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Langst Post?? But like, one day allura just snaps at him to stop flirting and start training and he just goes on and listens but then she says something that makes him absolutely bREAK? I'm a nice person I swear


Sorry this took so long to write, I was thinking of ways to write it so Allura wasn’t being abusive towards Lance. 

I sorta wrote it based off how Allura was acting in the second episode in season 1 (Some Assembly Required) 

It had been a hard day for everyone, for some reason nobody was on top of their games and Allura wasn’t letting anyone forget it. 

Every time someone wanted a break Allura would tell them “One more go! Then a break.” 

Yet no matter how hard they worked or completed a task to the best of their ability, it was never enough for Allura. 

She was always watching them and would scold them if they took a break, no matter how small of a break it was. 

“Man this is just like when we attempted to form Voltron for the first time.” Hunk rolled his shoulders and slumped against the wall in the training deck. 

“The princess is just stressed, after all we don’t know when the Galra will strike again.” Shiro started to pass out water pouches to his team. 

“I understand she’s stressed but how well does she expect us to fight if we’re exhausted from all this training?” Pidge questioned as they gratefully accepted the water from their leader. 

“Who knows.” Keith sat down next to Lance who was chugging water like his life depended on it. 

Everyone sighed and sat down. They were all exhausted and sore, they had been training since early in the morning. They stopped briefly to grab lunch but the heard Allura’s heavy stomps and quickly returned to the training room. 

They were only sitting for a minute or two before Allura walked into the deck. 

“What are you all doing? Do you expect to take down the Galra sitting around? You need to train.” She quickly approached the sitting paladins and crossed her arms. 

Shiro pulled himself up and stood in front of the Princess. “Princess, with all do respect, we’ve been training all day. We need to rest or else we won’t get better. We can’t rush these skills or improvements. Look we understand that you are stressed, we all are, but please understand we can only do so much before we break.” 

Allura was silent for almost a minute and everyone thought that she was going to let them rest for the day but that wasn’t the case. 

“Paladins, this isn’t the time. Everyone on this team needs to change something about themselves and that change needs to happen now! Keith, you need to work on welding your blade. It is very important that you master that as soon as you can.” Allura stared at Keith as she spoke, her voice slicing right through him. She then turned her attention to the yellow paladin, who was still slumped against the wall. 

“Hunk, you need to work on your ‘attachment’ that you have for certain things. I understand that you may want to complete one mission at a time but you can’t focus on one thing and rush the others.” 

Hunk nodded as he thought back to the mission with the Balmera and how he rushed the team when they stopped to help out Rolo and his team because he wanted to get to Shay. 

Allura seemed to take Hunk’s nod as an answer and move her attention towards  Pidge. “Pidge, you need to take care of yourself better. I know you want to find your family but you need to sleep more and eat proper meals. You’ll start to drag the team down if you don’t.” 

Pidge reluctantly nodded and mumbled “Yes princess”, they couldn’t find anything to say against her. It was true after all. 

Allura turned towards Shiro and seemed to search for the words that she needed to say. “Shiro, you know better than all of us what the Galra can do if someone gets captured. I know that you want to make sure that no one has to go through that.” 

Shiro gave Allura a stiff nod and glared at the floor. He knew it was true but he couldn’t bring himself to say anything back. 

“Lance, you have to focus a bit more. I understand that this is all new to you but when you are on a mission to a new planet you need to focus on the mission. You can’t be focusing on flirting with the natives or taking ‘selfies’ as you call them.” 

Lance swallowed and nodded from where he was sitting. He didn’t feel that bad since Allura had just dragged all of the but still he felt off. 

Allura looked at all of her paladins and sighed, they all seemed gloomy and she immediately felt guilt form in her stomach. “I’m sorry paladins, I know that you are all tired, but I don’t want your planet to face the same fate mine faced.” 

Lance frozen as soon as those words left her mouth and felt panic form deep in his chest. He listened to Allura talk to Shiro about a strategy but he soon found her voice muffled. He couldn’t hear her and his thoughts started to become louder than usual. 

I’m never going to see my family again? Or hug my mom again? What if I never see Earth again? What if Earth is already gone? What if we were too late? What if it’s just because I spent time flirting instead of training? 

Lance didn’t even realize when his breath started to pick up or that people were calling his name asking if he was okay. Lance only snapped out of it when Pidge shook his shoulder. 

“Lance! Are you alright?” Lance stared at Pidge wide eyed and immediately started to cry. 

“Whoa Lance? Are you hurt?? What’s wrong?” Hunk was immediately kneeling by Lance pulling his hands away from his eyes. 

“What if Earth is already gone? What if we are too late? What if I never see my family again? Or any of our families?” Lance buried his head into Hunk’s shoulder and Hunk held his friend tight. 

The entire team stared at Lance and let what he said sink in. The didn’t know if Earth was even still there, they had been to focus on other solar systems. 

The entire room was silent except for the small noises that Lance was producing. 

After a few long moments Allura cleared her throat and kneeled down next to Lance, placing her hand on Lance’s back. “Lance, listen to me, Earth is still there. The Galra haven’t even come near to your solar system. Coran and I have  been monitoring them, Earth is still there and we will stop Zarkon before he even thinks about going to Earth. Please don’t cry.” 

Lance slowly pulled himself away from Hunk and looked at the princess. He wiped his eyes “Are you positive that Earth is still there?” 

Allura nodded and smiled at the Blue paladin. 

Lance smiled and looked around at his team. “Sorry about that, I think the stress is getting to me.” He wiped his eyes again.

Everyone in the room looked at their friend and all kneeled down next to him joining him in a group hug. Allura hugged all of the paladins, “Training is done for the day, I think we all need to relax.” 

I hope you like it!!! 

Langst wasn’t that strong in this one but that’s okay! 

I really hope I wrote Allura okay! I focus on the characters “flaws” I guess. 

Thank you!!!!!

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Mukuro's s/o trying to propose to him?


It wasn’t as if you didn’t love him, but you couldn’t help but distance yourself a little from Mukuro as you tried to figure out how to propose to him. Honestly, you wouldn’t have had to do this if he would be the one doing it but the damn man was taking too long! It’s been five long years since he asked you to be his significant other, his “partner through the seven hells”, but you’ve been expecting him to propose since last year.

You knew that distancing yourself might have a negative impact on your relationship, but you figured that the end justified the means, you know? And if the end results in finally getting married, well then damn, all of it would have been worth it.

No, it wasn’t worth it.

Because now, here you both are, arguing over a little misunderstanding. It takes a lot to make your lover jealous, Mukuro usually kept that part of him under wraps in fear of scaring you off. However, you pulled away too much and now he thinks you’re leaving him.

Well shit.

Time to do some damage control.

“Babe, listen, please,” you pleaded as you tried to meet his mismatched eyes. He refused to look at you and looked at a fixed point beyond you instead. There was a hard look in his eyes, a look that made many men shiver in fear. It was a look that you knew only appeared when he was truly upset. “I love you, do you hear me? I. Love. You. No one else even comes close.”

Mukuro scoffed before turning away. “I’m sure you do. Next you’re going to tell me that Tsunayoshi has sworn off his women.” He was hurt, but refused to show it. He always wanted to look strong in front of you but the hurt was something a lot more personal, a lot deeper. “Save it, I have a mission to leave for in the morning.”

You internally screamed out of frustration. This stubborn man! Why can’t he see how ridiculous this was. Why, out of all the times, why is it now that he decides to question your loyalty? Running a hand down your face, you groaned out, “For god’s sake, Rokudo Mukuro, will you stop being a five year old and listen to me already? I am trying to save our relationship.”

“Save?” he snapped back, spinning around on his heel. He stormed towards you, each step causing you to back away until you hit the wall behind you. The illusionist caged you in his arms, looming over you with a sneer. He leaned in close, eyes boring into yours. “You’re the one destroying it, not me.”

Holy shit is this bastard lucky you love him enough to ignore this. You grew angry, the frustration of trying to figure out how to propose finally building up and became too much. “Alright, fine. You want to know why I’ve been pulling away?” you screamed in his face.

Shocked at your voice, Mukuro pulled back from you before a bored look ruled his face once more. “Sure, why not?” he drawled lazily. Oh, but you knew better.

You’ve talked with the other guardians about your frustrations. You’ve had Chrome calm you down from panicking over your proposal. You took Ken’s laughter and Chikusa’s neutrality in stride. You even kicked M.M.’s ass just to assert yourself in Mukuro’s life.

How dare this walking tall pineapple act like he doesn’t care?!


Mukuro blanched at your confession, genuinely surprised at your reason. But you couldn’t stop now, the water works beginning as your emotions overflowed. “NOW LOOK, YOU FLOPPY PANCAKE, YOU’VE RUINED IT ALL.”

You broke into full sobs, gripping your hair in your hands tightly as you looked down. Refusing to look at him. All that planning gone to waste. And all because you wanted it to be a surprise.

Bracing yourself for whatever backlash you were going to receive from him, you weren’t really expecting him to bring you into his arms for a fierce hug. He kissed the top of your head before burrowing his face into your hair.

“Kufufu, what a horrible fiancee I am to have made you cry like this.” Mukuro tightened his hug, almost crushing you in his arms. “I truly am sorry, my dear. Of course I’ll marry you.”

Main issues I am having writing Wolf 359 fic:

1) Writing Eiffel is hard because my bank of pop culture references is just not in very good shape

2) Fic ideas are coming to me almost entirely as dialogue. Given the canon, this feels more natural than writing much description beyond who’s speaking, but it doesn’t seem optimal for text-based-mediums! (I expect I’ll grow out of this one with practice though)


Things I want to be doing:

  • Either the Dirk Gently + Taylor Swift’s 1989 lyrics post or the Dirk Gently + Hamilton lyrics post because they’ve both been floating around my drafts for like a month

Things I should be doing:

  • Editing my postgraduate thesis because I left work early for this exact purpose

Things I am currently doing:

  • Eating shredded parmesan cheese from the bag
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why is sstards always salty with the fact that sarada wears glasses and keep arguing "sarada should've been better without her glasses!!!!111 she's an uchiha after all!! it's weird to see an uchiha with glasses!!" :/ as a big sarada fan and anti-ss I do feel offended.

Because wearing glasses means bad eyesight, which means flaw in person which clearly can’t be associate with Uchiha (and by extension their queen) Or it’s the fact that Karin wears glasses (who’s public enemy number one with them) and the fact that bad eyesight is genetic, and neither Sasuke or Sakura (or anyone in either family as far as we know) needs glasses, it infers to Karin being Sarada’s bio mom and that means that their ship didn’t do the do and as we all know, sex is the only thing that matters to them (since they like bragging about it all the time)

Sarada’s great with or without glasses and I adore her to pieces. She deserves better ‘fans’, especially if they’re shitting on her for needing glasses when that in no way makes her weak or inferior to anyone else.