It’s about sustainability, not trolling Trump

A Norwegian official say five Nordic prime ministers who posed for a photo clutching a soccer ball weren’t intending to make fun of a viral image from U.S. President Donald Trump’s trip to Saudi Arabia. It was meant to promote U.N. sustainability goals, which were written on the soccer ball. (Photos: AP)
Reading List (English)

Here is a list with some books that I like and would recommend to others who have an interest in Forn Sed, Ásatrú, Norse Heathenry, Scandinavian folk belief and the written history of the viking era.

The Myths & Sagas

Andy Orchard - The Elder Edda
Ursula Dronke - The Poetic Edda
Carolyne Larrington - The Poetic Edda (Revised 2014 Edition)
Kevin Crossley-Holland - Norse Myths
Jane Smiley - The Sagas Of The Icelanders
Lise Lunge-Larson - The Adventures Of Thor The Thunder God


Vägar Till Midgård 8 - Old Norse Religion in Long Term Perspectives
Vägar Till Midgård 14 - Animals & Humans in Old Norse Religion
Vägar Till Midgård 16 - Tracing Old Norse Cosmology
Rudolph Simek - Dictionary of Northern Mythology

Forn Sed

Lars Magnar Enoksen - Heathen Rites Of Ancient Nordic Chronicles
Lars Magnar Enoksen - Galdrs Of The Edda
Pete Jennings - Heathen Paths
Maria Kvilhaug - The Seed Of Yggdrasil
Daniel Serra & Hanna Tunberg - An Early Meal (Viking Age Cookbook)


Lars Magnar Enoksen - The History Of Runic Lore
Björn Jónasson - A Little Book About The Runes

Folk Belief

Reimund Kvideland & Henning Sehmsdorf - Scandinavian Folk Belief And Legend
Joanne Asala - Norwegian Troll Tales
Polly Lawson & John Bauer - Swedish Folk Tales (Green cover NOT red)
William Craigie - Scandinavian Folk-Lore
Jacqueline Simpson - Scandinavian Folktales


Magnús Rafnsson - Two Icelandic Books Of Magic
Magnús Rafnsson - Rún
Ögmundur Helgason & Anna Yates - Galdrakver
Mary S. Rustad - The Black Books Of Elverum
Kathleen Stokker - Remedies And Rituals

Make sure to check out my other posts on free resources and my Norwegian reading list if they are suitable for you.