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I think the Record Store Day thing you just posted about were the news Lola was gonna announce in a couple of hours xD

honestly no idea haha maybe i beat them to it. maybe their announcement is something completely different. i havent been online much in the last few days and Jamie (Gerard’s editor) just told me about it and i thought i was late to the party and everyone already knew……(i mean a lot more people are gonna see Lola announcing it anyway so it really doesnt matter)

Game Plan (Part 6 of Curve Ball)

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Author’s Note: Yay, the next chapter is here! I will say, @snipsnsnailsnwerewolftales wrote like 99% of this part! I wrote only a couple lines in here haha! It is an emotional roller coasted, so beware!!! Enjoy c;

As always, a HUGE thank you to my co-creator, co-author, editor, and dear friend @snipsnsnailsnwerewolftales​ for putting so much effort and love into this story! Wouldn’t be possible without you :)

Warnings: Language; feels

Catch Up Here

*******************************************************************************************Tossing my phone on my bed, I grabbed my bathroom bag and headed to the bathroom down the hall.

Smiling as I recounted my day, I let the hot water wash away the embarrassment, leaving only memories of laughter and good times.

My mind drifted back to the start of the day, the comment about my shoes, and against my will, I was suddenly going on a trip down memory lane.

Allison was more than just a cousin. She was a sister.

After everything that happened with dad, Chris practically became my stand in father, which to be honest, wasn’t much of a change from his role of doting uncle.

He had rolled his eyes good naturedly when Allison and I had come running up to him, matching sets of black converse in our hands.

“I know they’re expensive-” Allison started, her voice going into a somewhat guilty, yet begging tone.

“But they are buy one, get one half off-” I finished for her, mimicking her tone to a t.

“And we thought, ‘waste not, want not’-”

“And we definitely want these-”

“So we came up with a solution.”

Chris must have had whiplash from snapping his head back and forth between the two of us. “And that would be….” It was more of a question than anything, but he sounded resigned, as if he already knew where it was going, which he probably did.

Allison and I looked at each other before looking back to him, grinning madly. “We buy them!”

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