Not to be self absorbed but you know what I mean

Book 1 vs. Season 1: Jon Snow’s Skull Pudding

I don’t know about the rest of you, but personally I find AGoT-era Jon Snow to be virtually insufferable. (I like him a lot better later, and I wouldn’t like him so much in book five if I hadn’t disliked him in book one, if anyone knows what I mean.) In book one he’s fourteen and acting it – self-absorbed and shamefully unaware of how comparatively easy his life has been to this point, requiring many an adult to try and shake him out of it. Kudos to the show for capturing it, and for a relatively smooth adjustment given the age-up!

What the show does not do so well with is depicting the occasions where Jon Snow demonstrates that, even at this early stage, there’s a bit more going on in his head than emo and angst. This is an ongoing problem throughout the show’s run thus far, culminating in season five, where Jon Snow is A Hero™ rather than a radical intent not only on bringing wildlings south of the Wall but also on changing the class structure that is devastating the effectiveness of the Night’s Watch and engaging with the world beyond the Wall and its surrounds. 

For all I believe that season one did the best overall job of depicting Jon Snow vis-à-vis his book portrayal, long-running problems start somewhere.

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Holy crap a 14 year old doesn’t know how to use a flip phone??? A six year old thinks a gameboy is a remote control?? HOW UNCULTURED AUGH THE KIDS TODAY ARE SO STUPID HOW DARE THEY NOT KNOW WHAT SOMETHING IS WHEN THEY’VE HAD LITERALLY NO EXPOSURE TO IT.

Yes, hi, Chris Hansen here, have a seat;

Because you were pushed/pulled into the world before someone else does not mean that you are better than them because you are familiar with technology, bands, shows, that were around in your time. You’re an entitled, elitist, self-absorbed pile of horse shit and if I get one more 25 year old talking down to me like I’m a child because I started playing Pokemon with Black and White, I may actually kill another human being.

You need to stop controlling me. I am 22 years old and you don’t even know half the shit I do or am currently doing for myself to make it. I know that I’ve been stubborn on some things but I know what I have to fix and I don’t need you trying to control me. How are you going to give me a curfew and tell me I can’t work at my job past midnight because it’s too late for you? Newsflash. Everyone in my industry has had to work late hours at our shitty jobs that we need to pay the bills. Just because you’ve never had to do that doesn’t mean that other people don’t. I can’t stand that you don’t even know my personal issues that I’ve been going through recently nor will you ever stop to listen to me about them because you’re so self absorbed and busy with work to even notice that I do have issues besides trying to make it out in the real world. One of the most scarring things happened this summer to me and you’ll never know. Ever. And that hurts. I shouldn’t have been raised to be scared of you and I wish that we had a better relationship. But you weren’t a mother that also was my friend. You are just my mother. And it hurts sometimes. You give me so many tools I need but then dangle them over my head and tell me to work harder work harder. I’m not saying I can’t, but you’re pushing the limits and telling me what I’m already in the process of doing/working till. Union cards don’t just magically appear overnight. Atleast not for most people. I’m trying. I’m doing. And it’s never enough for you. And it always seems like it won’t ever be. I understand you want to push me to my best, but you’re pushing me over the edge.

I’m strong, but you’re making it extremely hard to be strong by being controlling.

I’m losing my grasp of my sanity and I don’t know what to do.

Good shitting god, I hate the fucking internet! Where, do you think, are the belligerent, the confirmation-biased, the insensitive assholes, the self-absorbed, the 80,000 venomous sprites caught in ego traps? Where else is it “us vs them” where “them” (and “us”!) can be a whole heap of strawmen or the entire fucking universe? Where else are the smug centrists, the apathetic who have mistaken themselves for realists, the profoundly insecure with acid tongues to match? Do people like anything or just idolize its concept? Is it hatred or zealotry? Where else are these selective depths of mutual-masturbatory inexperience that whirlpool around what you already believe and support? Have they all bothered to know the enemy but blanked on the second half of the aphorism? Has there been such a hive of anger, of poison pens, of misunderstanding, of powerful and devastating words hurled into a nest of tangled electrons like they mean nothing, of the always-right, of those without empathy, of the disconnected, the venerators of the ego, the liars, the bold by daylight, those stuck in their heads, the afraid, the trapped, the doomed, the evil, the dead-ended lives, in our whole crooked fucking history?

I am no Luddite. It is the people that have to answer for all this shit.

I’m human. I mess up.

I hate me when I say I and become selfish, self-absorbed and know-it-all. I hate me when I hurt people. But I can’t help it.

And people may add, although, not dwell on it…

“She claims to be a woman of God but OH MY GOD LOOK AT HER OVER THERE TELLING LIES! WHAT A FRAUD!”

“Doesn’t she know how to shut her mouth?”

“Oh now she shows her legs. Isn’t she like Mama Mary or something?”

“Hey that’s cheating! You’re going to hell Saint Perfect!”

It’s not just me. I mean, I do those stuffs. I tell a lie. I wear shorts outside. I offend other people with my most offesive and corny jokes. I cheat in school. I pretend to be someone I am not. But it’s not just me. Other Christians get persecuted as well.

But it’s okay.

Jesus doesn’t expect us to be perfect. We are weak.

God uses our weakness so we can testify how great his love is for us.

In our weakness, he’s strong.

And all I wait for is the transformation. It takes time but God… He’s gonna do it… In his time.

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As a male I can't sympathize with what happened to you because I don't face that awful behavior regularly. Just know that a lot of people care deeply about you for many more reasons than just your beautiful appearance.

Wow thank you a ton, that means a lot.
But now I realize I sounded super self absorbed in my post, I didn’t mean that like I AM PRETTY but i think everyone got that…I’m not like that lol

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what is your zodiac sign and do you believe in astrology? if so, do you relate to how your zodiac sign is described to be like?

“I’m a Cancer, but I don’t know if I really relate to it or not. I check my horoscope everyday anyways though. I mean, I think it’s kinda hit and miss. I’m not very moody or self-absorbed, I don’t think.

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If only I was a better friend

I can’t help but feel like I could have prevented tonight and every other night if only I was a bettter friend. If only I was more considerate of you and less self absorbed.

I know how you feel about your body and yet I always suggest and accept going to places and eating sugary and fatty foods. I know how you feel about being sedentary all day and yet I force you into layiny around all day and not doing anything. I know how much your grades mean to you and yet I encourage you to miss class. I know how you feel when you arent on top of study and yet I distract you. I am always around and stopping you from achieving what needs to be achieved.

I call myself your best friend and yet all I seem to do is tear you down and break you. I am rubbing off on you in all the wrong ways.

If I didn’t think I meant anything to you I would do what I have an overwhelming desire to do and run away and let you be free. But I have a inkling that my prescence means something to you and you would blame yourself for me leaving. And if I am honest I dont want to do life without my best friend.

Things I'd tell my younger self - 2011/12 era

Maybe you know these meetings with friends you’ve known for a long time-so long that you still wore braces back then- that turn into a trip down memory lane….Opening boxes and looking at pictures and generally discussing long bygone events like anybody besides you two would still remember them. That recently happened to me and with all the “we should have been more….” and a look into my old diaries, I decided to make some points clear to my young and foolish self.

You are NOT in love with him. You have absolutely no idea what love is. I must know, because I probably still don’t have much of a clue about it, but you’re most certainly not in love with this self-absorbed, arrogant, ordinary, stupid, weak, crooked-nosed, mean, absolutely uninteresting boy. So stop fussing around and getting frustrated when you could be so happy about the fact that you’re not together with him, and forced to get near that gruesome person and spend time with his dumb friends.

He wears scarves in all honesty- how naive are you, lovely?

And STOP writing these pathetic song lines about him, ‘cause they’re no good and they’re only making me cringe SO much because I never think about him at all now, and if I do, it’s in complete astonishment (why? WHY?).

Anyways, you just might be a little in lust with this senior guy in the band, but you’ll be fine. I mean, you’re not gonna get any closer to him within the next four years (sadly), and you’ll still loose all your senses whenever you see him and wish you could be happily ever after (badly), but you’ll be fine. There will be someone else, someone you actually know something more about than that “he’s so gorgeous”.

Be mean when you have to. Tell your best friend to tell that psychotic person to screw himself, because really, he doesn’t deserve a single second of her thought and he’s got some serious mental problems - I guess it’s got something to do with self-esteem/sex drive issues and someone has to tell him he needn’t worry so much about his tiny….co mmon sense since nobody would want to know more about it after hearing him talk, anyway. Say that. Don’t be sorry about it. Don’t be polite, because in three years from now, you’ll read those messages and see that he’s been a douche at all times and you’ve been way to nice to him. So be more mean.

And while you’re at it, don’t be so annoyingly kind to that one girl- I know you secretly start to dislike her and hon, it won’t get better, so cut the act and ignore her.

Please don’t part your hair so deeply to the side. And don’t you dare pair that parting with black clothes and pink lipgloss and call it punk-rock chic. It’s hideous and I know you mean well and feel super fashion forward, but it’s embarrassing to this day and makes you look like the awkward teen you never really were. And why would one want to voluntary dress like that?

Don’t feel the need to invite boys to your 15th birthday. Trust me.

Don’t filter. Simply make those fabulous sarcastic remarks you have in mind all the time. They’re seriously funny and the people who are put off or worse, don’t get them are people you don’t need in your life. Don’t think so much - or rather, do think out loud, in front of everyone. It’ll be fun.

I have to get back on that sidepart again. It’s just so wrong. Also, get some heeled boots for winter and wear more skirts, because they look dang good on you. Take Anna Wintours advice and don’t ever put together an all black outfit until you know how to be elegant in it. Oh, and don’t clip your hair up in that little curly wannabe-an-updo. Get a curling iron and use it, for God’s sake. Your split ends won’t get better, no matter what you do, so you might as well put heat on them as much as you need to get nice and soft curls.

I think I’ll stop here, 'cause really, you’re already doing pretty well. Write every day. Play the piano and sing all the time. And dance, always dance.


Rosy Smith