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The Legend of Bold Riley #3

by Leia Weathington and Joanna Estep

Published by Northwest Press

During a stormy night and under the influence of some surprisingly strong pipe weed, Bold Riley glimpses a shape of what’s to come. Now, somewhat less burdened by sorrow, she heads towards the Atratan Desert in search of the powerful city state of Kabumzala.

36-page comic book, full color.


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Distributed by Diamond Comic Distributors (MAY141494)

All of our comics feature lesbian, gay, bi and trans characters and storylines, but there’s something in our catalog for everyone: young readers, adult readers, academics, adventure-seekers, people inside the LGBT communities and outside them. Comics should acknowledge the diversity, complexity. and beauty of the real world and make every reader feel welcome. Northwest Press is doing our part!

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I had a blast with my friends over at Prism Comics and Northwest Press at SDCC!  If you’re looking for LGBT representation in comics, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Northwest Press is a book publisher dedicated to publishing the best lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender comics collections and graphic novels.  Prism Comics is a nonprofit organization that supports lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) comics, creators, and readers. Check out their sites for great reads! Both digital and print versions of titles are available :)


Big exciting type news- my mini comic featuring One Direction is up for free download on Northwest Press!

I am so beside myself I can’t even tell you.

It’s about my first kiss inspired by the song “Last First Kiss.”

This is a panel from page 6 :B

(via Last First Kiss)


The Collected Black Gay Boy Fantasy #1

by Victor Hodge

Published by Northwest Press

Victor Hodge’s legendary zine, Black Gay Boy Fantasy, gets the deluxe treatment in this first new 40-page collection containing the first three zines plus bonus illustrations in color and black-and-white, plus a variant back cover.

40 pages, black-and-white and color. Digital.


Available August 26th, 2015.

Preview of the cover art for QU33R by the awesome Michael Fahy, coming this fall from Northwest Press, Edited by Rob Kirby, and featuring 33 of the finest FGBTQ creators around, including Justin Hall, MariNaomi, Sina Sparrow, Carrie McNinch, Marian Runk, Ed Luce, Nicole J. Georges, Dylan Edwards, Carlo Quispe, Sasha Steinberg, Eric Kostiuk Williams, Kris Dresen, David Kelly, Rick Worley, Annie Murphy, Eric Orner, Edie Fake, L. Nichols, Jon Macy, Christine Smith, and so many more! 

Northwest Press has released an anthology of comics by artists outside the gay-straight binary of LGBT politics. A collection of bisexual, queer, trans* comics that range from educational shorts, slice-of-life, erotic humor, and fantasy. It is $10 at Northwest Press, check it out and support bi, queer, and trans* comic creators and a press that is attempting to add sexual and gender diversity from stories to characters to creators.


The above jock-strapped gentleman is my contribution to the fabulous deck of Queer Pin-ups playing cards, a limited edition collectors item starring more amazing queer cartoonists than you can shake a stick at, now available from Northwest Press! Sales of these go towards funding the first-ever Queers and Comics conference that’s happening in NYC on Thu & Fri May 8th & 9th. Click on the link and you can see the schedule of panels, plenaries and workshops. (Note that I’ll be paneling all over the place on Friday.) Come join us for this historic & auspicious event!  

PS: these cards are apparently going fast!