• *in the lab*
  • Mary:*sipping coffee* How was the date last night, Molly?
  • Sherlock:*at his microscope; rolls his eyes*
  • Molly:*sighs* Bloody awful! We had absolutely nothing in common. He thought a specialist registrar was a marriage guidance counsellor.
  • Mary:*raises an eyebrow* Wow...
  • John:*sympathetic* Chin up. You'll meet someone.
  • Molly:*shrugs* I don't know; maybe it's me.
  • Sherlock:Oh for God's sake, Molly, of course it's not you. You're perfect.
  • Molly:...
  • John:...
  • Mary:...
  • Molly:...
  • Sherlock:*looking between them; frowns* Oh, come on. This is not news!
  • John & Mary:*murmur their agreement*
  • Molly:*blinking; overwhelmingly happy* R-really?
  • Sherlock:*nods* Yup.
  • Molly:*throws her arms around his neck; kisses his cheek* Thank you.
  • John:*mutters to Mary* We think so, too.
  • Sherlock:*cheeks pink* You can sod off.
💅 Degrees of Separation 💅

I was looking at Dianna Agron’s Instagram page the other day and I noticed an interesting connection.

Remember Mikey Hess? Mikey is Josh Kushner’s mal pal who seems to be everywhere with Josh. Mikey was at Coachella with Josh, Met Gala with Josh, the Hamptons with Josh. Both went to Harvard. They frequented each others IG pages. Josh even acknowledged Mikey’s mom on his now-deleted IG. 

It was at Mikey’s birthday party in the Hampton’s - that Taylor and Karlie attended a few weeks ago - when Taylor got on stage with Nelly.

Anyway, Mikey brought a woman named Tracy Dubb to the Met Gala as his ‘date’. He posted a picture of Tracy and himself at the Met Gala. Mikey’s IG used to be public until recently. It was clear from the caption and the comments that this was a first-time ‘date’. 

Scrolling Mikey’s IG there is no discernible female significant other in his past. Scrolling Tracy’s IG …..let’s just say there are a whole lot of women on it. 

It turns out that Tracy Dubb is very close friends with Molly Howard, rumored to be Dianna Agron’s girlfriend. Tracy is all over Molly’s IG feed. Tracy also seems to be close with Dianna

Taylor 👉🏼Karlie 👉🏼Josh 👉🏼Mikey 👉🏼Tracy 👉🏼Molly 👉🏼Dianna 👉🏼Taylor

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glassesgirl0401  asked:

If you're still taking prompts... Erujean in 31 pls?

I’ve not written any Erujean before, let’s hope I do it justice.


Jean kept an eye on two phones as he tapped away at his laptop and tried not to think about what was going on behind closed doors. How someone of Erwin’s Smith’s age and position managed to avoid getting his wisdom teeth out for so long was beyond him.

He’d honestly never considered that his boss might be frightened of anything; just working with him was sort of inspirational, and to become his PA had frankly been what Jean considered his greatest achievement to date.

It hadn’t been easy. Competition was fierce.

The doors opened and Jean pocketed the phones and got to his feet at Erwin was ushered out of the back area.

He looked, well, all right. A bit dazed. The operation must have gone well.

“Hello, Mister Smith,” Jean said, wondering what sort of state he was really in. “Feeling all right?”

“Terrible, I slept awfully,” he said. “We have to check out.”

“I’ve taken care of that.” He’d summoned the car as well, as soon as the door had opened.

“I thought I had luggage,” Erwin was frowning at his hands.

“It’s already been packed, you just need to go home.” He wondered if it was appropriate to reach out and guide him, given he didn’t seem to be prepared to move. Jean took his elbow, and Erwin allowed himself to be steered to the elevator.

This was so weird.

Erwin leaned against the wall as they rode down, and Jean tried not to twitch under his scrutiny. Erwin didn’t normally stare at him like that, and it was unnerving.

“You’re very good,” he said the way he made pronouncements about company policy, with gravity.

“Thanks, boss.”

“Arrogant,” he added and Jean stared at him, shocked. Erwin just smiled, lazily, and it was diverting. “I’m no better. That’s how we change the world. You’ve got every reason to be cocky; smart, hungry, handsome.”


It was a relief when the elevator doors opened. The car was waiting and Jean practically hustled Erwin into it.

“Just straight home,” Jean told the driver, just confirming that the schedule hadn’t changed.

“Where’s my phone?” Erwin asked, patting down his pockets.

“I’ve got it, and you can’t have it back until you’re back to normal,” Jean said, sitting in the back seat as well. “Your orders, Mister Smith.”

He sighed deeply, and stared out the window. “God, it must be awful,” he muttered.


“When they crush the peanuts. To make peanut butter.” He shook his head. “Carnage.”

Jean knew he was going to regret not recording this as he bit his lip trying not to laugh.

“We could go out for lunch. I’m very thirsty. Do you think they’ll have yoghurt?”

“I could get you some, but it’s probably best if you went home.”

“I don’t have a home. It’s a place. ‘Back to my place.’ Have I ever invited you there?” Erwin was sprawled on the seat, his head lolling back slightly, looking at Jean with half-closed eyes.

“Not like that you haven’t,” Jean muttered. “Yes, I’ve been to your place. It’s very nice.”

“It’s lonely,” Erwin muttered. “I haven’t lived with anyone for a long time. Don’t end up like me, Jean. You deserve better than that.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.” Loopy was entertaining, this was just a bit worrying. Luckily, Erwin seemed to have exhausted himself for now and lapsed into silence.

When they got to Erwin’s apartment building, Jean told the driver he could go; he’d catch an Uber later and he wasn’t sure how long he’d have to spend taking care of his employer.

“We’ve got to get some work done,” Erwin said, as they rode up to his floor. “Are you ready?”

“Yep. Whatever you need. Did you still want that yogurt?”

The question seemed to stump Erwin for a good five minutes and in the meantime Jean got him inside and his coat off and left him to flop down on the couch. He managed to find some yogurt in Erwin’s fridge and offered him some.

Erwin thanked him like he was a guest, and slowly ate some. “Everything’s fuzzy. In my mouth,” he said through a mouthful of the stuff.

“Yeah, you just had your wisdom teeth out. I’m not surprised.”

“No,” Erwin winced and hung his head at the words. “I don’t want to.”

“Hey, hey you already did, all right?” He put his hand on Erwin’s shoulder. “It’s over. You don’t need to worry about them again.”

Erwin looked up at him gratefully for a long, long moment. “I love you.”

Jean was pretty sure his jaw was hanging. He didn’t think anyone but his mother had told him that so earnestly before.

“Wow those are some good drugs,” he said. “That’s very nice, now maybe you should rest, okay?”

To his relief, Erwin agreed, and practically dropped off then and there. Jean rescued the yourt before it got all over the carpet and saw himself out, wrestling with an entirely confusing swirl of conflicting emotions and wondering what he should do next.

The next morning Erwin arrived at work on time and sat behind his desk with his head in his hand as Jean stepped in for his morning briefing.

“Should I be braced for a sexual harassment suit?” he asked, as Jean closed the door behind him.

“No,” Jean said, smiling. “There is this.” He slid a piece of paper across the desk and Erwin picked it up. “It’s my resignation letter.”

“Jean, no.” Erwin started to get out of his chair and Jean was a bit tempted to see what he’d offer him to stay, but that wasn’t what he wanted.

“I want to ask you out,” Jean said, looking him in the eye. “To dinner with me. And I can’t if you’re my boss.” He shrugged, a bit self-consciously. “It’s not like I can’t get another job. You’re not gonna give me a bad reference, right?”

Jean held his breath as Erwin considered.

“I accept,” he said finally.

“It’s in your diary,” Jean said, unable to stop himself from grinning.

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Okay but what about Johnson and chowder- Johnson comes back to visit at some point and checks in on the new goalie, to see how the storyline is doing without him, you know (even though he knows of course it's doing fine, it was never his anyway) and they start talking etc. imagine Bitty's reaction when he finds out his first college boyfriend is dating his baby chowder

Buckle up, kids. I ship it all, apparently, so let’s go on a journey!

Also: I apparently only have plots for these random pairings, instead of writing any of the actual stories I’ve been considering. This has pushed the Kent Parson oneshot that goes along with “And their words are just whispers and lies that i’ll never believe” out of my mind, has pushed my Tamora Pierce modern AU drabbles out of my mind AND has pushed my Johnson/Snowy au of my au out of my mind. So, thank you, and enjoy.

It’s Bitty’s senior year when Johnson decides that he’s had sufficient enough time to ‘find himself’, and he knows that by now Bitty and Jack, while having some strife and rocky patches, are going strong, and while some part of John will always miss Bitty’s freshman year when they were together, he knows that his part in that story was just to move the plot along. He was the tool that led to Jack’s realization, and when it came time for the Author to move him along, he went. 

But, he’s back for the end of the season, conveniently written in when the Wellies goalie coach got asked to come work with the Flyers and Hall and Murray had asked Johnson to come work with Chowder a little bit. 

John can’t say no.. He knows where the author is headed with this story, he’s seen the prompt, he knows the plot. So he says yes and that is how he ends up back on the ice at Faber, skates on and grande latte in his hand as he watches Chowder drill in the net. 

Bitty was pleased to see him, that had been nice. He’d hugged John and beamed at him and had asked if he’d found himself, and John was able to honestly tell him he was still working on it, but he was closer to the end of his own story-arc, which was nice. And Bitty, bless his sweet heart, had just beamed and hugged John again. It was nice that their breakup had been easy on him, John still felt guilty about the canon divergence, but hey. What the hell, you know?

But anyway, he focuses back on Chris Chow, who is an excellent goalie, John has to admit. He can honestly say he’s impressed the Junior can drop into the splits on the ice AND get back out of them. He wonders if the Haus uses that for a party trick and then chuckles to himself. 

Of course they do, this is OMGCP, after all.

After a few more drills he moves over to Chris and starts giving pointers, grabbing a stick and a bucket of pucks to shoot at him. John isn’t the greatest shot, but he’s decent in this story, so he’s impressed when he’s only able to get a few past Chow and into the back of the net. 

He’s also impressed that the chattery kid from the locker room has turned into a terrifying block of goalie in the crease, and when they make it off the ice and Chow is back to normal he mentions it. 

“Haha, yeah. Everyone says I’m different on the ice!” Chris replies, tossing his glove and blocker into his stall, quickly adding his stick and pads to the heap of gear. “When Farmer and I were dating she used to say my gameface was terrifying.”

John knows they broke up a few months ago when Farmer headed for training for the Olympics. He also knows that they might end up together again someday, but who knows. After all, canon divergence is so open to the interpretation of the Author.

Johnson nods, “I get that. I think a lot of goalies do that. It helps us focus.” As Chris nods, and heads for the showers, John heads for the office to tell the coaches what he’d seen. He’s leaning outside the front of Faber when Chris comes out, hockey bag slung over one shoulder and a Sharks beanie jammed on his head. 

“Want to grab dinner at the dining hall? I don’t think Bitty left much to cook in the Haus, but there might be a pizza stashed in the back of the freezer.” Chris says with a smile as they start their meandering journey to the Haus. (Bitty offered to let Johnson have his room for the weekend while he’s “interning for the Falcs”) John agrees, because why not?

Time passes, a friendship grows, the playoffs loom and John is asked back to help out on their run for the win. He agrees. 

Sure, they spend a lot of time together, he and Chris. Sure, they end up in the corner with the backup goalie (Well, he’s there sometimes, I mean) talking strategy (And about life) and sure, Bitty notices. But he’s just glad his sweet son Chowder has someone who knows NCAA hockey and can lean on him. 

Well, he’s glad until he finds them outside the venue for the last playoff game, Chris holding onto Johnson for dear life as John gives him a (he hopes) comforting pep-talk and smooths his hands up and down Chris’s back. They’d had the “Chris Chow is very pan, thank-you-very-much” conversation a few months back, and Bitty’s mentioned dating John during freshman year. 

They’d been on a couple casual dates, but they’ve kept it on the DL because of playoffs and the fact that John’s kind of coaching? 

Well, I mean they kept it on the DL until Bitty walked in on that charming scene and made eye contact with John over Chowder’s shoulder. Bitty raised his eyebrows as if to say “What, seriously?” and John shrugged in reply, meaning “Yeah I mean, until this AU I never saw it coming either, honestly.”

anonymous asked:

what mostly happy au fics would you recommend for kylo/hux?

Alright, Nonny, here we go!

My bookmarks on AO3 are a complete mess and I have a LOT of fics that I love but I’m going to list 13 + extras for you and hopefully you like some of them? I’m going to try to pick a mix of ratings too :)

1. None of Your Business by samzillastomps
Explicit. Hux owns a bookshop and Kylo owns the magic store next door, they work together for a book release party, slow burn and pining and feelings!

2. Family Values by SpookMouse
Explicit. Hux brings Kylo home as his fake date for Thanksgiving. It was Phasma’s idea. They end up falling in love and it’s glorious

3. hold on when you get love by kitseybarbours
Teen and Up. College AU, they keep meeting and Kylo keeps asking Hux out until he agrees for one date so that Kylo leaves him alone. Leia is wonderful, Kylo is pining, Hux is confused. 

4. Parchment and Vellum by Gefionne
Explicit, WIP. Hux is a rare books librarian and Kylo is working on his thesis. Love in the library, Phasma ships it, they’re so into each other. 

5. stet by acroamatica
Mature. Kylo is a novelist (like Steven King) and Hux is his new editor. He hates him at first but they start to work really well together and Kylo wants to impress Hux, Hux takes care of him, domestic bits, Kylo’s book should be a real thing
Also, downbeat by acroamatica is amazing as well. Explicit classical music AU :D

6. Orange Juice by frapandfurious 
General. School trip AU, Hux explores the city with Ben so he won’t be alone, Ben’s happy someone wants to actually spend time with him
Also frapandfurious writes a TON of cute happy Kylux, both AU and Canonical so check out more of her work too!

7. autonomous sensory meridian response by starsshinedarkly77
Teen and Up. Coffeeshop AU, Kylo has terrible anxiety and Hux is a strict manager. But Kylo finds Hux’s ASMR videos and sees a completely different side of him. A side that he really likes. And he’s afraid he’ll never see. But he admits it and Hux shows his softer side. 
Also all of stars’ writing has beautiful descriptions that are deep and hopeful so also check out 
the light between the lines
we’re gonna rattle this ghost town
this sudden burst of sunlight (and me with my umbrella)
where the hedgerows slowly wind
and there now, steady love

8. Weatherworn by goober
Mature. One of my partners from the KBB! Kylo is locked outside his apartment in a blizzard and has to stay with a reluctant Hux. They get snowed in. Feelings happen!

9. The Emotional Wreck of the First Order Academy and the School Prince by KurlozandGamzeeFuckingMakara
Not Rated. Also a partner for the KBB! High School AU. Hate to love all in detention

10. Receipt in the Bag by misaya
Teen and up, incomplete. Kylo lives with and takes care of his little cousin Rey. He meets Hux at the grocery store. Featuring a sneaky Poe trying to set them up. 

11. You’re a Regular Byron  by TintangelCastle
Not Rated. Kylo is a poet, it’s wonderful

12. Echo in Between by blakesparkles and MargaretKire
Explicit. University AU. Kylo and Hux share a wall and learn to gain comfort and love from each other

13. Swords and Slippers by thecrakedkatana 
Mature. Sickfic, comfort, falling in love. Kylo does martial arts and Hux does ballet. It’s just so good, nonny, go read it<3

I have tons more I’m blanking on at the moment, more photography/art/etc AU’s especially 
But here’s a start!

lol lol also if you want to read my fic Matches and Flames it’s going to have a happy ending. Soulmate AU~


Henry Pether (fl.1828-65, England)

Henry Pether was an English painter of landscapes, mainly cities under moonlight. He was probably the son of Sebastian Pether, or perhaps Abraham Pether (Sebastian’s father) - both also artists. His birth date and biography are not known, but he exhibited at the Royal Academy from 1828 to 1862, the British Institution and Suffolk Street.

Pether was known for his beautiful moonlight scenes along the Thames (a popular genre of the time most famously exemplified by the works of Atkinson Grimshaw) however he also painted other English views and scenes of Venice too.

Aroace Ron who figured pursuing Hermione made sense because she was the girl he was closest to and he didn’t realize Harry was an option

Ron sees his peers hooking up all around. Even Harry, who has a nearly one-minded pursuit of Voldemort, has shown interest in Ginny. Even Hermione showed an interested in Krum. Ron figures everyone feels the way he does, and they’re just doing what they’re supposed to do. So Ron hops on the bandwagon. He already knows Hermione, and he’s best friends with her. His parents are always talking about how they are best friends and about how you should marry your best friend. So Ron does what just seems logical. He pursues Hermione.

It’s not until after they date for a few years that Charlie casually slips into a conversation with him that not dating is also a valid option that Ron even considers that he’s not really all that into dating Hermione. His friendship with her has suffered, and he’s never gotten into kissing or hand holding or candlelight dinners or anything else he and Hermione try in their dating relationship that they never did in their friendship.

Ron owls Charlie a few times to talk more about not having to date. Finally, Ron has the conversation with Hermione. He loves her, but he definitely does not love dating her. Hermione makes a noise that’s somewhere between a laugh and a choke and a sigh, and just sits down, shaking her head and murmuring to herself. Finally, she looks up. She looks tired and resigned - but there’s something else. She also looks relieved, and there’s a definite warmth in her expression towards him.

“You’re an aromantic asexual, aren’t you? Or at least a-spec?”

Ron doesn’t understand the words. The confused pieces of his life click into place when Hermione explains them.

“Yeah. Yeah, I think that’s me,” he says, more to himself than to Hermione.

Hermione hugs him. “I love you, Ronald,” she whispers, voice muffled by her hair.

Ron smiles. “Love you, too, ‘Mione,” he says. For the first time in a long time, he doesn’t feel like he’s reciting a lie.

~Hufflepuff Mod

anonymous asked:

Woohoo! Mystic Messenger! Can I please have a scenario where 707 is going out on a date with his s/o?

(MC P.O.V)

I sink down into the couch with a sigh of relief. I just replied to the last email regarding the upcoming party and my fingers ache from typing so much. I suddenly hear my phone ring. My heart flutters when I see that it’s Seven.

“Hello?” I greet him.

“Hey! I’m really glad you picked up. I was wondering if you wanted to go to dinner with me tonight. We could go to the new burger place by your house.” Seven suggested. 

“Yeah, that sounds great!” I replied.

“Awesome! I’ll be over in ten minutes to pick you up.” Seven told me before hanging up.

I get up and quickly get ready. I’m glad Seven’s the kind of guy to pick fast food over fancy restaurants. Fancy restaurants are way overpriced and you have to make an effort to look nice when you go there. With fast food, you can look like you just rolled out of bed and indulge in greasy goodness.

Seven texts me that he’s here and I walk out the door, locking it behind me. I hurry and climb into his car. As soon as I’m in Seven greets me with a kiss on my cheek. I blush at his unexpected display of affection.

“You ready to go?” He asks me.

I nod and we drive away. Before I knew it, we were at the restaurant. “I’ll have a cheeseburger with lettuce, pickles, tomato, mustard and ketchup with fries and a Dr. Pepper. She’ll have a hamburger with pickles and ketchup with fries and a coke.” Seven told the cashier. 

It warms my heart to know that he’s memorized my order. We grab our food and sit down in a booth. “How was your day?” I asked Seven.

“I was mostly trapped in work all day, but now that I get to see you, it’s a whole lot better. How was yours?” He replied. A blush crept onto my cheeks from his sweet words.

“I’ve been answering emails all day for the party. It’s coming up so soon and I don’t think I’ll do a very good job. I’ve never done anything like this before. What if I fail?” I told him sadly.

“Don’t worry. I know you’re going to do great. The party will be a huge success.  I know what will cheer you up. Want me to call Yoosung and play a joke on him?” Seven suggested. 

Seven’s jokes always make me laugh no matter what mood I’m in. “That actually would cheer me up, but don’t over do it with Yoosung.” I told Seven.

“Okay, fine.” He replied. He pulled out his phone and dialed Yoosung’s number, putting the phone on speaker.

After a few rings Yoosung answered. “Hello?”

“Hey! It’s Seven. I’m bored at work and I’m watching your house. There’s some shady looking men headed straight for your apartment.” Seven said.

“What? Really? Are you sure?” Yoosung asked.

“Yeah. You better hide before they find you in there.” Seven replied. I stifled a laugh. Poor Yoosung.

“Is under my bed a good hiding spot?” Yoosung asked, panicked. 

“Yes. Hurry! They’re about to come to your door!” Seven said.

“Oh no! I’m gonna die!” Yoosung exclaimed.

“I’m just kidding. There’s no shady guys by your house. Y/N needed some cheering up and I though this would do just the trick.” Seven confessed.

“Seriously, Seven? That wasn’t funny, but Y/N you’re in on it too?” Yoosung pouted.

“Sorry, Yoosung, I’ll tell Seven to go easier on you next time.” I joked. 

“Well, I better get back to playing Lolol. I’ll talk to you guys later.” Yoosung said.

“Bye, Yoosung.” We said before hanging up.

We decided it was time to leave. We threw away our trash and walked to his car. I let out a big yawn. “Awww someone’s tired. You can stay at my place tonight if you want.” Seven offered.

I nodded my head in agreement before I felt myself doze off. I felt a large pair of arms lift me up. I opened my eyes slightly and saw that Seven was carrying me into his apartment. He put me down in his bed and walked over to his dresser, grabbing one of his t-shirts. 

He undressed me and slid his t-shirt over my body. He turned his lamp off and climbed into bed next to me, cuddling me. “Sweet dreams, Y/N.” I heard him say before falling into a deep sleep.

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How would daddy Sirius react when his daughter would start dating someone?

“Nope, no, absolutely not.”

He would BE SO OVERPROTECTIVE AND UGH. He would ease up because his wife threatened to hex his ass if he didn’t but he would insist on meeting the guy and would promise him that if he hurt his little girl, he and her two uncles would make sure it was the last thing he ever did.
PFLP salutes the victory of Comrade Bilal Kayed

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine announced the suspension of the hunger strike of Comrade Bilal Kayed after reaching an agreement to set the end date of his detention without renewal, end his isolation and allow him family visits.

The Front states that this is a victory for Comrade Bilal and his comrades and the prisoners’ movement and a significant achievement for the Palestinian people and a defeat for the Zionist jailer, and the failure of their attempts to suppress Comrade Bilal and subject him to indefinite detention.

The Front urges the masses of the Palestinian people inside and outside Palestine to take to the streets and squares to celebrate this victory and achievement, including in Gaza City in the Square of the Unknown Soldier on Thursday at 11 am, and in Ramallah at the Clock Tower on Thursday at 11 am to 1 pm.


Adam Hilarie (27) met Hailey Rose Bustos (18) in the dating site PlentyofFish and they hit it off. On their first date, he took her bowling and introduced her to his roommate. On the second, he was murdered.

Unfortunately, Adam, who was a single father of a 5 year old girl, was the victim of a setup. On his second date with Hailey, on August 19th, 2016, she was supposed to meet him at his house. And she did, but showed up with three other men who attacked Adam. Even though he didn’t put any resistance, according to the police report, they still shot him in the head in his kitchen, killing him. Then they stole things from the house Hailey had noticed on her first visit. By the way, for her “assistance” in this crime, she was paid the staggering amount of $50.

The four suspects, that aside from Hailey include Andre Warner (26), Gary Gray (31), and Joshua Ellington (26) are now under custody.

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Hi! Are you dating anyone? :)

no, but that’s okay because i’m really enjoying myself for the first time in a long while.  i’ve had so many almost relationships with boys, girls, & others recently that it’s been kind of disenchanting.  i really miss the beardy boy i love, so so much.  i don’t ever think the pain of that will stop; just soften.  but yeah, i’m single, what of it? ;)