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What was the thing where the boys were doing all kinds of athletic events? With a lot of other idols or celebrities? Do you know where to watch it with English subs? Thank you, your blog is so helpful.

It’s Idol Star Athletics Championships, These are the links with ENG SUBS:

A little bonus:

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Honestly I think what really gives Rogue One so much gravitas is the sense of what could have been. It’s watching these broken, scared, wounded people become extraordinary, both individually and as a whole, only to be snuffed out in rapid succession right at the culmination of all the positive character development that’s been building throughout the film. It’s looking at them in their pre-mortem moments of triumph and knowing exactly how incredible they could have become, if only they had lived. It’s wondering what next great story there could have been for them if they had made it out of this one, but also knowing that the ending wrapped the tale up so neatly and elegantly that nothing else could have compared or felt as satisfying.
Dear+&Chéri+編集部 on Twitter
“【🌟明後日発売☆Chéri+9月号🌟】 見本誌できました〜!!😆🎉 7/29(土)発売のシェリプラス9月号は、独立新創刊&隔月刊化一周年記念号🎊✨ 表紙&巻頭カラー&ふろくCDをキヅナツキ先生『ギヴン』がジャックです💕”

Shinshokan revealed This month Cheri+. It will be released on the 29th of July.

if you really think about it … all wlw ships are Connected …… all of them … somehow

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Do you still make NH fanfics? I really miss your writing.

I have quite a number of wips in my drafts, but it’s been difficult finding inspiration and motivation to finish them. I am still working on them just- very, very…. very slowly. I’m sorry I haven’t written anything for them in a while! You’re always welcome to send me a prompt! Otherwise, I highly recommend checking out @utsus for your NH fic fix! In the meantime, here’s a piece from spy au I was writing so long ago! (Unedited, so sorry for any mistakes!) 

The hallway is quiet, almost unnaturally so. The plush carpet soaks up any sound her heels and his shoes would’ve made and the loudest presence on the floor are the ostentatious wall sconces that brilliantly light the simple, but expensively furnished hallway of the hotel. The silence and the stillness are both a blessing and a curse.

Naruto gently taps Hinata’s shoulder and when she looks back at him, he hand signals whether or not she can see anyone coming. She closes her eyes, refocuses, and when she opens them again, the lenses that Tenten designed specially for her activates. She scans the hallways and peers around the corner but the only heat source she can see is Naruto at her back, though she doesn’t need to see him to feel his presence. He’s close enough that his front almost touches her bare upper back, the crisp folds of his suit gently ghosting over her skin.

She signals back. Coast is clear. And then she leads on, her eyes guiding them to their target: Room 511. She hates being in the open like this, even if the carpet and the walls render them both noiseless. It amplifies the sound of the hammering of her heart and the beats of her breath- but she knows that is adrenaline heightening her senses and sending her blood rushing. She focuses herself, clearing her mind until cool and sharp rationale grounds her again.

Naruto lifts a hand, brushes his palm against her bare shoulder, and squeezes gently in support before letting go. The brief connection comforts them both, when they’re so close to their goal, when they cannot afford to make a mistake now.

She freezes and he knows she’s seen someone. 

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Soft Ana, warm Ana, little ball of petals…

Bb boi got me through a crazy-ass mission earlier with only his wits and a Rakta Cernos. He needs a spa day.

(Why tea but no mouth, you say? (And a foot hoof soak when he’s always floating…) Well, uh… Volya’s probably just throwing “comforting” things at the wall hoping they’ll stick, yelling “I’m HELPING! ;A;” It’s… a nice gesture.)

“Come on Jon, I’m sure you can spare a moment for your cousin, unless you are afraid I will beat you this time”

More Restless AU snippets that keep happening on my doodles. With Jon raised by Lyanna, he has indeed had a happier childhood; which included fighting wildlings and pirates in Bear Island, But now back at Winterfell, he puts to good use his skill training the garrison with Ser Rodrick Cassel, yet still hoping Lyanna allows him to join her on her rangings. It has been a while since Robb has been able to beat him despiste his own training, but it doesn’t mean he’s giving up.

Also Robb is kinda stretching (man I should really put better thought on my poses)

Okay so while I’m still trying to figure out exactly what Hair I wanna give my version of Robb, I finally tried to draw my version of Jon! Kit is basically perfect we are so blessed, but I did wanted to give my Jon a bit of a longer face to show dat Stark Look.

Fun fact! Did you guys know that Robb on GoT used the same outfit for like the 3 seasons he was in? Under his Stark armor he wore the same leather jerkin/gambeson.

Maybe next, Jon putting Robb flat on his ass ;D

…guys i kinda just put suffer fox on there as a joke

i’m a little concerned by how he’s far and away the most popular choice 

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Canon Fushimi and another character (Yata, Munakata, Hidaka, etc) get transported to another dimension... where the only different is that Fushimi and that other character are dating. How would they react? :D

Fushimi would probably act like it’s a stupid alternate universe regardless of who the person is, but at the same time he totally can’t look at his partner and part of him is pondering the what if. Actually I can see Fushimi maybe wondering about it a bit, particularly if this happens pre-ROK, just because of all his self esteem issues I think he’d be a bit confused by the fact that there is a world out there where he’s loved so much and he just wants to reject it because he can’t entirely believe that it would ever happen to him. His partner, it would probably depend: Yata I imagine getting really embarrassed over it, if it’s post-ROK he’s probably blushing and trying to act like hey isn’t this weird me and you dating huh but really he can’t stop that little surge of hope, that hey there’s a universe where not only are me and Saruhiko together but we’re together and he wonders again if he should tell Fushimi his feelings. He’d probably be watching Fushimi’s reaction closely, when Fushimi clicks his tongue and says the whole thing is stupid Yata somewhat reluctantly agrees, thinking it’s just as well he never told Saruhiko how he feels but he just can’t stop that pang of jealousy in his chest seeing his alternate universe self so happy with alternate universe Fushimi.

Hidaka and Munakata I think would be a bit more straightforward about their attention. Munakata I can imagine smiling brilliantly and noting bow interesting it is, that he and Fushimi-kun appear to be dating in this universe isn’t that fascinating what do you think Fushimi-kun. Fushimi clicks his tongue and acts like it’s stupid but Munakata just keeps smiling, knowing that Fushimi is actually affected by seeing himself so loved by another human being, and of course Munakata continues to dote on Fushimi in the same manner as always. Hidaka I could just see with this big dopey grin on his face the entire time as he watches his AU self and AU Fushimi being all close and romantic together, like this means he has a chance now and he can’t stop smiling even when Fushimi glares at him and asks what’s so interesting. Hidaka’s all ‘nothing, Fushimi-san’ but he’s actually pretty excited and takes this as a good sign, that somewhere he’s finally managed to win Fushimi-san over and now he is doubly determined to get on Fushimi’s good side.

It’s really weird to think that almost three years ago I started this blog with absolute no intention of finishing it or thinking that someone would read the first part of the pilot. Now here I am, after 397 parts, over a million words and countless hours later of writing this stupid story, with many moments of wanting to quit this blog–I’ve reached my 99th mother fucking episode

I know for some it’s probably not that big of a deal, or it’s a little creepy that I’ve spent so much time dedicated to rewriting a show, but for me, it’s a complete stress reliever. And it’s been so much fun making a character that a lot of you seem to love. I’m being cheesy here, but I just wanted to just post this. We’re nearing the end of season five, and much as I said before in the past, I’m not stopping this story anytime soon. ❤