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For Mother’s Day, we hear from a strong-willed grandmother who talks about her life of no regrets.

‘I’m Old Enough To Do What I Like,’ 87-Year-Old Tells Family

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Critical Hit Quotes #3

Hey, how about some more Critical Hit quotes! These ones have been sitting on my computer for a while except for the newest one, which might explain why they’re often from episodes, like, 30 episodes apart. XD


Rodrigo: At this point it’s kind of like talking to a wall. An angry wall that wants to kill you.


(Later, same Encounter)

Randus: Sir, if you want to try to come to some sort of compromise, we’re willing to listen. Otherwise we’re gonna have to—

Rodrigo: He’s chewing on Torq’s kneecap right now.

Randus: Very well.


Matthew: Orem sees everything through the prism of his own awesome.


(After Rodrigo’s latest description of his nasty eldritch moon monster abominations)

Matthew: Remind me never to meet your subconscious in a dark alley.


(Trying to get into a Raven Queen temple under the guise of hiring mourners for a departed friend)

Orem: You sure we can’t go inside and set something up right now?

Mourner: No, we’re not based out of the temple.

Orem: Well who could we go inside and talk to right away?

Mourner: Well if you want mourning, nobody, because we are not based out of the temple.

Brian (OOC Randus): ‘Cause it’s evening?

(Long pause, muffled giggles, and a veeery deep sigh)


(As Matthew decides the skill challenge move for Torq the ¾ orc)

Rodrigo: Torq!

Matthew: Eeekay, what did he just use?

Rodrigo: Diplomacy.

Matthew: Dang, I was gonna use that.

Rob: Really?

Matthew: No. (Brian starts cracking up in background) Where are you FROM?


Matthew: He’s actually wearing bubble wrap armor. It’s a +3 to fun.


Rob: Ket, unlike the rest of the party, is fairly intelligent.

Matthew: Oh, I’m sorry! Next time we’re in battle, we’ll let you THINK the people dead!

(everyone laughing)

Matthew: “I’m going to cast ASPERSIONS ON YOUR MOTHER!”