(A/N): So, I wrote this shit. Yeah, I know I can do better but I was in a mood for a one-shot that sux. Anyway, I might do part 2 but I’m not sure yet. 

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Summary:  (Y/N) got drunk and said her secrets to the one and only Bucky Barnes - the man she had a crush on.

Warning: humor, alcohol, language

Words: 1700+


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It was rare when the team saw (Y/N) drunk. Most of the time, she would have a wine or two, not risking getting wasted or in any funny mood. This time, it was different.

The best hits of the 80’s were heard in the whole room while the guests were drinking and dancing. It was Tony’s idea to have a themed party. It was for the two White Walkers as he liked to call Steve and Bucky. Of course, he had invited as many people as possible.

Natasha was sitting at the bar with Clint and Bruce, sipping a drink and talking about Clint’s family. All of them wore colorful clothes that perfectly represented the 80’s fashion. The redhead even helped the two soldiers to put on something appropriate.

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Hello~ How're you? 😁 Can I get reactions from the Straw Hat crew reuniting with their SO after the time skip and she's got a scar across her nose (like Iruka from Naruto) from her training? Thank you!

• Luffy instantly runs up and hugs you tight.
• he uses his finger to trace the scar on your face.
• “Y/N you look like more of a badass now!” He’d yell at you.

• Zoro would smiled and hug you happily.
• he’d think your scar is cool. He’d give it a kiss.
• Zoro points out that you both have scars on your faces.

• “YOURE STILL SO BEAUTIFUL Y/N.” he’d cry once he sees you. He’d do a tornado and kiss you.
• he’d be so happy and hug you so much. He’d love your scars.
• he’d kiss your scar.

• she thinks you look sexy and badass.
• she’d also kiss your scar. She’d run up and tackle hug you.
• if it’s sensitive she’d use her fingers to lightly trace it.

• thinks it makes you look hot and hella sexy. She’d walk up and kiss you.
• she kisses your nose all the time but now she kiss your nose al lot more.
• she uses her fingers to trace your scars.

• loves it, he loves the story on how you got it and thinks you must be so much more powerful.
• Usopp wants to hear the story of it.
• kisses your nose but probably pokes you in the eye with his.

• hella badass. He thinks it’s so cool.
• both of you have a nose kissing contest.
• franky thinks it’s cool. He missed you and he’d hug you forever.

• what’s brook gonna do? He’s going to sing a song!
• brook would sing about your training and adventure.
• he thinks it’s cool and sings to you all the time.

#undertale spoilers

ok. ok.

item 1: dogaressa and dogamy have been around for a long time.

  • (evidence: that nose nuzzling contest they bring up in some of their battle dialogue was in 1998 according to the trophy in asgore’s room, and it’s implied that they lost to asgore and toriel.)

item 2: dogaressa and dogamy have seen humans before. they know what humans smell like.

item 3: chara fell in 201X.

hypothesis: the dogi knew chara.

(corollary: a lot of people think that chara loved dogs, which is backed up by some of the flavor text/narration in the dog battles, especially against the lesser dog. chara is, for the record, heavily implied to be the narrator for all routes.)


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I love your writing! Here's a prompt that maybe should be easy to keep short, I hope? Stiles and Isaac strip angrily at each other, like Isaac and Allison did in 3/15. Maybe the Sheriff walks in, maybe he doesn't, maybe they get farther, whatever's cool, but just like... aggressive stripping, please? Thank you!

“So do you get it?” Stiles turned his head to look at Isaac, who was sitting next to him on the bed, surprised to find Isaac’s face so close to his own.  Stiles wouldn’t look away, though, because if Isaac issued a challenge, Stiles would always accept, even if it was a childish staring contest at nose-to-nose range.

Stiles kept staring into those blue irises, waiting for Isaac to turn away, but he never did.  In fact, he seemed to be getting closer.  Stiles raised an eyebrow, but Isaac continued to get close until Stiles finally snorted and pulled his head back.  ”Dude, what - what are you doing?”

Isaac backed up finally, shrugging nonchalantly.  ”Doing?  I’m not doing anything.”

Stiles glared at him.  ”Uh yes, yes you were.  You were… you were trying to kiss me, dude!”  Weirdly enough, he wasn’t as outraged by the idea as he would’ve thought.  

Isaac answered with a snort of his own.  ”Spsh - kiss you?  Please.”

Stiles eyed him incredulously and Isaac snorted.  “Alright, fine.  Maybe I was trying to kiss you.”  He didn’t say anything more and Stiles knew what he was doing - he was challenging him again.

Well two could play at that game.  Stiles jumped up off the bed and faced off with Isaac.  “Are you fucking nuts, dude?  You think I wanna kiss you?  Because that’s just… that’s… nuts…”  It wasn’t, it wasn’t at all.  And he could already tell that Isaac had figured that out.

“Right.  Okay.  Well,” the werewolf stood up next to the bed and eyed Stiles for a moment before suddenly tugging his shirt up over his head.  “I won’t kiss you then.”

“Wha - what’re - what?”  Stiles tried desperately to keep his eyes on Isaac’s face but they kept drifting downward to the beautiful torso.  Fuck, he was totally fucked.  For the first time the challenge was tipped in Isaac’s favor.  “Oh fuck no!”  Stiles ripped his shirt up over his head and gave his distinct ‘yeah, what now?’ face which he was hoping would scare Isaac away, but the other teen was too busy eying him up.  Double fuck!

“Stiles, you need to come get your back… pack-” The sheriff stopped dead, staring at the two teens who were just standing in the middle of the room facing off like a couple of shirtless gunslingers.  “Stiles… could you come downstairs for a minute?”

Isaac’s eyes were as wide as saucers and Stiles was trying to tug his shirt back over his head quickly, giving him an apologetic look before trying to placate his father.  “Dad, it’s not-” Stiles started, but the sheriff cut over him.

“Huh,” the sheriff said, looking back and forth between the two boys.  “I really thought you weren’t gay.”