Urbanistar/New Edition: Northbridge
(a.k.a. people-watching paradise)
212 William St, Northbridge.

Coffee $3 dine in (may have been upped).
Coffee: 3/5, Food: I’ve heard bad rumours, vibe: cute, cosy and bookish. 

Okay, so I’ve read a few other reviews for this place.

Some people liked it, some thought it was utter…well, it wasn’t great. They said the owner was rude. I see that.They said the food was pretty poor. I see that too.They said the coffee was at best hit-and-miss. Yes, that might be true.

 And yet…well call me a big, erroneous softie but NE hold a little fortress in my heart. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had pretty awful coffees there. But also pretty decent ones -the fact that they are $3, cheaper than almost anywhere else nearby took a bit of the edge off. I’m a sucker for the cheap.

I’m a sucker for books too, and being able to flick through a new illustration book or penguin classic while sipping my mostly-ok cap is nice (I don’t know if this is strictly allowed but I do it anyway because I’m a rebel from way back and have a rep to uphold on da streets).

 But I think what I like most is being able to do both of these things while perched at one of the window benches that look out onto William st.  
People. Watching. Paradise.
Some may say I have no life, others might edge away muttering “creeper” but I don’t mind admitting that I could spend a good half hour just watching people pass by. I make up little stories about where they’ve come from and where they’re going and then feel sad because they’re always far more interesting than where I’ve come from (a lecture) and are going to (woollies) that day. Yeah, vicarious living.

From this Saturday!  also the night i lost my keys within the first 5 minutes of being out and when trying to get money out of an ATM finding out that i had less then $100 to withdraw :/, I was paid on Thursday 

was a great night!!

Also had to blur out my friend because I would not wake the next morning if I hadnt