Northern Iraq


From Yazidi temples to a taste of Damascus, here are all of the stories from my two weeks in Northern Iraq.

  • This sounds like a story from Hollywood, or the Bible - except it actually happened:

  • These men returned to their ruined village to find mass graves:

  • Here’s what life is like in a village recently freed from ISIS:

  • To Americans in Erbil, the war feels far removed from daily life:

  • On top of a mountain, watching ISIS flags flutter in the valley below:

  • A taste of Damascus for people who’ve fled Syria’s civil war:

  • ISIS is bringing new levels of psychological trauma to people who’ve already lived with war for more than a decade:

  • Amid all the stories of destruction, here’s a tale of rebuilding:

  • The US has a timeline to liberate Mosul. But is the Iraqi army capable of the job?


hey guys i know everyone is focusing on pakistan, ferguson, and palestine (which is good!!!) but please please dont forget about iraq.

isis (a terrorist organization) has made thousands flee their homes, convert or die, and are buying and selling women as slaves. innocent people are being beheaded, forced to stay in tents provided by unicef, and leaving the country as refugees.

isis are targeting the minorities of northern iraq, including the assyrians and chaldeans, which are the aboriginals of iraq.

quick ancient history lesson: 

  • iraq is modern day mesopotamia
  • mesopotamia is documented as the words first civilization
  • assyrians and chaldeans are mesopotamian

that means isis is ridding iraq and the world of its first civilization

i know barely anyone on tumblr is talking about this so you might not know who to reblog from.

here are some tags you can search:

  • iraq
  • isis
  • mosul
  • chaldeans
  • assyrians

isis is also targeting other minorities, like the kurdish people, whose military is fighting against isis.

when looking up the tags, you might see the word “christian” a lot and get confused. note: in iraq, the terms “christian” and “assyrian/chaldean” are used interchangeably. this is because assyrians and chaldeans are primarily christians.

the assyrians and chaldeans are to iraq what the native americans are to the US. they are a deep, intricate part of the middle easts history. please let it be known whats happening to them, and other iraqi minorities.

places you can donate-

Unicef Iraq

Feature: Where a moustache can mean life or death

Easily identified by trademark facial hair, Kakai Kurds in northern Iraq live under constant threat.

 ”The soul needs to reincarnate a thousand times before becoming one with god,” says Rajab Assy Karim from Ali Saray, 190 kilometres north of Baghdad. Iraq is full of “shortcuts” to the ultimate, and several seem to pass through this tiny desert village.

The few hundred people living in the adobe houses of Ali Saray are all Kakais, followers of an ancient pre-Islamic creed whose mere survival in this region in the 21st century is a miracle.

Karim knows this, and devotes most of his spare time to collecting books for the only library among the 12 Kakai villages clustered in this region.

"We are halfway between Tikrit - Saddam Hussein’s hometown and a stronghold of his supporters - and the Kurdish Autonomous Region of Iraq," says Karim. "The area is overrun by terrorists and we make one of their easiest targets."

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What Islamic State gains by destroying antiquities in Iraq