It’s amazing that you still pay attention to this blog  😂😂😂

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6:39pm || 20th February 2017

Today was the first day back at college after the February half term. I had a chemistry test which I thought went pretty well. Now I’m back at home and I’ve decided to be productive and get ahead with some biology notes.

Went with a pink and purple color theme this week :) I’ve been loving my Crayola Supertips for my bullet journal!


[ 170219 ] - i have a huge korean literature quiz coming up. they’re such enjoyable stories but trying to analyse them… @_@ just gotta buckle down!

[np: not today by bts]

2-19-17 | 16/100 Days of Productivity

Hello again! I didn’t have much to do today, except for Vietnamese homework. Today was sort of a lil’ break for me from all the APES things I had to do ^^”

Anyways, it’s Presidents’ Day tomorrow! Hooray! Do any of you guys have school tomorrow?

… the pic’s a little blurry where the vocabulary is (sorry sorry), but if you zoom in up there, i’m sure it’ll be better :’)

As always, keep that chin up!! 

The start of the week✌🏻

Today was pretty chill day. I thought today will be really busy day. It was kinda, but after school. I was with my dad on grocery shopping and because of that I had my lunch really late at 4PM😞
So today I ate only 2 meals.. yay 😕
And now I am reading my Criminal law notes for next week exam & eating some seedless grapes
..(they are the best when they are frozen❤️)
Btw my pencil case is from Happy Jackson

I hope you had a good day! ☺️

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In response to this Analyzing Rhink: The kiss that started it all


This is beautiful on so many levels holy shit

@remembertherandler @rtr-gifs

People have explored this before, but this is something all together different. Quite the analysis and HIGHLY intriguing! I’m looking forward to the next part :)


Yes! @themouthking


god…… i love this fandom


This analysis was so fascinating to read. You made some points I’ve subconsciously made in my own head and put them into words. It’s quite clear that kiss didn’t go as they expected, and that it was so much bigger a deal than they were willing to admit. My theory on how things have developed since then is that going through all the materials and memories for their book, they’ve seen things from the past in a different light, and living in the more liberal environment of CA, they’ve finally…


@withasideofcrazy - you are right about this being an awesome fandom :). I keeps inspiring me in so many ways to be surrounded by all you amazing people with your amazingly thoughtprovoking texts. :)


I love analysis like this in any fandom, but this is particularly fabulous. Can’t wait for the next part!


This is absolutely amazing and fascinating. I’m so here for this!


This is amazeballs. And 100% true.


I haven’t been part of any other fandom, so I wouldn’t know if this is special for the rhink- fandom, but I love the kinds of conversations ya’ll have here and the psychological realism that I’ve seen in almost all the fic’s I’ve read, I love it! You people are awesome!



We are honored and grateful for all your notes and comments. So glad you found it worthwhile!


20.2.17 [7:29pm]

Today was a good day in art class - I finally found my direction and I have good grasps with ideas in my head. I will do all the linocut preparation in my free time while doing the weaving and more textiles-based stuff at the studio so I can ask my art teacher for help when I need to and not waste any time! (๑ゝڡ◕๑)

My corner’s the messiest it has ever been for the year but there’s nothing I can do to tidy stuff away so I just admire my work haha

cajalretzius  asked:

Do you have a separate personal lab notebook (apart from the one where you collect data and leave in lab)? If so, how do you organize it? Btw, congratulations on the MD/PhD acceptances! That's amazing.

Thank you for your kind words. And yes, I actually do keep a cumulative lab experience notebook!

It lives in this moleskine-like little guy.

I have it split into two sections (the green sticky flags at the top). The first is protocols/recipes, and the second is notes. The colored tabs on the side denote different lab experiences.

In the protocol section, I keep protocols, media recipes, notes about reagents, stopping points, workflow outlines and such.

In notes I have notes from lab meeting, my own reading/research, outside talks, and just things I’ve picked up along the way.

20.2.2017 1.35 p.m. - Notes for Environmental law! Super into writing notes at the moment :)
At the beginning of this year I decided to stop studying on weekends. It has given me so much more energy and motivation! If you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed, this is a good way to feel better.
Hope you’re all feeling happy and motivated x