A little timeline of how Tamako has changed over the past year. I recently welcomed her newest incarnation as a F60 Cygne, almost exactly one year after I “completed” the first version of her. New Tamako is so much more like what I’d envisioned her as, with a sweeter look, rounded eyes, and pouty lips. I’ve also modded her nose to have less pointy tip and a slightly more curved bridge.

Her faceup’s quick and dirty since I used it as a warmup for my other commissions over the weekend but I’m pretty happy with it. I’ll be granting her a full (clothed) photoshoot soon!

She’s also very very excited to visit some of the friends she made last year at Doll North :) I’ll be going as an attendee this year so I can actually hang out! Feel free to message me if you’d like to plan a date at Tim Horton’s!!

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How about Widowmaker mercy and sombra having a day off in the winter and their S/O making a pillow fort?


Amelie loved you - at least, she loved you as much as she was able - but whatever you were doing with all of your pillows and blankets at this moment was beyond her. The sniper watched you bustle happily around in midst of this wintery evening before curiosity got the best of her.

“What is the purpose of this…structure?” she asked. You turned your head with a mischievous grin and waved her closer.

“It’s a pillow fort! Haven’t you ever made one before?” you replied, delicately arranging the pillows around and in front of the couch in the living room. Looking satisfied, you then proceeded to climb through the opening and invited her to join you. “We can snuggle inside, to ward away the cold!”

Amelie didn’t immediately move to join you. “This does not look sound. Why would you go through the effort of constructing this fort when you can simply bundle up, or turn up the thermostat?”

“Cause those options aren’t fun,” you stated, like it was the simplest answer on earth. You enthusiastically gestured her closer and she finally complied, approaching you and slowly crawling inside. “Isn’t this fun? Now we can cuddle and watch television!”

Amelie refrained from telling you that the same thing could be done by sharing a blanket on the couch, giving in to your more childish mannerisms and slinging an arm around you.

“Fun,” she deadpanned. You laughed, kissing her cheek to thank her for indulging you.


“May I open my eyes now?” Angela asked. You giggled and told her to wait just a moment longer, the sound of rustling fabric filling the rec room as you finished whatever it was that you were doing. The medic waited with a patient smile, wondering what on earth required this much setup, and then opened her eyes when you excitedly told her to.

“Ta-da!!” you cried, standing next to an impressively large pillow fort. You’d grabbed some chairs to support the blankets on the sides, using the pillows to cushion the ground, and invited her to step closer. “D'you like it?”

“It’s…” Angela said, resisting a chuckle, “very big. How many other team members let you borrow their blankets and pillows?”

She admired the colorful array of fabric that made up the fort; within the structure she could see Lucio’s froggy throw, Hana’s MLG pillow, Reinhardt’s comforter, and even a spare serape from McCree. You ignored her question in favor of climbing inside and settling down in the cushioned space, patting the spot beside you.

“Figured you could use a break from the med bay. What better way to stave off the wintery chill than by snuggling with your amazing, creative, funny, wonderful partner?”

“So humble, too,” Angela smirked, relenting to your request and climbing inside the fort. It was surprisingly nice, and even better when you circled your arms around her waist and gave her a sweet kiss.


You sat back on your heels with a satisfied sigh, admiring your handiwork. The pillow fort wasn’t the best, given that the Talon base wasn’t particularly well furnished aside from the essentials, but you did what you could.

Mi amor, what’s this?” you heard behind you. Turning, Sombra entered your field of vision, appraising your fort with an unreadable expression.

“Hi, babe,” you grinned meekly, rubbing your arms, “ah, it’s pretty cold in the base, y'know? Reaper doesn’t seem keen on turning up the heat, so I figured I’d build something we could cuddle and chill under for a while; at least before one of the assholes comes by and knocks it down later.”

Sombra stared at you a moment, vibrant purple eyes flickering to your fort, and then she vanished completely. You watched her use her ability with a disappointed sigh, rising to your feet to begin taking the fort back down. You gave it a shot, at least. Maybe she just wasn’t into stuff like this.

Suddenly, she materialized in front of you again, causing you to jump back with a surprised yelp. Her face shifted into amusement, dropping the sudden, huge bundle of blankets and pillows in her arms.

“Your fort’s a little small,” she shrugged, bending over to begin augmenting the structure, “figured we’d spice it up a lil’ more before we hang inside, comprende?”

“Yeah,” you grinned, excited, and helped your girlfriend. “Where’d you get all these from, babe?”

“Ohh, you’ll find out when it’s light’s-out,” the hacker smirked, reaching over to boop your nose.

-mod Viena

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hey do you know where I could get any nose piercing mods? and other body piercings for that matter?

heyo! Sure I know a few and my personal favorites for noses are:

1 // 2 // 3 // 4  ̖́-   

Others: 1 // 2

But if you want other piercings I recommend @sssvitlans  just go over here, and scroll down to ‘Piercings ALL’ and pick a category! ツ

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Nemo is so cute! By the way im new here. Love the blog, mod! And you to, nemo. *boops both of your noses and runs off*

Mod: Nemo doesn’t really like having his face touched.. and neither do I :v