It’s about sustainability, not trolling Trump

A Norwegian official say five Nordic prime ministers who posed for a photo clutching a soccer ball weren’t intending to make fun of a viral image from U.S. President Donald Trump’s trip to Saudi Arabia. It was meant to promote U.N. sustainability goals, which were written on the soccer ball. (Photos: AP)

unfurred-venus  asked:

☾ and ✌️?

favourite word from your language:

There are so many to choose from. I’m going to pick one that relates to your other question now though:


It means magic.

Favourite proverb/saying from your language:

Det kan gå troll i ord.

Literally “trolls can walk in words”. But that doesn’t make any sense now, does it? You see, the word “troll” in Norwegian is both related to the creatures knowns as troll as well as being a root word for magic related stuff. Which brings up what the origin of the word really is, but what little research I’ve done is not conclusive, and they might even come from different sources. Anyway, a more correct translation of that saying would be:

“Be careful what you say, as your words could turn into magic”


This is some work from a class I have this semester called inspirational art for animation. Our assignment is to take an old concept, and then re-design it in our own way. The teacher made us choose between Peter Pan, The little mermaid and Alice in wonderland.

I chose Peter Pan, and my setting is Norwegian/Scandinavian fairy tales. So the pirates are vikings, the lost boys are little trolls, and Peter is some sort of magical trickster creature. Wendy is a girl from the real world pulled in by Peter.

I’m doing a lot of character exploration and will probably post sketches here of it regularly! This will be a project I’ll be working on all semester


These are paintings of old Norwegian style trolls, and the mythological creature The “Neck” or “Nøkken” (two last paintings)

“Nøkken” is a water spirit, a horrifying monster which lives in lakes and rivers in Norway. He plays beautiful music to lure his victims to him playing a fiddle or a harp. He has many different forms including a humanoid (usually a young handsome boy to lure the women) and a white horse that befriends children to make them climb onto his back, then to ride them into the lake and drown them.

– All paintings are painted by Theodor Kittelsen

Norwegian Pirog aka “Troll Snacks”

These savoury pies, made with fillings such as Jarlsberg cheese, ham and other Norwegian regional favourites, are known as “Troll snacks” in and around Gudbrandsdalen, Norway.

The region is recorded in folklore as the setting for the famous folk tale of Per Gynt, who takes on many great adventures, rescues dairy maids from trolls and defeats the giant worm-troll, Bøyg!

It is said that by offering a few of each batch that you bake you will stop unwanted attention from trolls and stop them interfering with your home and family.