Bees Knees??

We all know the expression “the bees knees” 

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It’s used to describe something cool or wonderful like “That movie was the bees knees” 

But, where did this expression come from??? How does something as odd as knees of bees become a widely known and used expression?

Well, there are many different theories as to how this expression came to be and why and here are just a few of the more interesting ones. 

But first, to answer the most important question before we begin: Bees do in fact have knees (that aren’t just pollen sacks) 

Now, let’s begin. 

During the 18th-century, “bees knees” were used to describe something that was very small. (the expression changed over time to become the gnats bullock.)  

Then, during the 20th century, it was a nonsense expression, used to describe things that seemed to be meaningless and have no purpose (which, is definitely not true, bees need their knees and pollen sacs, but okay)

During the 1920′s it became very popular to use the term “bees knees”, because it was popular to use odd terms. Some other famous expressions at the time were “The snakes hips” or “The monkeys eyebrows”. Some of these phrases were forgotten and other were not, bees knees, being one of them. 

So yeah, bees knee are pretty great, and the way they came about is also pretty great.

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