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*Before their first date*

Dean: I’m ready for our date.

Dean: How do I look?

Castiel (cradling Dean’s face in his hands): Dean, you couldn’t look more beautiful than you do right now. 

Charlie: *incoherent screeching*


Claire: Alright, Cas!!

Jack: GO DADS!!!!

Mary: MARRY HIM!!!

Gabriel (clutching his chest): My gaybies!!

Chuck: That was so beautiful

Bobby: God damn soulmates right there. 

Balthazar: I’ve never been more proud in my life.

Lucifer: I hate you both for making me cry.

Castiel: Would the cheering section please just shut the fuck up already?!?!?

Imagine...Overhearing Dean

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Pairing: Dean x reader

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Giving in Is Half the Battle by Halzbarry

Dean likes to think he had it all; a good job, good money, kickass friends, and hell, no shortage of men and women in his bed. He’s an alpha living the dream. The one thing he didn’t have was a mate.
Castiel prides himself on being a pinnacle of the modern omega. He works hard and he sleeps with whoever he wants, society’s rules be damned. He spent a long time telling himself he didn’t need a mate to take care of him nor did he find himself wanting one anyways. Then Dean Winchester happened. Suddenly, being content with just sex is becoming a harder lie to tell himself, especially as Dean makes it clear he wants more.
What started as a simple hook-up after the annual Sandover Christmas party last year has turned into a loosely agreed upon friends with benefits arrangement; Minus the friends part. Dean knows they’re compatible enough to be mates, but Cas just can’t seem to be convinced.

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           And there he was, standing in a shaded light lowering his weapon as he realized who stood before him. He could recognize her from miles away. The woman he had dreamt of every night for endless time. He had never thought he would see her again but there she was—surprise on her face from the sight before her. He sighed in relief as if his heart was about to rip out of his chest and fall right in front of her. It felt like million years before she had run into his arms. He’d held her tight worrying she would disappear right in front of his eyes if he didn’t.

           It had been a long time since he’d seen her but she still looked the same. She still smelled the same as he had remembered her before getting onto the spacecraft and flying into the void space. He had thought about his appearance and how she would’ve perceived him. He knew he looked older now and had grown a beard she wasn’t used to of seeing on him. He wondered if she cared for his appearance after being apart for so long. He feared she didn’t recognize him as the Mon-el she once had said goodbye to. In her mind, it had only been seven months but seven years had passed for him. He didn’t know if she had realized how far he had traveled before ending up on the spaceship he was found on. He didn’t realize how seven months had felt like seven years to her.

A little something I wrote to spark my creativity after tonight’s episode of Supergirl. Let me know if you like it and want to to write a story following it.