Not to be self absorbed but you know what I mean


Like you don’t know! I recognized the Tsukaimon that was with you. Tell me! Who do you two work for, and why are you after me?!

We… Wait, come again?

I said. Who do you-

No no. [chuckles]
Sorry, mutt. I didn’t take you as the self-absorbed type.

… What.

Do you really think it’s you I’m after? That’s. Funny.

I… Are you… Not???

Heheh. Who wants to know?

It doesn’t matter! You still attacked me and all my friends and-


Nah???? Are you saying you didn’t attack us?

Well I attacked one. The rest was self defense.


Does it??? REALLY matter??????

I mean, I think knowing the difference between assault and self defense is pretty important.

But you still attacked someone! That’s what’s important here!!!

Hm, I don’t know, mon, I’m feeling pretty attacked right now myself. Is that important too? Maybe you’re assaulting me.

I…? You…???
UGH! Enough! Stop talking me in circles, and tell me who you work for! Why are you after… Someone in my immediate friend group?!

… Hmph.

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How did you develop your writing into the way it is now? How do you know how or when to develop a character or what parts of the plot to incorporate where?

How did you develop your writing into the way it is now?

Oh boy!!! You asked me about myself and I’m self absorbed!!!! so have a longass answer

I read a lot. When I was a kid, I would read and I would write until my stuff sort of looked like the published stuff. Since it was published, that was obviously the way all writing should be, right? I’d try to imitate it. So that was a good seven years of me just honing my blade until it looked like what I thought writing should look like. 

Then I started telling my own stories and thinking, “Why do I have to use that word because everyone else uses it? Maybe I want to use a different word. Even if that’s not what the word means, that’s what I’m feeling, so maybe readers will feel it too.” 

Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes there are just words that can’t be changed.

A lot of my early inspiration was also anime so whenever I write, I do feel like I’m writing an anime sometimes :\ You know those wild-ass plots JRPGS have? I feel like that explains a lot about me, as a person.

How do you know how or when to develop a character or what parts of the plot to incorporate where?

Most stories follow the same narrative arcs. There’s a beginning, some people, then things happen. At the end it resolves with a new status quo being set, or things return to the way they were before.

More important than that I’d say is that a story needs to make sense. Even if it only makes sense within the fantastical world you created. 

Like if in RWBY, someone died on a stone slab and became a colorful impish godling you’d be like “What??? what the fuck??? where the fuck did that come from?”

but in Homestuck it’s a well-established fact, so you’re more like “oh he went god-tier” because you know the laws of that universe and they’ve been foreshadowed and then hammered in.

So once you have established the laws of the universe, keep them consistent. If anything BREAKS those laws, it needs to be a big deal and you can’t gloss over it. If everyone in your fantasy world is born with one power only, and then your protagonist or antagonist shows up and has TWO powers, that needs to be central. 

Like the Spellsong Cycle. 

The main character of the first three books of the series is Anna Marshall, a middle-aged music instructor and small-time opera singer who is magically transported from Ames, Iowa to Erde, a fantastical world where songs have a magical power, and where she has the capability to become one of the most powerful sorceresses in the world

ISN’T THAT COOL?!!!! See, you’re breaking the law of the universe once for this fantastical event to happen, and then you document the fallout!!! UHHH AMAZING!!!

So think: how do your characters interact and function within the laws of the universe? What are their deep-set beliefs? What would they die for? Do you want those beliefs challenged, or reinforced? How does the world punish or reward them? 

You might want to work from the ending backwards. How do they reach the end? What brought them there?

A lot of it is intuitive for me because I’ve been writing nonstop for over a decade. I couldn’t begin to cover everything there is because there’s still so much for me to learn

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Does having a 12th house saturn make you fear going insane? Like, whenever Im alone that fear usually hits me hard. Im still trying to figure out the base of it, does itprobably stem from a fear of losing control? Or maybe an inability to trust one's self and mind? Is that how saturn in the 12th operates? I wonder still what's the meaning behind it all.

The 12th house saturn defends to absorb all of the fears of people in it’s in environment around it.  Even if you lack the conscious awareness someone having a bad day physically around you can drain your energy and ruin your day.  There is a personal guilt complex hidden deep in the subconscious where you feel guilty for everything.  It’s not to uncommon for Saturn in 12 to harbor complex psychological conditions where it’s hard to pinpoint someone’s fear. 

One manifestation I have noticed regularly from people I know is they take on the father’s fears and limitations.  Often he may of taught his fears and restrictions so deep into the psyche of the person as a child they feel subconscious guilt and restrictions in their own life.  If his presence was lacking and the relationship with the dominant parent was “missing” then often saturn places it’s guilt inward thinking they were not worth the parent’s time.  It’s debatable on a case per case basis how that plays out.  It may also indicate the father suffers some kind of mental illness ( which could of set the background for passing the fears down)

- Note, In Placidus I have Saturn in 12.  My father always talked about his fears of poverty, never having enough and not being worth anyone’s time because he wasn’t rich enough.  He has Saturn retrograde in the 2nd.  He passed those values down to me which halted my first 30 years of development.  After the Saturn return those karmic fears washed away out of mind and out of my subconscious.  Saturn afterwards transits your 1st house and that’s when your real life “begins at 30.″


 Like… why? What’s the point of this? To let the world know that a bunch of millionares in their ivory towers “will survive”? “Survive” what, exactly? I mean, I have my own problems, living where I do (not the US, somewhere more… “exotic”). Lots of other folks have the same ones, if not more, but nah, it’s the celebs who really have it rough… 

 Just when you thought Hollywood couldn’t possibly get more self-absorbed…


I hadn’t meant to pry. It’s just that Nico and Will were taking too long — how long could collecting wood for a fire take, really? I was cold (the sun god being cold; absurd, I know).

So I went looking, and found them.

I wish I hadn’t.

“—fourteen years of your life wondering how your dad is. Being told he’s great.” Will was telling his friend; they were sitting with their backs to me, leaning on a tree. His voice broke on the last word. “Only to find he is a self-absorbed idiot who couldn’t care less—”

“Shhh.” Nico interrupted, moving in order to hug his friend, one hand caressing my son’s hair. “It’s going to be fine, you’ll see. You don’t need him anyway.”

And see, that hurt me. What did they mean they didn’t need me? I was one of the most powerful gods, for crying out loud!

So I turned and walked back to my tent. They didn’t notice my presence.

The son of Hades woke me up that night. Rather rudely, I must say. He was scowling more than usual.

“You’ll get wrinkles too early if you—”

“Look at me, Apollo. I don’t care!” He spat. His hands were closed in fists and he was shaking. “What is wrong with you? What is your problem? Seriously, why can’t you see how amazing your children are and appreciate it instead of being too captivated by your own stupid reflection?”

I blinked at him, keeping my expression neutral. I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of demonstrating any distress.

“I have already heard that, di Angelo.” I said in a cold tone that made his expression change, hesitant.

“You heard.” It wasn’t a question. I nodded once.

“Then you already know you’re a terrible parent.” I snorted.

“How can you say that? I am the god of music, truth, prophecy, healing. I’m the one who makes the sun rise every day. You should appreciate me. I’m awesome.”

Di Angelo’s left eye twitched.

“That makes you a skilled god. Powerful. I understand that. But, look, as a parent, the abilities that matter are of appreciating your child. Listening to them. I know you gods are different and don’t have time for that, but, making an appearance once in a while would be great. Check if they are okay.” He snorted. “Honestly, it’s the least you could do after all you put us through.”

I didn’t know what he was talking about. Being a hero, serving the gods themselves, had to be the greatest honor imaginable for a demigod. But I was tired (being a human sucked), and didn’t want to argue with such an unreasonable kid. 

Di Angelo was frowning. Then he shook his head and sighed again. “Just… think about it. And come to me if you’re interested in how to be a better father.” He murmured and left my tent without a look back.

“Hmpf.” I snorted and lied down again, trying to rest. But it didn’t come easily, even with my exhaustion. I had to do my best to block di Angelo’s words (he couldn’t possibly be right) in order to enter a dreamless sleep.

Do you guys ever think how excited and hopeful the Apollo children will be ‘cause, WOW, their dad is right there (human and 16, which is awkward af, but okay). They’ll get to know him! He’ll get to know them! And then they slowly realize that, even being close and receiving their help, Apollo doesn’t care about anyone but himself. I mean, can you imagine how disappointed they’ll be? ‘Cause I think about that a lot.

I seriously object to the idea that wanting to be beautiful/wearing make up/struggling with self image/caring what people think of your appearance makes you a bad feminist. 

Being a feminist does not mean: “I am entirely unaffected by the patriarchal society we live in!” 

It means: “I am aware of the patriarchal society we live in, have grown up in it and have absorbed a lot of its toxic ideas about gender and women, but I want to change it!

It can also mean: “Now I am aware of certain aspects of this patriarchal society, I am in a super difficult and confusing position because I do not quite know how many of my choices are actually choices and how many are a response to conditioning and subtle yet constant societal pressures. I am trying to strike a difficult balance in forging my own identity and being confident in myself regardless of what I look like without denying myself things I enjoy like pretty clothes and make up tutorials because feminism should be about choice right? and I don’t want to feel forced to stop enjoying those things. That is the opposite of what I signed up for. But also I don’t want to reinforce the idea that women need to look attractive in order to be confident/valued and would love to be that woman that can be totally at ease with no make up whatsoever 24/7, but at the same time having grown up in a patriarchal society I do not personally feel 100% confident in dispensing with my beauty regime altogether, and I’m not sure if I even want to do that because it’s fun… am I a BAD feminist???” 

We are all on a journey. There is no such thing as a perfect feminist. So long as you aren’t harming anyone then you make the choices you feel are right and healthy for you. Unlearning this stuff is hard and may well take forever. Feel no guilt over the way you want to present yourself. 

You can be a feminist who likes to wear make up and wants to be beautiful. They stuck us in this mess, it’s up to us how we hold onto ourselves while we fight on through it. 

emberkyrlee replied to your post “emberkyrlee  Really fucking tired of being ghosted…”

I know how hard that can be. And then feeling like crap because you feel like being paranoid its personal means you’re full of yourself (which isn’t true, being scared of rejection is understandable, but narcissistic self-projecting abusers tend to make us think we’re self absorbed for such thoughts…Hard habit to kick)


Ugh, that’s it exactly, thank you. It is hard to get over those habits when you’ve had them trained into you for so long. It really helps to hear this from someone outside my head who knows what it’s like to have all that…stuff churning around up there.

It’s exhausting to be honest. Can’t thank you enough for this, fox <3

Book 1 vs. Season 1: Jon Snow’s Skull Pudding

I don’t know about the rest of you, but personally I find AGoT-era Jon Snow to be virtually insufferable. (I like him a lot better later, and I wouldn’t like him so much in book five if I hadn’t disliked him in book one, if anyone knows what I mean.) In book one he’s fourteen and acting it – self-absorbed and shamefully unaware of how comparatively easy his life has been to this point, requiring many an adult to try and shake him out of it. Kudos to the show for capturing it, and for a relatively smooth adjustment given the age-up!

What the show does not do so well with is depicting the occasions where Jon Snow demonstrates that, even at this early stage, there’s a bit more going on in his head than emo and angst. This is an ongoing problem throughout the show’s run thus far, culminating in season five, where Jon Snow is A Hero™ rather than a radical intent not only on bringing wildlings south of the Wall but also on changing the class structure that is devastating the effectiveness of the Night’s Watch and engaging with the world beyond the Wall and its surrounds. 

For all I believe that season one did the best overall job of depicting Jon Snow vis-à-vis his book portrayal, long-running problems start somewhere.

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It’s my birthday today (yay), which means I probably won’t be around much so I’ve prepared this masterlist of BITCHY/SELF-ABSORBED starters as the first of a series I’m thinking of doing. Hopefully these will be helpful for roleplaying characters that you’re not used to roleplaying or just helping you find starters that fit your character’s personality. If you have any suggestions to add then let me know! 

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