Yoga is not about perfection. It’s not about being really bendy or being able to do a really hard pose. Yoga is about being patient, breathing, and accepting that everything comes with time. Sometimes you will need a strap to help you or a wall to keep you from falling, but that’s okay! It’s a practice, you will always get better, even though it takes time!

your cool older sibling: vincent van bro

mustard yellow, potted plants, raincoats, and stationaries: vincent van hoe

getting your flo rida on at your local nightclub: vincent van low

his car was parked too long in front of the pizzaria: vincent van tow

the teacher asks for your homework: vincent van no

rushing before the convention, oh dear god: vincent van sew

vincent, but as a turtle: vincent van slow

all time superstar quarterback: vincent van throw

the monthly menstruation cycle: vincent van flow

your two favorite artists after the marriage: vincent van poe

new hip conversation changer: vincent van so,