Found a gorgeous, incredibly friendly cat in Findlay last week. A neighbor’s been feeding him for some time, so I don’t think he’s got a family.

Meet Mystery. He is very chill and incredibly cuddly–he’ll sit with you for hours. Unfortunately, he’s FIV positive, so I can’t take him in as I already have a cat.

That said, he is otherwise healthy and in need of a good, indoor home! I don’t know how he acts with other cats, but he’s wonderful with people and very outgoing!

Please drop me a line at if you have a lead on a home for him. I’m more willing to transport him as far as I need to get him a good home!

I’m in Northwest Ohio, but I’m willing to spend a weekend driving to get him a home

the post is set to public and im at my wits end. i need and miss my cat. please if any of you see this post help me pass it around. if you have any friends in northwest ohio ask them to share it with friends and family. i really want to find him. i spent 24 hours searching high and low for him and i havent been able to sleep more than 3 hours at a time because of nerves so please. help me find my cat.


Delaware Tower House by Brandon Bartoszek


I was just called a racist on a message board from my hometown area because I asked someone how many of the people he knew who made over $500k a year were an ethnicity other than white.  

Even hinting that there may be inequality between the races makes you a racist in NW Ohio.  

For the record, the data I found quickly (via Wikipedia, where it’s sourced) says that in 2004 non-Hispanic White households made a median of $140,000 a year, while others made a median of $24,000 a year.

But, they’ll retort that’s Wikipedia and not facts.


100 Toledo area artists are making site specific circular designs to be installed in June. Mine will be in front of Devilbiss High School. Artists were asked to create artwork inspired by their site.

I took pictures of Devilbiss and drew over 100 features of the building.

I narrowed the sketches down to the most important features of the building and made a few mock ups…

I don’t actually know how many of my followers live around me… But If you are from northwest Ohio please keep your doors locked. 2 men escaped from the correctional institution in Lima. T.J. Lane, convicted for a school shooting (I’m sure you’ve seen the picture with “Killer” written on his shirt at his court hearing) and Clifford Opperud convicted for robbery, burglary, and kidnapping. PLEASE stay safe.