This pamphlet was given to a student who visited the crisis pregnancy center in Northfield, MN. Add your name to our petition to call on the director of the CPC to stop distributing materials that mislead and lie about health care.

CPCs pose as legitimate reproductive health centers. They have a track record of outright lying to women and work to dissuade people from exercising the right to choose.

Dinner presented me with a logistical issue – I ate lunch at 2 p.m., but had work commitments scheduled straight from 6 until 10. So even though I wasn’t hungry, I ate a grilled chicken in a pita from U Dawg U, in Northfield, Ill. just a little more than three hours after lunch. I was hoping for a salad, but their offerings weren’t up to snuff, so I settled for this relatively healthy option. I wouldn’t order it again. I do plan on returning to this place, though. I kinda like the ambiance, even if the food is a little overpriced.

On Saturday August 20th, tragedy hit my area when 4 local high school football players died in a car accident on the garden state parkway. i heard the news while i was at work and it just horrible what happened to the boys. they had 8 kids in the car and they were on their way to old country buffet, a school tradition for the end of summer practice. the school held a vigil last night and on my way home, i purposely went by the school and honked 4 times in honor of the 4 who lost their lives way too soon.


Northfield, Minnesota

Thomas Von Bibra: Online Staff Writer

Far to the North from our Southern California home, lies the frigid state of Minnesota.

If you can get over the freezing temperatures, a truly beautiful world is revealed, a rare rural beauty.  With clear starry nights, colorful sunsets, medievalist architecture and kind people, Minnesota is the place to go if you want to get away from the heat and the city atmosphere.  

            My visit there served as a college visit and a visit to my sister. In the three days I was there, I quickly fell in love with the landscape and the people.

My travels took me to St. Olaf College, a school seemingly taken from the land of Narnia. It seems like a medieval castle with snow gently covering stone towers and long, tall buildings that resemble stone cathedrals.  The school itself is known for its music and science programs, with choirs that tour the county.

My visit to the school was primarily to visit the St. Olaf Christmas Festival. The school’s orchestra companies the five primary choirs in a spectacular show of vocal ensemble.

            Academics aside, the people of Minnesota are truly special in themselves. Life moves slower here, and the people are genuinely kind. The sense of community is not just from town to town but statewide. 

On multiple occasions, upon reaching the school parking lot, it took only a matter of seconds before a stranger would approach me and ask if I needed any help finding something, a phenomenon difficult to come across even once in Los Angeles.

And while many may joke at the funny-looking Norwegian Sweaters that are extremely popular among both students and adults, the cold air outside not at all dims the spirits of these fine people.

            For cows, colleges, and contentment (as the motto for Northfield goes), Minnesota is a place to see if you don’t mind wearing a couple extra layers of clothing in order to go outside.


this is my cousin. she is awesome at things. especially singing and playing the guitar. 

Gospel Gossip - "Dream Awake"

Northfield Shoegaze Trio Gospel Gossip just released a new single called “Dream Awake”. Although they have received some pretty impressive comparisons (Galaxy 500, Mazzy Star, Siouxsie and the Banshees)… they do possess their own sound; a sound that could only come from someone who has been honing their craft for over a decade. That someone is guitarist/vocalist Sarah Nienaber. I highly recommend catching one of their shows… They will melt your face off. check out “Dream Awake” below or download it on their Bandcamp.

check out their Drift EP from 2009 (Guilt Ridden Pop):

Catch Sarah playing TONIGHT with her other band Is/Is @ the Hexagon bar in Minneapolis (w/ TEENAGE MOODS!!!). Listen to a fuzzed out track below:

Blackest Beat by Is/Is

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