hey guys this is my dog hector and he’s been missing from our home in northallerton, north yorkshire since the 26th of may. we do not think he’s been stolen but rather he’s caught a scent, followed it and gotten himself lost. he’s a 9y/o french basset hound (fauve de bretagne), making him really distinctive to other breeds as there aren’t many around. he’s very short, mild mannered, safe to approach and he may have a limp on his rear right leg. his collar has all relevant contact information on it and he’s also been chipped. if anybody from the northallerton/thirsk/bedale areas have seen him please contact me on here as soon as you can. 

The things my parents say...

So mum and dad send me postcards from silly places like Blackpool, Darlington, Leeds, Northallerton and here are some gems from such postcards.

‘Hope your parole application goes well.’

'Hope this loving comminication finds you in good spirits.’

'Stumbled across a place called 'LEADS’, not sure if you’re aware of the place.’

'Girl, this is Darlington, it’s up north, near Scotland I think.’

I love my strange family.

Today has been a great day.

I started my works experience at the Joe Cornish Gallery in Northallerton yesterday. It’s been going really great so far as I’ve been completing a variety of tasks whilst being able to drool over all of Joe Cornish’s photographs. Today was extra great though because I got to meet the man himself! It was a real honor as he only drops into the gallery every now and again, but this morning when I walked into the office, there he was. He was in the middle of viewing the possible Christmas cards for the upcoming winter season with Joni and Emma. Joe was so friendly and welcoming. I loved being able to have a sneak-peak at the possible Christmas cards and also contribute to the discussion of which pictures to choose, which was difficult because all of his photographs are beyond beautiful! I also loved how he took my input seriously which sparked an idea for him which would draw in new fans and buyers. Unfortunately I can’t say too much about it because I don’t want to ruin any surprises!

Finally got to see the National Theatre production of Frankenstein in an encore screening. Goosebumps the whole way through, so chuffed I got to see it, not surprised it won awards. Best halloween ever. SO much admiration for the actors, Johnny’s creature is heartbreaking as is Benedict’s Frankenstein. I think I only blinked about 5 times throughout the whole 2 hours.

They are also showing a live screening of the National Theatre’s War Horse soon, finally a bit of culture here!

This map shows the locations of various pubs in 1850.  There were a lot of them.  However, the quote at the bottom is probably one of the best things I’ve ever read:

“Northallerton in Yorkshire doth excel all England, nay all Europe, for strong ale” - George Meriton, 1697

I could read proclamations of Northallerton’s superiority in old English all day.