What I really like about the “do it for her” meme, especially when it’s edited to “him” or “them”, is this

the original context was Homer Simpson taping pictures of his daughter Maggie over a sign that says “don’t forget, you’re here forever” so that it says “do it for her”

So whenever someone edits it to say “him” all I can think of is “don’t forget, you’re hime forever” and I never stop laughing at that

orca-mod  asked:

Peach@Rufio: Hey there, big guy! Soooo, I heard there was sheeps around here? Zappy sheeps that you protect or somethin'? They sound cute! Can I meet them? [soft gasp] Are there any girls?

???: I’m sorry, dear. You’ll have to excuse them, they get easily excited seeing ‘mon like yourself around these parts.

Fausta: You can call me Fausta, and those three are Homer, Virgil, and Ovid. As for your interest in the lasses, I can’t say there are currently any in the Mareep flock at the moment. Hopefully I’m enough girl for you, though! Hahaha~.

[ You’ve unlocked Fausta, Homer, Virgil, and Ovid! ]
[ All are available for asks. ]