Not too much plot in this one mostly set-up and time passing

Finding Closure (Part 1)

Summary: AU. Reader left behind a hometown full of misery to make a new home in Brooklyn. A death in the family forces her to briefly return to the place that has haunted her dreams and memories for three years. Will she finally be able to move on, or will a figure from the past change everything?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,837

Warnings: angst, language, more angst, mention of alcoholism, mention of death, mention of funeral, mentions of neglect, mentions of estranged family members, heartache, sadness, mentions of sad childhood

A/N: This is the first part of my submission for the talented and wonderful @tatortot2701 ‘s AU writing challenge. (Tay, please disregard until it’s completed!) Y'all wanted angst, well…I took a fluffy prompt and darkened it. I tried not to but this story wouldn’t leave me alone. I’m not sure how many parts it will have.

My prompt was 28 .“____ is not a real word.” “Yes it is!”

Part:  1 - 2 -

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anonymous asked:

Sorry i dont know if you're taking requests or whatever, but i havent seen any virgin phan smut where both of them are virgins, and i have a kind of plot thing but not really, Phil sneaking to dans house in the middle of the night and knocking on dans window. Then they go up on the roof and have sweet, cute sex under the stars I dont know why i need this so badly but i do

i love this

starry lights & touch-me-nights 

“Psst! Dan!”

Dan sat up quickly, his eyes shooting open. 


He turned toward the window in the dark, focusing on the soft navy light emitting from the glass. His eyes slowly focused on the outline, the outline of a boy. The boy knocked three times, and Dan visibly jumped. 

He stood up quickly, stumbling on his own feet to get to the window, throwing it open.

Phil’s eyes twinkled, and he flashed him a crooked grin that made Dan’s heart melt. “Hi.” 

“What the hell are you doing?” Dan laughed, shaking his head; astonished. His boyfriend was known to do some crazy things, but sneaking into his bedroom in the middle of the night? That was a new one. 

Phil shrugged. 

“I missed you.”

Dan rolled his eyes. “I saw you less than twenty four hours ago.” 

Phil shrugged again, biting his lip. “Can I come in?” 

Dan sighed, nodding and grabbing his hand, tugging him through the window. Phil stumbled, leaning on Dan for balance. He still had that dumb-ass grin on his face; he looked so happy it was contagious. Dan giggled, sitting down on his bed and pulling Phil down next to him. 

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p3/p5 family au info thing

first and foremost, i’d just like to reiterate that this is an au so i can do whatever i want with it, don’t go militant on me for having fun pls thanks 

alright so i woke up with like 409386093 asks about the parents dying [niijima parents’ death isn’t a spoiler but there are p3p spoilers in here so watch out :0….]  and i suppose this is needed shdfjfgkhfjal i’m laughing so hard- so the range of questions i got are “YOU’RE GOING TO KILL THEM OFF?” “THEY’RE GOING TO DIE” “THIS MEANS THEY’RE DEAD” and

OKAY SO, i originally made this au so i can have them both alive and happy so, it doesn’t really follow p5verse that much. i didn’t really think too deep about this au to ponder about how they’ll die because i just really wanted to have an akiham family to play with LOL (i like to call this branch “please save me from p3p depression”)

however, after some development with friends, it got a little bit more angsty and this is where it starts to follow p5verse more. so back to the original p5 plot: yes, both parents will die like how p5 has told. (i call this branch “Depression Setting In” GKSGLSKG:AL;)

so basically:

  • first branch = lighthearted; “No Angst Allowed, Good Time Only”
  • second branch = angsty, bittersweet; “lms if u love eating shit and dying”

i like both branches tho so i will most likely draw for both sometimes! mostly just the first branch tho bc i wanna run away from depression pls so i apologize in advance if i ever confuse you all with that HAHA so you can interpret my drawings with whichever branch you prefer: if you love being in post-p3p/p5 canon denial bliss or eating shit and dying, it’s up to you my dude

for the second branch, to answer the questions:
1) “how will hamuko die?”

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Room Mates and Double Dates - chapter 1

I started this (and abandoned it) last autumn. Resurrecting it now in the vain hope I can resolve the plot hole I worked myself into!

For info, May looks like Lupita Nyong’o, because oh god she’s beautiful!

Being roommates with Bucky had its ups and downs. On the upside, he’d been your best friend for ten years now; he made great coffee; he was understanding of hangovers; he was (relatively) house-trained. On the downside, you were in love with him, and it was your job to help him ease his one-night-stands out of the door in the mornings because he never wanted to be the bad guy.

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Writing Romantic Subplots

Anonymous asked: “I have a problem with the romance subplot. How can I make the characters act like they are in love, not just saying that they are in love?”

Romantic subplots can be the most difficult thing to pull off, or the only easy thing that seems to come together naturally. I know readers can be highly critical of some romantic subplots (rightfully so, sometimes). Most often, when I see there’s an issue, it’s because the reader hasn’t gotten to see any kind of development in this relationship. There isn’t necessarily an expressed fondness, or in some cases a reason to be so fond of someone that they can say they’re in love. Or the last thing is that not enough time has passed to believe that these characters could have made that jump that fast.  

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of ribbons & rosin ( cs au )

Plot: Killian is a single father, and his daughter is enrolled in Emma’s dance class. He has nobody to watch his daughter after class, and he’s often late, so Emma usually sits and talks to the girl until she is collected from the dance school. 

Summary: Based on this prompt I found in the depths of tumblr; “I’m a single parent and my child takes your dance class and thanks so much for always staying after class to watch him/her when my boss is an ass and keeps me past my off hours and holy cow you’re pretty/handsome and really sweet/kind and wow I should be late more often so we can talk. Say how do you feel about private lessons? For my kid- yea, yea, for my kid

Captain Swan AU, Rating TBD, —-

read it on a03

The class had finished almost an hour ago, yet little Daisy Jones was still sitting in the locker room, with her teacher, Miss Emma. She was quite the adorable little thing; petite yet slender, with these enormous, crystalline blue eyes to rival a porcelain doll. From what Emma gathered about the girl in passing conversations, much like the one they were currently engaged in, was that she only had a father -her mother had passed when she was very young, she didn’t remember her all that much- and, she was an only child. Emma had since helped the girl pack away her belongings; shoes, spare tights, hair grips, and helped her to pull on her sweatpants and outdoor shoes, ready for her father to collect her.

“You know, he’s probably just late again.” Daisy shrugged, playing on her iPad as she glanced across to her teacher, who was curiously peering out of the window to the street below, looking for any plausible passing visage of the girl’s father.

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Anyone ready for some wild SPN season 12 speculation?

OK DISCLAIMER: this is just my opinion and I know nothing more than anyone else OK and I’m more than happy to be proved wrong or have lots and lots of opinions on this, please do, its just fun and I wanted to write down my thoughts as I flailed about this a lot today, lets be honest :)

Foreshadowing points through the season and Speculation under the cut.

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Circumstance (Part 2)

Rowaelin daughter x Feysand son 

Here’s Part 2! Thank you all so much for the positive feedback already. Keep it coming!

Tagging a few people who have been helping me: @readinggiraffe @rhysand-and-rowan @autumn03 @destiny14444 (If you want to be tagged in future parts, let me know!)

Part 1 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Cadewyn is amazed by the beauty of Terrasen. The towering mountains, crystal clear lakes, and enormous, flourishing pine trees that surround the capital city of Orynth is completely breathtaking. As he follows the Captain of the Guard, Aedion, around the palace grounds, he is struck by how different it is from the Night Court.

In Velaris, his parents do not own a large castle, or a huge plot of land. There is Aunt Elain’s garden, but Cade is sure she would love to see the one in Terrasen thrice the size of her own. Only in the last few years has Cade been able to venture down to the Court of Nightmares, and the difference between the two capitals is practically palpable.

Terrasen is fresh, new, and clean, with smiles passed between everyone and a calm atmosphere. The palace, which Cade has learned was built only in the last couple decades, is pristine, though old fashioned, and though it is enormous, has an incredibly homey feel to it. Hewn City is dark, extravagant, and the tension that is constantly floating in the air gives him a headache whenever he visits. The architecture is old and, though it is kept very clean, feels dirty.  

Quickly, and without much effort, Cade finds himself at ease in the company of the captain as they stroll along the edge of the forest and make polite conversation. Aedion only looks a few years older than Cade, but the boy knows better. The captain may not have pointed ears or elongated teeth, but Cade can recognize the smell of fae blood in him.

They have been walking a few minutes in silence, just admiring their surroundings, when Cade finally works up the courage to ask. “So, how old are you?” He wonders, trying to be nonchalant about it so as not to seem rude.

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What a Tease Part 4

Original gifs have unknown source but I added the filters to them. The second one is of Joe Cole from his role in skins. I felt like purple fit the vibes of this fic.

John Shelby x Reader

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 5 

Prompt: John takes you back to his house.

~warnings: swearing and lots of smut oops not oops~

A/N: This was the first time I have ever written smut so tell me if I took it too far please. I tried to make it as cute as possible and avoided using any harsh words for body parts. Also, yes this is a pretty long fic so, sorry it took so long. I had a hard time getting the hang of this smut writing stuff. There will be a part five to this and that will probably be it but who knows. At this point I am just going with the flow. The next thing I post will either be the Part 2 to Breathe, You’re Safe or the part 5 to this. If you have a preference let me know! Send me feedback on this please!!

Darkness enveloped you both, as you walked huddled close to his body. The streets were mostly still with an occasional shady character walking by every few minutes or so. The hum of factories sounded in the background muddled by distance.

You normally would’ve been scared to make this walk but John’s confident stride gave you comfort. He rambled on and on about his kids and family and what he was hoping to do with all the money from the business. He still had a youthful optimism to him but there was still something dark that hung over him and seemed to heavy his heart.

“…I’ll be set. Nothin’ to worry about, just acres of land and a nice big house. Lots of fuckin’ land for the kids to run around in, time for me to be able to take care of them properly, a little piece of Heaven. White picket fence and the whole lot.” You couldn’t help but linger on his every word, wanting so badly to know everything about him. You giggled slightly at his perfect idealized world.

“What?” He questioned while responding to your laughter with some of his own, pulling away from your body slightly so he could look down at your face.

“It’s nothing.” You say still letting out tiny giggles and then leaving a few seconds of silence. “I just… I didn’t imagine big bad John Shelby dreaming of a future with green hills, flowers, sunshine and rainbows.” You say in a slightly joking manner hitting your hip into his body playfully nudging him.

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What the Nightrunner books are and why they're just the best
  • A seven-book fantasy novel series by Lynn Flewelling: Luck in the Shadows, Stalking Darkness, Traitor’s Moon, Shadows Return, The White Road, Casket of Souls, and Shards of Time, the finale set for release on 4/1/14.
  • Set in the medieval-ish European-ish land of Skala, ruled over by a line of badass warrior queens.
  • Protagonist One: Seregil, a man from a race of long-living people who was exiled from his own land as a child and now lives as a nobleman in Skala’s capital city, thanks to a distant blood tie to the royal family.
  • He moonlights as a thief-for-hire and a spy in the Watcher’s Guild, a clandestine organization sanctioned by the queen to secretly protect Skala in ways the police and military can’t.
  • Protagonist Two: Alec, an orphaned teenager trying to get by with little more than his archery skills when he takes up with this mysterious but charming stranger who promises to show him magic and adventure and lands beyond the village he grew up in, as long as he can pick up some of the tricks of Seregil’s trade along the way.
  • Together they forge a relationship so powerful that an oracle makes a prophecy about them becoming lovers and they evolve into a cat-burgling power couple fiercely devoted to each other, their country, and their network of friends:

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BNHA: Summer Stars, 13/13

Summary: It’s been judged safe to send the students of UA home to their families for the first three weeks of summer, much to the relief of everyone whose name isn’t Todoroki Shouto. Luckily, Midoriya has a solution for him, and Midoriya Inko has a lot of love to give.


“This is going to cause a lot of trouble, isn’t it.”

It wasn’t a question, and Shouto clearly didn’t mean it as one. He said it like it was a foregone conclusion, like he had no hope of being anything but a burden, and Izuku could feel his every instinct crying out in protest. He sounded so tired, so resigned.

“Of course it is,” Aizawa said bluntly. Izuku saw his mother open her mouth to rebuke him, but he continued before she had the chance. “It’s an awful mess, but regardless, it’s one that must be dealt with. That will be dealt with.” His eyes flashed red, briefly. “The problem is that your concerns about the public are valid.”

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Nudge Theory

Characters: CastielXReader, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester

Word Count: 1465 (Act IV)

A/N: A five act mini-series. The reader and Castiel must work together to solve the curious case of the missing Winchesters. Fluff, smut, and a plot for kicks. Whatever happened to Sam and Dean Winchester anyway? Act IV is conveyed from the brothers’ perspective – their whereabouts and mischievous plotting revealed as the tables are unexpectedly turned. Action-packed fluff-filled conclusion coming your way next week!

Previous chapters:   Act I,  Act II, Act III


Nudge [verb] –

·       “Coax or gently encourage someone to do something.”

“Y/N sounded pissed,” Dean snickered, tone not at all apologetic for the wild goose chase he and Sam sent you running on for the last couple of days. Driving up to the motel you and the angel were staying in, he set the Impala’s parking brake and smoothly released the clutch.

“Yeah, well Cas didn’t sound too pleased either,” Sam pointed out, groping blindly for his bag in the backseat, “you of all people know he hates being dicked around with. Well-meaning intentions aside, that’s exactly what happened here.”

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Fanfiction Recommendations

Most, if not all, are SyaoSaku, some are family/friendship. 

(Beginnings (K+) [One-Shot].Thinking about the way they met has Syaoran worrying over the memory. Sakura finds a way to lift him out of the mood.

Butterfly Kisses  (K) (A bit AU) [One-Shot]Syaoran hates Valentine’s Day. Unless he’s bleeding heavily and stuck in a gym with Kinomoto Sakura, in which case the day doesn’t seem too bad … 

Can They Really be In Love  (T)(AU) [One-shot].The town never believed that these two were together, questioning their motives with every possible explanation. But in reality, it was truly that simple. 

Family Photos (K) [One-Shot]. Syaoran and Sakura are staying in Hong Kong for the winter holidays, and Syaoran’s sisters are determined to embarrass Syaoran one way or the other during their stay!

Gonna Have a Baby (K) [One-Shot].The most harrowing nine months of Syaoran’s life. Sakura Syaoran goopfic. 

Hanami (K) [One-shot]. It has been one week since Syaoran’s returned from Hong Kong, after completing his formalities. After being together, officially, for a year and a half, it is finally time for their first date! S&S 

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For the Greater Good

Fandom: Supernatural

Character Ship: Sam Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 1649

Summary: A town is slowly dying off and the only way to save it would be for an innocent to take their life. After finding out that you fit the criteria you go behind the Winchester boys’ back and decide to end the curse.

Warnings: Graphic Self Harm (not due to mental health), angst galore.

Author’s note: Mama(me) got all emotional while writing this so.. get tissues and stuff…

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It’s Joy Time for Bruno Mars

WE’RE JUST CAVEMEN, hitting on rocks,” says Bruno Mars. “It’s no different—you’re a caveman and you got a rock in front of you, you hit it with a stick to get everybody dancing. This is our time to forget about everything, it’s joy time. So who’s the best at hitting that rock? Who’s going to make the village dance the hardest?” 

At a casual glance, you might not know that Mars is one of our superstar cavemen. Pulling up to an upscale Italian restaurant on an anonymous street in L.A.’s San Fernando Valley, alone in a relatively modest Cadillac, he parks in back by the dumpsters to slip in quietly. In contrast to the flashy outfits he wears onstage, he’s dressed in a simple collarless bomber jacket, a white Gucci logo T-shirt and camouflage pants. A small crucifix on a thin chain hangs around his neck. 

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Angst, fluff

Slight language warning

To say you were pissed would be an understatement.

 To say you wanted to strangle Min Yoongi would also be an understatement.

Because you had opened your locker only to find your things messed up and a sticky note which said Min Yoongi had paid you back for tripping him the other time.

 And your locker had happened to have your nice notebook, with your random thoughts from the past year scrawled in it, with its cover now covered in syrup.

You were ready to murder someone.

Min Yoongi and you had been at it for about a few years now, and you were positive if there was no such thing as law and order existing, he wouldn’t even have had that few years on him.

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You’re my mission

Request: For the King George fic could you do something where the readers a spy for Washington sent to distract the king, but she ends up falling in love? Thanks again!

Pairing: King George iii x reader

Warnings: spying, angst, kissing and some suggestive stuff (it’s pg16 guys)

Word count: 1,667

A/N: My first time writing this character… Groffsauce is my muse ofc. Also I have no idea how the palace worked in the 1770s so just pretend it’s Downton Abbey. 

askbox || masterlist

You hurried down the corridor to set the fires before the royals awoke. Other maids bustled past you, lighting lamps and setting the table for breakfast. Most of them spared you a nod when they brushed past you before going on with their tasks.

As you passed the third footman, he slipped you a piece of paper. You nodded your thanks and moved on towards the breakfast room.

Once you had set the fire, you unfurled the note. It was written in a cipher around the key code “Washington”. You worked quickly, pretending to clean the grate, and decoded it.

M received word of mission in NY. Find out more. - W

You threw the piece of paper into the fire and stayed until it had burned completely. Then you got up and set off for the next room. Mulligan- for that was M- had uncovered a secret mission for some of the King’s men and you, ideally placed in the King’s castle, had to find out what.

Washington had sent you over after the war began, securing you a spot as a maid. In the few months since, you had worked quietly and efficiently, returning whatever intelligence you could. Now, though the work was hard, you got to set the fire in the King’s office and in his bedchambers.

As you crept into the King’s chambers, you had resolved to try and speak to him. You could, of course, just look around his office, but there was no guarantee that he had any of the papers that would tell you what you wanted to know.

You were purposefully a little loud unloading your tools and fiddling with the fireplace. You heard him roll over behind you and held your breath as you got up.

His eyes were open and the moment they met yours you returned to the servant role you were acting. “I’m s-so sorry, your majesty,” you stammered, lowering your gaze, “I did not mean to wake you.”

You watched him get up, stretching and blinking in the light of the curtains that some other maid had opened. “I expect better next time,” he said, sauntering over to you.

Fighting the urge to look up, you nodded. “Of course, sir.”

A moment later, you felt his fingers on your chin, forcing you to lift your gaze. You found yourself staring into curious blue eyes and reflexively looked away. He tutted and you reluctantly looked back.

You swallowed, suddenly scared. This was the man with the power and the desire to see your country reduced to a nation of taxpayers. “Who are you?” he asked, smirking.

“Y/N, your majesty” you curtsied.

“A pleasure to meet you,” he said. He let go of you and you took a hasty step back. “I expect I’ll be seeing a lot of you, Y/N.”

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The Maiden And The Giant

TITLE: The Maiden And The Giant


AUTHOR: MaliceManaged

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine falling through a portal into Jötunheim and running into a stranger named Loki, who decides to provide shelter out of the need for company, that eventually turns into love.


NOTES/WARNINGS: Every time I think I know what I’m doing; Plot just smirks at me…


    It was a bit odd for Kat, travelling via the Bifrost again, though this time at least Frigga had cast a spell to protect her eyes from the brightness. The cold of Jötunheim was bracing to say the least, and she was more than a little grateful to Helblindi for having found and sent her enchanted medID necklace shortly after Loki’s appointment as ambassador. Speaking of whom; he was waiting for her on the platform that had been built to receive the Bifrost’s travellers, his expression brightening upon seeing her despite the circumstances that brought her. Kat grinned widely and made her way over to him quickly.

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Dangan Ronpa Stage Play

A/N inspired by @holy-shit-dangan-ronpa ’s post and this post

*sigh* if only this was true… Hope you enjoy my deny deny denial.

Dangan Stage Play - what if dr1 was all just a play?

“Upupu… if you want to graduate so badly then you have to kill for it!”

And so the curtains arose to this story of hope versus despair.

Welcome to the VIP access of the behind the scenes of Class 78th’s reknowned performance entitled Dangan Ronpa! (*DISCLAIMER: No characters were actually harmed in the making of this stage play.)

“Oh, but you already know. Sayaka Maizono was killed by one of you!” Enoshima spoke through the microphone with all the dramatic flair she could muster.

Behind the stage was Maizono who was changing her bloodstained clothes. (*NOTE: The blood is pepto-bismol pink because Naegi had accidentally spilled some during one practice and it just kind of stuck.)

“Activating summoning spell. Save me, Spears of Gungnir!” Monokuma yelled and just like that, the form of “Enoshima” was grotesquely stabbed right before the audience. After the scene change, Ikusaba quickly joined Maizono in preparing the setup for the next scene. There’s no rest for the “dead” because there’s also a lot of work going on behind the curtains.

In case you were wondering how they decided on the play and on the roles, here’s what happened while they were brainstorming.

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anonymous asked:

Ohhh can I ask what do you like about kiibo? He's one of my faves but I don't see many people talk about him

I absolutely would love the chance to talk about Kiibo again! The biggest piece of meta I got to write on him was quite a long time ago, and it really is a shame that people don’t talk about him as much. It’s not as if he’s unpopular, exactly, but it seems like most people are only interested in the “cute robot” aspect rather than the things Kiibo actually represents in the game and the things he accomplishes in Chapter 6.

Obviously I’ll be discussing Chapters 5 and 6 pretty in-depth, so there’ll be massive spoilers for the whole game. Please only read if you’re comfortable with that!

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