These are paintings of old Norwegian style trolls, and the mythological creature The “Neck” or “Nøkken” (two last paintings)

“Nøkken” is a water spirit, a horrifying monster which lives in lakes and rivers in Norway. He plays beautiful music to lure his victims to him playing a fiddle or a harp. He has many different forms including a humanoid (usually a young handsome boy to lure the women) and a white horse that befriends children to make them climb onto his back, then to ride them into the lake and drown them.

– All paintings are painted by Theodor Kittelsen


This is some work from a class I have this semester called inspirational art for animation. Our assignment is to take an old concept, and then re-design it in our own way. The teacher made us choose between Peter Pan, The little mermaid and Alice in wonderland.

I chose Peter Pan, and my setting is Norwegian/Scandinavian fairy tales. So the pirates are vikings, the lost boys are little trolls, and Peter is some sort of magical trickster creature. Wendy is a girl from the real world pulled in by Peter.

I’m doing a lot of character exploration and will probably post sketches here of it regularly! This will be a project I’ll be working on all semester

Have you ever read the (originally Norwegian) folk story “Three Billy Goats Gruff”?  It created the word Troll as a mythical being who lived under a bridge.  I always imagine it is a bridge like this one near Rispond in Sutherland.   Of course a Troll is something else entirely to the social media generation!