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scheveningen, the hague, holland // 07-2015

maybe life around me is simply too fast, and that’s the reason why it seems that everything has come to a halt in my pictures.

this pier at the beach of Scheveningen/Holland had its better times long ago. the concrete construction, defying the tides as good as it can, is becoming a dark witness that we cannot force time to stand still for much longer than a photographic moment.

Die Hallig Hooge (Dansk: Hoge, Friesisch: Huuge) is located in Nordfriesland in Schleswig-Holstein, Northern Germany. It’s a small island off the North Sea coast - the 2nd-largest of the 10 Halligen in the Wadden Sea, after Langeneß. It’s frequently called the Queen of the Halligen. The houses on the island are built on 10 Warften.