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That Could’ve Been Us - Part 2 (Zig x MC Fanfic)

Summary: Hartfeld University Coffee Shop. It’s been 6 years since the last time you saw your senior boyfriend. 6 years since you broke up. But when he walks into the coffee shop, all the memories of the past come back to life, leaving you wondering about what could’ve been and what could still be.

Author’s note: Part 2 of 2. ;) Read Part 1 here.

That Could’ve Been Us - Part 2 (Zig x MC Fanfic)

Hartfeld University. 6 years ago. Her Graduation Day.

She woke up to the shrill beeping of her alarm, her head throbbing as it got louder. “I’m up, I’m up!,” she groaned, hitting the snooze button and slipping the phone back under her pillow. Letting out another yawn, she rolled over and snuggled closer to him, wrapping her legs around his.

He felt her body press to his and he instinctively wrapped his arms around her. “Mmmm…. Is it morning already?”

“Yeah,” she answered, loving the feel of his naked skin against hers. Then it dawned on her. “Oh no.” She grabbed her phone. It was 8.30 a.m. “Oh no no no no no…” She bolted free from his embrace, and ran to her closet for her graduation gown.

Zig opened his eyes and watched her slide on a pair of panties — pink lacy ones, one of his favorites — and a matching bra. He looked at her appreciatively as he sat up in bed, rubbing his eyes. “Are we late?”

“YES!!!,” she replied in a clipped voice. She put on her graduation gown quickly, then ran to the mirror to brush her hair. “I can’t believe we overslept.”

“Well, it’s not like we had much sleep…,” Zig grinned lazily. She turned around and gave him a you’re-not-helping-look, nudging him to get up from bed and get dressed.

After putting on mascara, a dab of blush and a coat of red lipstick, she turned to Zig and grumbled. “I look like hell!”

Zipping up his pants, he slowly walked over to her and caressed her cheek. “You’re beautiful,” he assured her. She smiled as he patted her hair down, a habit of his when her hair was having a life of its own. “There, that’s better. You also have that afterglow—“ he teased.

“We’re gonna be late!,” she laughed, grabbing her heels as she hurried out the door.  

He chuckled and put on his shirt, wistfully looking around the room as he did so. They had broken up the night before, and it still felt surreal to him. Are we really doing this?, he thought to himself. He slipped on his socks and shoes, ignoring the heaviness he felt in his chest. This is just wrong, he thought to himself. But they both needed it. Didn’t they?

“Zig!,” she exclaimed, poking her head back in the room. “Let’s go!”

He looked at her standing in the doorway, dressed in her graduation gown and heels. Her hair was wild from the night, but it suited her. She was so  sensuous without her knowing that it drove him crazy.  

“Yep, let’s go,” he echoed, taking her hand as they both ran down the hall laughing, up the quad, unable to keep their eyes off each other.


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The Only Thing (James x MC, NSFW)

So, this wasn’t completely a response to this week’s prompt. It’s a fic that I started writing a few weeks ago now and then put on hold. Listening through my Disney playlist (and to ‘Something There’ in particular) inspired me to finish it, so I thought I’d use it as my entry for this weeks ChoicesCreates. It’s been a while since I’ve tried writing anything NSFW but oh well…  I hope you all enjoy it!

Story: The Freshman (set the morning after the diamond Masquerade chapters with James, so sometime between Book 1 and Book 2.)

Ship: James x MC

@hollyashton @mermaidwarriorqueen

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Hey there! It’s me: theauspolchronicles AKA David AKA “hey you, half-man half-curly hair!” Did you know that as well as being on the tumblr where all the cool kids are I also go outside and do poetry sometimes where the other cool kids are? Well finally all that hard work in the poetry scene has paid off and I’m being recognised for my amazing skills as a spoken word poet by performing a 15 minute feature set at Spoken Word Perth at Paper Mountain in Northbridge. Are you a Perth person into poetry? Perhaps plonk on over to espy my performance please. Great pals Sebastian Howard will be the other feature poet and Chuckie Raven is going to MC and oh boy you ain’t never seen a more funny yet depressing trio of poets. We are so good at making you laugh and then talking about depression. EXPERIENCE TWO OR MORE EMOTIONS ON WEDNESDAY 10th of MAY! Door opens at 7 event starts at 7:30! $5 cash entry. I look forward to seeing a small handful of you there!


Thoughts while playing The Freshman Book 3 Chapter 9: Until We Meet Again

The chapter title is depressing me already. Oh, for context, my MC didn’t break up with James. I wanna do this LDR thing.

So this takes place a week after he announces his move. It’s the day before his flight. *holds in tears*

He’s saying the emotions haven’t set in yet, that’s why he’s so calm.

So we’re off to Yasmin’s to drop off some of James’ papers. What the heck is she saying? “Frankly, I’m not worried about it. It’s not like they’re going to last much longer anyway. She’s so young.”

IS SHE BREAKING US UP? May the ghost of Vasquez haunt you till the end of your days, b*tch.

But wait, this is all an assumption. Let’s play on.

So we’re eating out with James and MC tells him about what she heard. I choose “I think she’s trying to steal you away from me” because I’m insecure like that.

James says she is probably just gossiping. THIS IS WOMAN’S INSTINCT, JAMES. I can feel it.

“I love you, Holly. And nothing’s going to change that. Not LA, and definitely not Yasmin” is what he says. I will hold him to that. *cries*

Comforting words at the restaurant… he doesn’t want to leave yet… oh, he wants to try the photo booth! Let’s go!

There are 3 different timed choices, each one with a choice to make out or kiss. I choose all the make out/kiss/smooch options.

Hahaha, this notification comes up: “THIRSTY. Couldn’t resist a chance to make out, could you?” Dude, if your boyfriend was moving a thousand miles away, you’d do more than make out. I’m surprised they didn’t get on in the photo booth.

Now they’re taking a walk in the park. Nighttime already? James is feeling sentimental now, saying Northbridge is so pretty in the spring.

He says something’s still missing… and Vasquez’s name comes up. MY HEART. He says he still hasn’t visited Vasquez’s grave. I think that’s where they’re headed next.

Spooky graveyard! So they’re now at Vasquez’s grave. His epitaph is by Faulkner. So Vasquez. Now both are reminiscing about Vasquez and their short time together. This is so emotional. Sooooo emotional. James is assuring MC that she made a profound change on his life. He’s so sweet.

MC is now saying her goodbyes to Vasquez. Aaaaahhhh this is so emotional. James’ goodbye is particularly touching, especially the MC-related one. (See screenshot above)

Now they’re back in MC’s dorm, where James is apparently staying the night. They’re cuddling in her room and my heart is breaking.

He’s asking how she’s holding up. I choose “I’ve been trying not to cry all day.” Truth.

DIAMONDS CHOICE! For 20 diamonds, I choose “James… I want to spend one last night with you.”

She’s inhaling his cologne and he goes, “Are you… smelling me?” LOL. I’d do the same thing actually. Or do a Brandon-Zack and ask for a sweater of his that I can keep while he’s away.

Now they’re stripping off their clothes and memorizing each other’s features naked. I love it.

“James tilts his head back and shuts his eyes in ecstasy as your hand drifts over the front of his boxers.* Oh yeah. She’s taking charge. Though I wish he would. :P

Scene over. That was so sweet! I wish it were longer.

At the airport now.

James has a gift for us! A round-trip open ticket to LA! Can I use it now?

Now they’re kissing passionately. I cry.

While James is putting his things on the conveyor belt, Yasmin is threatening us. (See screenshot above)


Did she just “Toodles” us?! Only Becca can “toodles” us!!!

The end.

Final thoughts:
In a nutshell, check out this previous entry I have: 5 GIFs that capture the latest The Freshman Chapter.

I love James more and more now, and I’m glad I didn’t break up with him last chapter. I really want MC stick it out with him. This Yasmin threat annoys me but doesn’t scare me. Get outta my face, biyatch. I trust James! I’m so glad MC didn’t cheat on him with Zig because it may affect how he reacts to Yasmin should she seduce him. Ugh, Yasmin. We’ve had a theory before that she’s into him, but we were like,  naaah, she’s professional. But apparently not. I hope Gabriela sees through her manipulation too. Gabriella will definitely be an ally of ours. I can’t wait to find out what happens next! James, watch your back!!!

Worth It

Fandom: The Freshman
Pairing: Becca x MC
Rating: T
Word Count: 1379
Author’s Note: So, remember when I said I was writing a naughty fic? Yeah, this isn’t it lol I might still write it (I have a draft sitting in my fanfic folder) but for now, enjoy this fluffy tale!

It had been weeks since your night spent at the Kappa house with Becca and things turned out better than they were before that moment. You weren’t best friends but you were able to hold civil conversations with each other and actually began to hang out. Revealing deep emotional troubles would do that to you. It had been an adjustment for both you, to be honest, but you didn’t mind the productive strides you’d taken in making the relationship between you better. There had been enough drama during the year to last you a lifetime, so any and all positive moments were appreciated.

So, when Becca invited you to lunch at a Northbridge restaurant, the offer only slightly surprised you but you accepted graciously. She had originally made the reservation for herself and Madison but the other young woman canceled when she came down with a cold.

“How’s Madison doing?” you asked Becca when you settled into your seats at the restaurant.

“Contagious as ever,” she grumbled while she picked up her menu to browse the selections. “Tripp and Logan have been at the house for days doting over her.”

“That’s good she has someone looking out for her.”

“We have like three sisters who are nursing majors. I’m sure she would’ve been fine without Tweedledee and Tweedledum taking up space in our living room.”

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peepeetah  asked:

How filthy rich do you think James is? I mean his family can match Cordonia's royal palace stairs, the Prince's bedroom and The Celestial's winery, and its just in their vacation house. Honestly I wont be surprised if he has a house in planet Jupiter. 😁

Filthy. Hahaha. His parents have their own law firm, right? Plus they’re into real estate - they’ve got properties in Manhattan, Northbridge, this countryside in New York and perhaps other places. 😄

The Side Look of a Barcelonese #809 : Untitled, Northbridge, California © David Crane aka Street Zeiss :

The Side Look of a Barcelonese #809 : Untitled, Northbridge, California © David Crane aka Street Zeiss :

An Australian bar hosted a frat-themed New Year’s Eve party that unapologetically embraced rape culture

Sure — why not ring in the New Year with a raging celebration of virulent misogyny?

Apparently, the owners of the Brass Monkey Hotel Bar in Northbridge, West Australia, saw no problem with making light of the epidemic of rape at college campuses — which often goes hand-in-hand with American universities’ fraternity culture. 

Disgusting banners decorated the bar with slogans like:

  • “Daughter Drop Off Point”; and
  • “Our Couch Pulls Out — But We Don’t”

Naturally, people on Twitter and all over called the bar out for its blatant sexism, and the bar coughed up an apology. 

But hey, we’ve got a good New Year’s resolution for the Brass Monkey Hotel bar — and anyone, really: Stop promoting rape culture.

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Come to Perth! See the sights:

We have some very unique flora including the Exotic Dildo Pineapple:

And the infamous near extinct Southern Snot Cactus:

And a very rare breed of tree that is commonly found everywhere known as a “Crane”:

Cranes are an important part of the native ecosystem and have made themselves an iconic part of our skyline.

While in Perth please respect our local customs like forgetting how to merge on the freeway, glassing a stranger in Northbridge on a Saturday night, being late to anywhere you want to go via bus, and cutting off ties with anyone who lives on the opposite side of the river than you. It doesn’t matter if it’s a short train ride… they’re dead to you. You can only choose North or South.

Enjoy your stay! And remember: The Sonic Manipulator watches over all of us… may he busk in the city for decades to come so future generations can enjoy his dancing.

Praise be to the Sonic Manipulator.

About a boy who never stopped smiling

I suppose it doesn’t matter who reads this.

There are words; more of them, screaming to escape onto the pages before me.

Call it a mid-life crisis that has led me to write the words being penned, or a memory flashing before me of time that sits precariously between being a distant memory and a recent timeline of events.

The smile upon my face as a child was real; unadulterated. A smile that reached the eyes. It remained a constant through my days at school, a concrete jungle surrounded by heavily polluted air in Delhi, through the vast expanses of a high-school located by a beach in Hobart and finally an academic institution of repute in Sydney.

Delhi’s heat isn’t the worst in the world. It’s the pollution that saps you of all energy. Classrooms filled with fifty students with teachers emphasising rote learning and rushing at the opportunity to punish students that failed to comply with a loud slap or two across the face was the norm.

It didn’t matter to me; the slaps across the face or their loud voices in front of the entire class, with a view to embarrass me just enough to shed a tear or two and fall into line.

Classroom hours were 8.30 till 3.30; Monday to Saturday. Perhaps I was an outlier even back then, not fitting in with the teachers’ desires to having sheep as students. I dreamt during those days of being free; free from the chains and free from rules. Classroom hours were spent in the sun or feeling the rains, running through the muddy school grounds.

Complaints were made to my parents on a weekly basis, as if on cue compounded with detentions every other day. It didn’t matter. They wouldn’t take my smile.


It’s the cold in Hobart that hits you at first. Even if the day begins, blessed with sunshine, it turns on you like a woman scorned.

The teachers smiled at me, but not a welcoming smile. I was an unexpected visitor. I smiled back. Schools were different here. There were playgrounds with soft grass and school was Monday to Friday.

I smiled at the teachers as I passed them in the corridor and the other students who continued to stare at me. The stares only lasted a few weeks before the insults began and soon they had turned into punches across the face. They took turns.

The teachers didn’t notice and when they did, blamed me for arguing. I smiled and accepted the punishment.

At home, I told them I played sport and hurt myself; a necessity for a growing boy trying to make friends. Lies; delivered with a smile.

I continued to dream, running through the grounds on my own as some continued to stare and others chased to bring me down to the turf. I continued to dream as my feet sunk into the sands kissing the Derwent River.

I wasn’t crazy; not then and not today. There were tears, falling upon my own flesh and hidden from sight and never even in front of a mirror.

To the world; I smiled. I dreamt. And I smiled.

The world turned as my foot met a football; first the left and then the right. Born ambidextrous and it being witnessed by those who wanted to see me fall marked a new day.

Hands were extended in admiration. Apologies spoken in embarrassment or for personal benefit. It didn’t matter.

My dreams held tighter than ever and a belief maintained. I still smiled.



I wasn’t alone here. A small world in its own right, with faces from across the globe having been placed in an institution for the remaining two years of high-school.

I greeted the other new students with a smile, establishing common interests with enthusiasm.

The books filled out bags, tearing them at the seams, until I abandoned mine, leaving them in the confines of my vandalised locker. Academic success remained a driving factor to maintain the school’s position.

Everyone was a number; a mere statistic, even me.

I held onto my dreams, spending more time outside the confines of the building, cradled in between the valley of Northbridge over a cricket field. Hours were spent in football fields, studying a ball travelling through the air, instead of the complex calculations on the blackboard.

The teachers complained here too. I still smiled.

Success was relative; a score to confirm entrance into University for some. For others it was confirmation of their hard work and some a stepping stone to their career dreams.
For me it was a necessity to satisfy parental expectations.

I continued to dream of a life with more.

I smiled at my result and my parents’ approval.

A lot of the memories remain to this day, somewhat hazy, having been lost in the smiles forever upon my lips.

School has been left behind, but not forgotten.

Held closer have been the dreams and the smile which sits upon my lips as I turn to the next chapter.

Keep dreaming and smile is what I tell myself.

This is about a boy who refused to stop smiling.

This is me.