I’ve lost faith in American Politics

We have a president right now that did NOT win the popular vote. He has an approval rating of 32% as it stands. Not only that, but the entire process was shady for both major parties. He does not represent us. Yet he has all the power of the executive branch that represents us.

Now, despite OVERWHELMING popular opinion from not just regular citizens but politicians and experts in the field, 5 people voted on whether the American people should overturn net neutrality. They voted against the majority. Again.

I know the net neutrality battle isn’t over, but what’s the point in fighting as a citizen when it feels like our voices don’t matter anymore?

Why the fuck are we called a democracy, when these shitbags clearly don’t vote on the side of the majority’s opinion?

#notmygovernment #notmypresident #wheresthedemocracyat