I was just called a racist on a message board from my hometown area because I asked someone how many of the people he knew who made over $500k a year were an ethnicity other than white.  

Even hinting that there may be inequality between the races makes you a racist in NW Ohio.  

For the record, the data I found quickly (via Wikipedia, where it’s sourced) says that in 2004 non-Hispanic White households made a median of $140,000 a year, while others made a median of $24,000 a year.

But, they’ll retort that’s Wikipedia and not facts.


Delaware Tower House by Brandon Bartoszek

Marblehead Lighthouse on the southern shoreline of Lake Erie is the oldest lighthouse in continuous operation in the United States. It has been up and running since 1822. As was typical of lighthouses built then, the original light was fueled with whale oil. In the mid-1800s the lighthouse switched over to kerosene-powered lights. It was converted to use electricity in 1923. And in 1958 it was automated.

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Apparently when Trump was in Toledo several weeks ago he asked the audience “how many of you are coal workers?”

no one in the audience was a coal worker

Toledo is in northwest Ohio

it’s part of the Great Lakes Plains

there’s no coal within 250 miles of the city

Sad to hear about Kidd Kraddick who passed away yesterday. He was at a charity golf event in New Orleans, and reports say, he had a brain aneurysm. He was just 53.

Kidd was heard on a ton of stations around the country from his home station in Texas. We carried him at Tower 98 back in 2007 and my current station, 106 KHQ, carries his syndicated weekend show, The Hollywood 5. I could only imagine what his co-hosts, family and friends are feeling.

Check out this extremely inspiring story shared by someone on Facebook. It shows just how great Kidd was and, really, how we should conduct ourselves. This was never meant as anything more than a secret. Read it here.

A true radio brother, born in Northwest Ohio and gone way too soon.