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Jack: in 3 parts

I thought I’d type up my Jack theory in a nutshell. So here it is, peeps!

By way of introduction to this topic: I have felt from very early on that this baby, more powerful than even Cas can imagine, could be born with the capacity and the power to unite and, more than anything else, to bring balance between Heaven, Hell and Earth.

Recently I had a Eureka! moment with regards to how all of these things fit together, especially the “paradise” that baby Nephi showed Cas, and I thought I’d outline my ideas here, summarising a much longer post that can be read here.

Let’s take a look at the 3 parts that make up Jack’s personality, and my deeper reasons for feeling Jack as a Miracle Worker rather than Destroyer of Worlds would benefit the narrative itself:

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Heaven - represented in the innocence of the Unborn Baby Nephi

  • The baby that rejected the evil of Dagon, who wanted to raise him to bring only suffering to the world
  • The baby that chose Castiel “almost human” Angel of the Lord as it’s Protector
  • The baby that (in my recent theorising) could very well have sent Cas a vision of Paradise on Earth, a place in exact opposition to what Dagon/Lucifer desired, because baby Nephi’s innocence and Heavenly ties informed its own perception of what Paradise should be.
  • Meaning: the baby acted on pure angelic instinct, not knowing anything about the concept of Free Will, or how this version of Paradise would take away the very essence of faith itself: i.e. choosing to believe
  • However, baby Nephi connected with Cas’ humanity - this tells us that the baby is not opposing humanity, merely lacking in education, lacking the guidance that Dean (and, yes, Sam) has represented for Cas
  • And the baby is not opposing guidance, because he showed recognition at Cas’ questioning Kelly on who would be strong enough to keep the baby from evil influences. I would hope that this bodes well for the future

But getting to that future is a different matter…

Hell - represented in Newborn Jack, he of the glow-y daddy Devil eyes.

  • I sincerely hope - and want to believe - that this Newborn Jack will be an echo - if not a proper reflection - of Jesse (the not yet grown antichrist of 5x06 - a Dabb episode), meaning Newborn Jack will not be “evil” but rather volatile, unpredictable and, yes, dangerous, but not irredeemable 
  • Possibly he’s high on power
  • Possibly he’ll reflect Dean’s “Just because you can do what you want, doesn’t mean you get to do whatever you want” speech to Cas in 6x20
  • This is Jack’s darkest side, after all. This is the side that needs to be talked down, the side that - more than any - needs the guidance of TFW, because if this powerful being is ever to learn self-control, and learn it through a real sense of compassion, honesty and love, it has to connect to the third part of Jack

The tools for learning and for connecting were left to Jack by his mother…

Humanity - given to us visually by this mural painted on the nursery wall.

  • We end S12 on a rather ominous image: the mural is in darkness and crouched by it, with that pretty scary smile on his mouth, is Newborn Jack. But I hope (and want) the mural to be visually showing us exactly what is happening in the narrative at this point and what to expect for the start of S13, which is that Newborn Jack is a threat - and what fun would it be if he wasn’t?
  • This visual of the mural in darkness also tells us what we should want for the narrative to strive towards: that mural bathed in light 
  • Because the mural does not represent the “paradise” that baby Nephi showed Cas - it represents Kelly’s HOPE and LOVE and FAITH in her child possessing the ability to “be good for this world”: the mural is a visual representation of Jack’s Humanity
  • Jack’s Humanity needs to be brought to the forefront if he is to find balance within himself, but he can’t possibly find balance while his humanity is in shadow
  • The reason his humanity is in shadow is this: the two parts to this powerful being that we’ve so far experienced - baby Nephi (Heaven) and Newborn Jack (Hell) - have no understanding of Humanity, so far these two parts to Jack only possess the capacity to understand it, and so Jack will need guidance by someone strong enough to raise this miracle worker right
  • Jack finding balance within himself is the key to him restoring the balance between Heaven and Hell, which will lead to balance on Earth and, furthermore, to cosmic balance throughout the universe

Of course, the mere possibility of the number 3 in relation to Jack is what makes my brain crackle, as it’s been so prevalent all of S12, and because of how it’s so tied to TFW, and how Jack - by extension - represents everything TFW needs to go through themselves to finally become a unit that will be unstoppable. 

Once these three men find balance within themselves and let go of all the emotional baggage, all the self-doubt, all the need for control, the codependency, the lack of open communication - once they begin to be completely honest with themselves, then they can begin to completely honest with each other, and once that happens, once we reach that point, there will be rainbows, and sunlight, and the tree of life rooting itself into the Good in Jack. 

Man, would I just rejoice if these musings land at least in the ballpark of where we’re actually heading with this narrative on this amazing, exhilarating, beautiful TV show! I want my freaking rainbows, guys! I want them real bad!


Team Free Will so far on season 12

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