Lucifer “Candy Morningstar” Reaction Post

As promised, with one week to go …here’s our non-spoilery gif/tags reaction post to next Monday’s Lucifer episode.

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emrys-knight  asked:

You are a beautiful human being. ☺️ You should know that you perfect and kind person and I love you. 😁

You know, following your blog was the best decision I ever made.  I remember it quite clearly, actually.  I was terrified over the prospect of sharing my love of whump with other people, and forget about actually interacting with them!  And then here you come, all sunshine and roses, introducing yourself and thanking me for the follow.  You were the first person I ever interacted with on Tumblr and you have been a dear friend to me ever since.  Seriously, your support and encouragement and friendship have meant the world to me and you are the irreplaceable backbone of this community.  I love you too.  You and your blogs and your gifs and our late night chats about nothing in particular. :)