It’s unbelievable what pro colorist Kitty Greller can do with a little bit of ‪ManicPanic dye‬! The talented artist created this multi-colored ‪#‎pastel‬ look for Ted Gibson’s stage show during the 2015 Long Beach ‪#‎ISSE‬ Expo. 

If you are feeling ambitious, here’s what she used:
-Bad Boy Blue
-Mystic Heather
-Electric Tiger Lily
-A TON of the award-winning ‪#‎Pastelizer‬ mixer.

Find all our Manic Panic dyes here:

At long last I can finally reveal POLONY!

A super cool collaboration I have been working on secretly with the amazingly talented artist and furniture maker behind Horse On Toast, Amy Perejuan-Capone!!!

Polony will be launched at Paper Mountain in Northbridge, Western Australia this May the 12th from 6pm and showing til May the 29th.

There will be rugs, tables, doonas, rings, ceramics, paintings… all squished into one delicious mystery meat sausage!

More exciting things to come ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)