Playback (A Choices Fanfic)

Pairing: Kenji x F!MC (Alex)

Category: Angst/Comfort

Summary: Kenji sends messages for every day that Alex has been gone. Post Book 1 finale. 

Author’s Note: I’m so sorry for spamming everyone with post finale fics. I’m getting to all the prompt requests, I promise. I just need to get the angst out of my system lol.


Day 208.

Hey, Alex.

I’m not sure why I’m still doing this everyday.

I guess I just miss you.

Anyway, not much happened today. Dax and Poppy are thinking about getting a dog.

What do you think they should get?

Personally, I think a golden retriever would be pretty cool. Friendly, smart, loyal. Just like me.

Poppy wants a Pomeranian though.

Maybe we can just get a golden retriever together when you get back.


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Welcome Home

This is my first James x MC fic. It was inspired by this post from @pixelsbichoice and the ensuing conversation with @keltic-moon.

James and MC (Eliza) find a way around her dorm problems. 

Book: The Sophomore 

Pairing: James x MC

This is NSWF after the break. 

“You know, I have a pretty nice apartment,” James says casually.

Eliza looks up at James and sighs, “Yes, you do, but now really isn’t the time to brag about it.”  

They’re walking back to Abbie and Tyler’s apartment. After hearing her cockroach horror story, her friends had quickly offered her their couch for as long as she needed.

James takes Eliza’s hand and pulls her to a stop.

“I’m not bragging,” he says with a smile. “What I’m saying is I have a nice apartment and maybe you could…” 

“Move in?” Eliza gapes at him. “Isn’t that a bit fast?”

“In case I haven’t said it recently enough, I love you, Eliza. I can’t think of anything better than sharing my hearth and home with you.” He places a soft kiss on her forehead and Eliza feels tears prickling at her eyes.

“Well,” she says, biting her lip, “it is a very nice hearth.”

James laughs and tucks her short brown hair behind her ear. “So, is that a yes?”

“You’d really be okay with living together?”


“Then, let’s do this.”


When the weekend rolls around, James drives his car to Hartfeld and together they bring Eliza’s belongings back to the apartment.

In the early evening, Eliza tries to incorporate her things into the luxurious apartment, but gets frustrated when she can’t seem to get it just right.

“My stuff looks so childish in this classy place,” she says, frowning at her kitschy picture frames with pictures her family and friends on the mantle and her well-worn blanket tossed over the back of the couch.

“I disagree,” James says coming to stand beside her in the living room. “It’s tangible evidence that the most amazing woman in the world has agreed to live with me. In fact, I like seeing your things here almost as much as I like seeing you here.”

James smiles down at her tenderly and Eliza reaches up to hug him. James kisses the top of her head and holds her.

“I know this wasn’t the plan, James, but thank you for rescuing me. You’re my knight in” she considers him with a smile, “a really, really jacket. Did I tell you how much I like your new look?”

James beams at her and kisses her again. “You have, in fact. Perhaps later, you could show me?”

Eliza laughs, “I think I can handle that.”

“How’s this plan for the rest of tonight?” James asks. “I’m going to go get us some takeout. You take a long bath and then we’ll spend the rest of the weekend enjoying our apartment.”

“That sounds perfect.”


Eliza does just as James suggests and luxuriates in the deep soaker tub for a long time. When she finishes, she pulls on her fuzzy purple bathrobe and twists her wet hair into a loose bun. Padding out on bare feet, her jaw drops as she enters the living area.

James has outdone himself. The living room and kitchen are bathed in soft candlelight flickering from dozens of candles. The table is set for two complete with a beautiful bouquet of peach and pink roses. Soft classical music drifts from the stereo. James stands beside the table pouring a glass of red wine.

“I’m feeling seriously underdressed,” Eliza interrupts him.

James turns and smiles at her. “On the contrary, you’ve never looked more lovely.”

“You’re such a flatter,” Eliza chides him teasingly as she walks over and takes the glass of wine he offers.

“I only speak the truth of my heart,” James says earnestly, lifting her hand to his lips. Eliza feels a thrill go through her. He’s so much more than she ever imagined she’d have and he loves her. Times like this, it’s almost overwhelming. Eliza looks down at the table and gasps.

“James! Just when I think you can’t be any sweeter.”

Sitting on the table beside the bouquet is a small chocolate cake with the words Welcome Home scrawled across the top in frosting.

“You like it?” James asks.

“I love it!”

She lays her hand on James’ chest and kisses him. 

“Thank you opening your home to me.”

“It’s our home, Eliza, and I hope it will be for a very, very long time.” 


They enjoy dinner together, talking about nothing and everything, laughing as they play footsie beneath the table. While James begins to clean up, Eliza goes to stand beside the floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Northbridge. She watches the lights twinkle across the skyline and the cars drive to and fro across the city far below.

James walks up and wraps his arms around her. Eliza leans back into his warm embrace as James kisses her cheek.

“I’m so glad you’re here, Eliza,” he says softly, “I think I’ve waited my whole life for someone like you, a relationship like this. I know things haven’t been easy, especially last spring, but I think we’re stronger and better for it.”

“I think so too, James. I love you so much.”

James kisses her neck and Eliza’s head lolls back, sighing at the sensation. James slips a hand into her robe and fondles her breast gently.

“James….” Eliza says, shivering at his touch..

“Yes, my love?” he asks as he slides her bathrobe down and kisses his way across her shoulders.

“Should we take this to the bedroom?”

“Oh, I think I like the view from here,” James murmurs. He brings his mouth to her ear and breaths hotly, “don’t you?”

Eliza looks out at the cityscape. The windows are so large and clear she feels like she could fall into the city if it weren’t for the glass. A flush of adrenaline from the perceived danger floods her and Eliza and nods.

“Yes, I like the view here too,” she says, voice trembling with desire.


James tugs her bathrobe off, letting it fall to the floor. His warm hand glides down her stomach and lower. Eliza moans as his fingers delve between her legs. She leans back against James, letting him hold her up as he continues moving his fingers, slowly and then quickly, alternating his movements until Eliza is gasping and shaking. She comes with a wanton cry, back arching. She slumps forward against the window and tries to catch her breath.

Behind her, she can hear James undressing. She starts to turn to face him, but he stops her.

“No, stay just like that,” he says huskily. He tugs her hips back and Eliza feels him pressed against her entrance.

“James, please,” she pants, desperate to feel him inside her.  

“Hang on, Lizzie. Brace yourself on the window.”  

Shaking, Eliza does as he asks and places her hands on the cool glass. After a moment, James pushes into her.

“Oh, god, you feel so good, James” she moans at the feeling of him filling her up, hard and hot. She pushes back against him and James groans out her name.

Gripping her waist tightly, James begins thrusting deeply into her over and over and Eliza gasps as her vision of the city lights blurs as she nears the edge of climax.

Suddenly, James slides out of her and Eliza cries out at the loss.

“James…please, please,” she begs.

He spins her around and lifts her easily, pinning her to the cold glass. Eliza screams at the sensation. The scream turns into a strangled gasp as James enters her again. He thrusts up into her and they move as one, ebbing and flowing like the ocean tide, until they come together, Eliza nearly sobbing in James’s arms.

Breathing heavily, James looks up at her. His face is sweaty with exertion, but his eyes are soft with love and affection for her.

“Welcome home, Lizzie.”

All In (A Choices Fanfic)

Pairing: Kenji x F!MC (Alex)

Category: Romance/Angst/Comfort

Summary: Kenji comes to a realization as he searches for Alex; a retelling of Book 1, Chapter 14 from Kenji’s POV where he and Eva actually know that she’s missing and you know, do something about it

Author’s Note: God, I feel so behind on all the great content this week (life’s been busy so I haven’t been able to scroll through my dash as much), so I’m not sure if this has been done yet, but yeah, sharing my spin on the Kenji-less chapter. Let me know what you guys think! 

Kenji Katsaros smiles to himself as he leans back on his office chair, Alex’s voice playing in his head for the nth time today.

“Kenji… I’ll fight. For Northbridge, and for you.“

He grins.

Despite being physically exhausted from superhero duty, his spirit feels light, and he finds himself glancing at his phone every so often, a little too expectant that a certain text from a certain girl will come through.

He sits up straight and shakes his head, his hands slapping at his cheeks repeatedly, but the smile on his face remains, his heart still beating just a little bit faster.

He chuckles. "Ah, you’re crazy, Katsaros.”

He pulls up the picture he and Alex took at the restaurant, and he feels his smile growing wider, the corners of his eyes squinting ever so slightly. He hits the options icon at the photo, his thumb hovering over the ‘set as wallpaper’ option, when he hears a beep on his earpiece.

“Go for Talos.”

He’s still adjusting the size of the photo on his screen when he receives the news.

“Kenji, it’s Alex… Silas Prescott has her.”

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“That’s Starting to get Annoying”

Request 1

(CYOA between Becca and Kaitlyn at the bottom)

Becca x MC 

Kaitlyn x MC

MC is named Ella

You open your bedroom door to find Becca lounging lazily on your bed reading an old issue of Cosmopolitan magazine, murmuring in response to her article;

“Ugh yes Khloe, I do want to know how you earned those curves..” She glances briefly up as you enter; watching you close the door behind you, her eyes promptly returning to resume reading the article.

“Hey” you smile, reaching the bedside “Scoot over, will you?” Becca sidles silently over; her eyes unmoving from the glossy paper.

“You know the Northbridge Music Festival’s in a few weeks..” You begin, searching Becca’s face for a hint of interest. Not finding anything, you lift a finger and tentatively poke one of her cheeks, right below her eye–it squeezes shut reflexively.

“What?” She finally looks up from her magazine, annoyed; her full attention now suddenly on you. “Sure, fine, the music festival sounds fun”

You roll your head along your shoulders in a melodramatic sigh. “We don’t have to go..” You drag your words all-too carefully.

“No, it sounds fun. Really” Becca assures you; her eyes slowly returning to the page.

“..I mean it would only be romantic and public and all that..”

“When is it?”

“..And totally not your scene..”

Becca looks up, eyeing you intently. “What are you getting at? I already said I’ll go”

“But if you don’t want to–”

“I want to. What is this about?” Her eyes rolling back to the article.

“It’s just–” you huff, grabbing the magazine from her “Could you please just put this down for a minute?!”

“Hey! I was reading that!”

“I know! That’s exactly the problem!”

“That I read magazines?!” she scoffs “How is that a problem?!”

“It’s not about the f*cking magazine!” Your sudden reaction surprising yourself, as well as Becca, who looks taken aback. You continue, lowering your eyes to the bed, and the volume of your  voice carefully

“It’s just..You don’t care about me as much as I care about you”  

After a few moments of silence, you look up to see Becca’s face beet red, slick with tears. Her lower lip quivers as her teeth restlessly gnaw on it.

“If you really can’t see how much I care about you then…” She pushes off the bed and gets to her feet suddenly “I…I have to go” She paces quickly to the door and runs out.

Your body falls limp as you collapses backward onto your bed, willing yourself to disappear entirely as you pulls your pillow over your face.



After an impromptu ‘weep and sleep’, sob slumber? Blues-Snooze. You push your bedding from your face. You carefully peel strands of sweat-slicked hair from your forehead and cheeks as you takes a shaky breath. Pushing off the bedside, your legs threaten to collapse beneath your weight. You hobble over to the door and poke your head out.




You step carefully out, your eyes carefully taking in the surroundings; adjusting to the mid afternoon shadows curving around the edges of the walls and furniture.

“Ella!” You turn to see Zack sitting across the dining room table from James, a slew of papers and documents laid out in front of them.

“Hey guys..” You begin slowly, starting toward them “I think I might have fucked things up with Becca”

Zack purses his lips to whistle. “She did seem pretty pissed when she left” You slump into a seat next to James; elbows clattering painfully onto the table while your head drops heavily into your tense palms.

James slips a reassuring arm over your shoulder “She’ll be back” He squeezes you gently, initiating a pink tinge to crawl awkwardly across your tear-stained cheeks; a slight smile breaking up your somber features.

He turns to catch your eyes “How could she stay away from you?”

“Good riddance,” You look up to see Kaitlyn slipping into the chair next to Zack “She’s been a nothing but a pain since she got here”

You grimace “You just don’t know her like I do”

“I mean look at you” Kaitlyn, gesturing a hand toward you, continues “You’re a mess and she’s the one who left you like that”

“It was my fault” You sputter “I made her feel inadequate when she was just doing her–”

“I’m just saying that I,” She interrupts, a palm pressed to her chest. Her arm then extends in James’ direction “Or James here, or Chris, wherever he is–”

“He went after Becca a little while ago”

“–wouldn’t treat you like this” She swallows “Hell, even Zig–”

*Even* Zig?!

You cut her off, getting to your feet “Even Zig, what?”

“Even Zig would treat you better” Her face softens. She steps forward, her arms outstretched; prepared to gather your shaking body within them. She lowers her voice;

“We’d never walk out on you like that”

You blink suddenly, then step back, dodging Kaitlyn’s embrace. “What?!”

Your brow lowers as you gesture an arm aggressively toward Kaitlyn “The band?! The mosh pit?” Kaitlyn’s face falls.

You turn to gesture to James “And Mr. Hollywood Sellout, over here? ” He sputters for a moment, then his eyes retreat to the table. “And Chris..”

“Hmm?” You looks up to see Chris looking to you expectantly, closing the front door behind him. You lose your nerve, your jaw dropping vacantly open. James inquires to him “Is Becca with you?”

“No luck, I don’t think she wants to be found right now. She just needs some time to ready herself”

You swallow, continuing slowly “..if being perfect and never making mistakes was a prerequisite, Zack would be my only viable option here” Zack blushes, grinning sheepishly. Chris nods. “He really is the best of us”

James, nodding, joins in “If she’s as great as you, she’ll forgive you like you found it in yourself to forgive each of us”

Kaitlyn catches your eyes, walking up to grip your shoulder “You’re too good for her”

“I don’t know”  You squirm free of Kaitlyn’s grasp, shaking your head with a sigh “I’m going to look for her”

“She really doesn’t want to be found right now” Chris insists “Just give her space, she’ll let you know when she’s ready”

“I guess I’ll just be in my room then” You drag your head and your heels toward the door.


A quiet knock wakes you from a deep blues-snooze.

Blues-snooze, that’s pretty accurate.

Finding yourself snuggled up in Becca’s classic periwinkle ‘Don’t Talk’ sweatshirt, you rub your eyes with a sleeve, blowing your nose into a, quite possibly used, bedside tissue Eww, and recollect yourself.


Kaitlyn’s head pops in “You decent?”

You snort heavily and roll your eyes “Mentally or physically?”

“Well, I meant physically, but mentally too” she steps in fully “That matters too”

You push your hands through the ends of her extra long sleeves to catch your forehead in them, massaging it forcefully with her fingertips.

“Hey” Kaitlyn plops down next to you, bouncing you slightly “You know, I meant what I said before”

“Hmm?” You turn to face her through puffy eyes, your tear-stained cheeks burning.

“What I mean is..” She shifts her feet nervously, as you have observed her do countless times before. She leans in to touch her lips to your cheek so lightly you can’t be sure they’re making contact until they move as she whispers “You deserve better”

“Kait, I..”

Kaitlyn shakes her head.

“It doesn’t have to be me,” She insists “I just don’t know if Becca can make you happy”


She smiles tiredly “I just want you to be happy, Ella..” She slides off the bed to her feet and wanders to the door. You watch her walk away, mouth struggling to find words. Kaitlyn turns back as she steps through the open door “..That’s all I’ve ever wanted”

She’s means well..

As the door clicks shut, you notice your fingertips running lightly over the place where her lips had been moments ago, her light pink lipstick still moist, still warm. A tear rolls down from the corner of your eye into the crook of your nose, welling precariously in the dimple above your lip.

You direct your attention to the door, knowing Kaitlyn still stands on the other side of it. The tear leaps from your lip, ascending into the air, as you suddenly  call after her;


…Please don’t go”

…Becca does make me happy!”

Hey there! It’s me: theauspolchronicles AKA David AKA “hey you, half-man half-curly hair!” Did you know that as well as being on the tumblr where all the cool kids are I also go outside and do poetry sometimes where the other cool kids are? Well finally all that hard work in the poetry scene has paid off and I’m being recognised for my amazing skills as a spoken word poet by performing a 15 minute feature set at Spoken Word Perth at Paper Mountain in Northbridge. Are you a Perth person into poetry? Perhaps plonk on over to espy my performance please. Great pals Sebastian Howard will be the other feature poet and Chuckie Raven is going to MC and oh boy you ain’t never seen a more funny yet depressing trio of poets. We are so good at making you laugh and then talking about depression. EXPERIENCE TWO OR MORE EMOTIONS ON WEDNESDAY 10th of MAY! Door opens at 7 event starts at 7:30! $5 cash entry. I look forward to seeing a small handful of you there!

Much Ado - James x MC

This fic is for @blazerina and @destinio1 who requested the prompts “goosebumps” and “failed” for James x MC 


The soft voice is just barely audible over the tapping of keyboard keys. James glances in the direction of the voice before his eyes return to his screen. His mind catches up a moment later and he turns back. He blinks up at his girlfriend a few times, trying to clear his vision. He’s been staring at the screen of his laptop for so long he can barely make out her beautiful face.

“Eliza,” he says, surprised. “What are you doing here?”

Eliza stares at him for a long moment and James gets a sinking feeling in his belly. Finally, she sighs and offers him a cup of coffee from the cafe.

“You missed our date,” she smiles sadly at him as she drops into the chair beside him.

James looks blankly at her, his mind struggling to remember. “Date?”

“Yeah,” Eliza takes a deep breath. “We were supposed to go to the theater. Much Ado About Nothing?”

It all comes back to him a flash of gut-wrenching guilt. Damn it. Damn it. Damn it. He’d bought tickets weeks ago and surprised Eliza for her birthday. Much Ado About Nothing was her favorite work of Shakespeare and the show was tonight.

“Why didn’t you….”

“Call? I tried, but you didn’t answer.”

James pulls his phone out of his pocket and flinches. Six missed calls.

“Then I got mad and I didn’t want to come over here mad,” Eliza shrugs, staring down at the cup of coffee in her own hands. “So I waited until I’d cooled off.”


She looks up at him and James can see the hurt and disappointment in her eyes. He can’t believe he did this to her. Instead of spending a wonderful night with his beautiful girlfriend, he spent the entire here in the library…alone…working. He feels sick with guilt and anger at himself.

“I’m so, so sorry,” James says, taking her hand in his own. He rubs his thumb over her knuckles and lets out breath when she doesn’t pull away. “I don’t have the words to tell you how sorry I am.”

“It’s fine, James,” she says softly, that same sad, disappointed smile on her lips. He feels like crying letting her down like this.

“No, Eliza. It’s not fine. I just…” he struggles to explain, “I need the newspaper to work. I need to succeed this time. What happened in LA, I can’t let it happen to me again.” James voice cracks, “But now I’ve failed you.”

“James,” Eliza sighs. “You’re being too hard on yourself. Yes, I’m…hurt that you didn’t remember our date, but I do know how important this is to you and you know I support you.”

James does know she understands. She knows better than anyone how his soul had been bruised and beaten down by what had happened in LA and how lost he’d been afterwards. He stares down at their intertwined fingers, lost in his thoughts.

I do love nothing in the world so well as you. Is not that strange?

James lifts his head at the quote and looks at Eliza. She’s looking down at him with such tender love and devotion that his heart clenches painfully and tears sting at his eyes.

For which of my bad parts didst thou first fall in love with me? ” he quotes back to her. 

For them all together,” Eliza smiles and James shakes his head at her. He doesn’t deserve this woman.

“I am sorry, Eliza. I’m going to do better. You deserve better, my love. I promise I’ll make this up to you.”

“I know you will, James.” She kisses him gently and he pulls her close, deepening the kiss for a long moment before resting his forehead against hers. After a minute, Eliza leans back. and gives him a determined look. 

“Now,” she glances at the unfinished layout on his computer screen. “How can I help?”

“Ugh, I think I’ve done enough,” James rubs at his tired eyes. “Can I walk you home instead?”

“I’ve got an even better idea,” Eliza waggles her eyebrows at him playfully and James laughs. “Come home and stay the night. I don’t want you driving back to Northbridge tonight.”

“Sounds perfect.”

One week later…

A pinging noise draws Eliza’s attention from her textbook. Glancing over to her phone, she smiles when she sees a text from James.

Eliza stomach flips upon seeing James’s ridiculously handsome face. She pads out to the living room and pulls open the front door. James is standing on the porch, leaning against the door frame. Eliza’s breath catches at the sight of him. He’s dressed in a fitted suit, a sly, handsome smile on his face. He brings a bouquet of tulips out from behind his back and Eliza takes them, biting her lip shyly.

“Well, this is a nice surprise.”

“I’m glad you think so. Come with me?” James offers Eliza his hand and she cocks her head, considering him.

“Come with you where?”

“Come on, Lizzie. We’re gonna be late for the show.” James takes her hand and pulls her down the porch steps behind him.

“Show? James, I’m in my pajamas!”

James just laughs, throwing his head back. The sound makes Eliza feel warm all over.

“You look lovely. Come on!” James says again, tugging her around the side of the house and into the backyard.

As they round the corner of the house, Eliza comes to a sudden stop. Goosebumps break out across her skin as she takes in the yard. The bistro lights she and her roommates had hung before their last party are glowing, casting everything in a warm, yellow glow. On the ground, a large blanket is laid out covered with a mismatched collection of pillows. A small, low table sits in the center of the blanket. Atop it, there are boxes of food from Eliza’s favorite Italian place. The scent of garlic bread and tomato sauce fill the cool autumn air.

Eliza turns slowly taking it all in. At the back of the house, there’s a sheet hung up and projected across it is the menu screen of Kenneth Branagh’s Much Ado About Nothing.

“It’s not live theater and I know it can’t really make up for missing our date, but…” James trails off and Eliza looks up at him. His eyes are hesitant and hopeful as he watches for her reaction. Her mouth drops open, unable to speak.

“Lizzie? Is it okay?”

After a few more moments of stunned silence, she turns to him and speaks in a hushed voice. 

Silence is the perfectest herald of joy. I were but little happy if I could say how much.

A broad happy grin crosses James’s face. He takes Eliza in his arms, holding her close and looking down at her tenderly as he finishes the quote.

Lady, as you are mine, I am yours. I give away myself for you and dote upon the exchange.

He kisses her and Eliza sinks into his embrace. James’s full lips move over hers passionately, leaving her breathless.

“You really like it?” he asks softly.

“This is perfect, James. I don’t need anymore than this - you, me, and the bard under stars….and maybe some of that food. Did you get tiramisu?”

James laughs again as she takes his hand and pulls him over the blanket.

“I love you, Eliza Bennett.”


She used to teach at Bilingual
Instructing American business
Men how to speak proper
Japanese for business. She
Taught in the mid-town office
And sometimes at the World
Trade Center on the 88th floor.
The deep brown of her eyes,
Rich as Maplewood,
Lithe with the fullness
Of life, were framed by long,
Wavy black hair the color
Reminding me of Sumi ink
Sticks for calligraphy. Like
The portraiture of her face,
Set on firm shoulders reminded
Me of the finest paintings
In The Louvre.  We spoke of
Art and Japanese film, of
Kurosawa, Mifune, & Matsuzaka.
The first time I kissed her
It was as if I was floating,
The softness of her lips
Pressing me into a field
Of the finest silk wrapped
In the smoothness of cognac
Held in those decanters
Bound in leather - but softer.
Our rendezvous throughout
Manhattan were legendary,
But the walks along the Hudson
From 6 WTC over the North
Bridge, through the Winter
Garden on to Battery Park
Were my favorites. Our
Talks took me into her
World where I could dwell
In cherry blossoms and the
Hot springs of Kumamoto.
We met once in Seoul while
On business.  She asked me to
Come back with her to experience
Those hot springs. Sadly, I
Declined! A year later we met
Again, and she had cut her
Hair, got married, was pregnant
With her first child.  I wished
Her well.  I never saw her again.

© K. James Ribble

Morning (James x MC)

Story: The Freshman/The Sophomore
Ship: James x MC (Harper)
Summary: James and Harper enjoy a lazy Sunday morning. Literally all fluff.

I’ve been thinking about James x Harper all day since I replayed the LA chapter this morning (which is half terrible and half really cute - that beach scene!) and I just wanted write them being cute and fluffy, so that’s all this is. Enjoy it!

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