Idk if anyone was wondering but this is my pokedex so far, Im close to getting some of them evo wise but this week is such a hamper being in the middle of no where and your friends wont respond to coming to hang out :’D

Cross Headcanons Questions!

It’s been a while since I’ve made this thing. Idk, these are… More like ‘questions I’d like to know about your Cross’ because honestly, there are so many Crosses outthere and i lOVE HCs (?)

1. It’s been established in the game that Cross is amnesiac. How did he/she remember their name, then? Or did they not remember it at all?

2. Speaking of which, how DID your Cross got onto the White Whale? Pure military training, or… Through connections?

3. What’s your Cross’ most LOATHED enemy? Not feared, but hated with all their being.

4. Were given the chance, would your Cross quit BLADE, after all that’s happened throughout the story?

5. There are many life-or-death decisions Cross is forced to make throughout the game. Like it or not, they’re bound to have let SOME people die because of their decision. How did they react to that? Did it make them break down? Or Did it do nothing to them at all?

6. What’s your Cross’ favorite color and food? Why do they like it?

7. Try to explain your Cross’ relationship to some (or all?!) of their friends/comrades in one word.

Feel free to answer some or all of these! :>

Brett & Zeph

What was Brett doing? Seventeen years old and sat at a bar, already slightly tipsy and spending his mother’s money. He put it down to the fact that he knew he’d hurt Kenzie, and that was never something he intended to do, as well as his mother continuing to bring back that 20 year old co-worker to their house, not caring that Brett could hear everything that was going on. He was just about to order his drink, when a male caught his eye - one that he had not seen before. And he certainly had a face to remember. “Excuse me.” Brett said, turning to face the blonde. “Can I buy you a drink?”


After the report, you felt as if everything inside of you just drained away. Every ounce of ability, strength, and anything else that would make you super…Gone. The feeling, left you empty, left you hopeless. Why, why did the report have this much effect on you? Was it because you felt like this could happen to you as well? Or was there something much deeper then it might seem like at first?

The more you stare at this report, the more hopeless it all seemed. Until, something echoed in your mind…A faint voice, a voice you felt like you have heard plenty of times before yet couldn’t quite place your finger on who it belonged to it. Yet it was there, a strange calm in this moment of weakness…A calm you fully accepted. Once more the voice echoed in your mind.

“Thou must stop the fog, but thou cannot do it alone. Stop the fog…Before it consumes thou world.”

and to you;

i know you are still struggling to know what’s wrong; why is this happening. i know you have a lot of questions right now. you feel like no one can understand you. and no one can feel your pain. and you are alone.

i’m telling you, stop quitting. keep fighting for your life. for your only life. you are not alone. all of us have been through this stage, where pain is in our blood flowing through our veins making us miserable.

this is a stage. a phase. pain is inevitable. you’ll have to know how to deal with it and not let it drag you down. you are the master, the ruler! not the pain, not them. you;

we’re cheering for you, luv;

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what no way! i didn't say genocide why would i do that i am a monster as well why would i cause genocide upon my own race? heh... heh... and i am taking notes so i can learn about other timelines yours is quite intresting... and weak i mean and strong! heh heh like i said other me no need to worry just let me take notes i won't cause any harm ha... ha

* Hmmm… I do not trust you completely. I’ll have to keep an eye socket out for any anomalies.

* //…


Affordable gray/black/brown decor for Karkat Vantas: anon request

cast iron crab hook - cancer zodiac crab decal - cancer moon pillar candle

magnetic poetry obscenities - cancer loose incense

geometric planter - muhammad ali quote poster - macrame wall hanging

dark red clouds print - crab claws print

Hey!! For this request I drew on a lot of my own interpretation of Karkat, so I hope some of it matches up with your kinself! Finding affordable decor to match yr request was a challenge, but hopefully you’ll like it! I’m also including a couple bonus items that didn’t quite fit with your request or were a bit out of your price range but that I thought you might like.

Bonus items:

brown fleece throw blanket - aztec throw blanket - vintage romantic movie poster - spacescape wall calendar - small marimo aquarium kit

-mod maxiel

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you met jaime kennedy??@!

lmfao yeah like two years ago at a con. i went to his panel (that consisted of like 50 other people tops) and i asked him if he was gonna write another book ever and he seemed shocked that i had read his book??? but when i told him that i used excerpts from his book in theater competitions and won with them, he freaked out hardcore. and when he would take other questions, he’d answer it really quickly and then come back to me and ask me fucking questions about my life and about me wanting to make movies like it was my goddamn panel or something???? then when the panel ended, he rushed off the stage and pushed through the crowd to talk to me, and gave me tons of pointers on breaking into making movies (like “quit your job, you’re better than that”).

and we walked together for like ten minutes secretly making fun of the dude in front of us because he had ashy elbows.

then he made me take a selfie with him and post to instagram so he could like it. def one of the best days of my life

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I love reading your one shots they are amazing and I read other people's one shots and they don't exactly get the characters personalities quite right but with yours I feel like I can actually see the characters in my mind, keep doing them cuz they are amazing and I love reading them.😂🏆

This means so so so so so so so so so so so so so SO much to me!!! I really try to keep the characters true to form so it means a lot that you notice that!! 

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I just wanted to drop by and tell you that "Slow burn" from the Faking it series is my favorite fan fic ever. I've been reading fics from different authors for almost 8 years and nothing quite compares to your amazing work. ❤️ -Gen

Wow, that is such an amazing compliment! Thank you so much! XOXO

Although being a foot hygienist for Girls’ Generation doesn’t sound appealing for a job, there are quite a few perks that come with it. Tiffany in particular likes to use your service quite frequently, and always comes with a pair of sweaty feet to lick clean. The best part is getting paid for doing what you love.

No hiding I

Characters/relationships: Charles Xavier, Mutant!Reader, Raven Darkholme, Moira MacTagert

Genres: Child abuse, problematic family, murder, friendship

Summary: Reader is a mutant who meets Charles and Raven in the pub she’s working at.

Disclaimer: All characters are at least 21 y/o unless stated otherwise.

Word count: 4192

Want to request a fic? Check the rules here!

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When aphobes try to make it seem like their aphobia is okay by saying “cishets made me suffer trauma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” all I can think is “Okay that is truly awful that you had to suffer but aces aren’t cishet so tf have they got to do with it?”