Celtic Coin of the Dobunni King Corio

This is a ‘Tree Type’ gold stater of the Dobunni tribe. It was struck circa 20 BC  to AD 5 during the rule of Corio. On the obverse is the image of a tree-like emblem known as a Dobunnic Tree, with a pellet below. The reverse bears the name Co[rio] above a triple-tailed, stylized Celtic horse, with a wheel below and other symbols in the field.  The Dobunnic Tree’s meaning is unclear although corn, ferns and a form of a wreath have all been suggested as explanations.

The Dobunni were one of the Iron Age tribes living in the British Isles prior to the Roman invasion of Britain (43-84 AD). They lived in the southwestern part of Britain that roughly coincides with the English counties of Bristol, Gloucestershire and the north of Somerset, although at times their territory may have extended into parts of what are now Herefordshire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, Worcestershire, and Warwickshire. Their capital acquired the Roman name of Corinium Dobunnorum, which is today known as Cirencester. Unlike the Silures, their neighbors in what later became southeast Wales, the Dobunni were not a warlike people and submitted to the Romans before they even reached their lands. Afterwards they readily adopted the Romano-British lifestyle.

Corio was a 'king’ of the southwestern Dobunni. No one knows if 'king’ is the correct term for their leaders however, it is likely that this is what the Romans called them. The Dobunni rulers are only known from names found on their coinage and the exact order of each of their reigns has yet to be determined. Some of the other Dobunni kings’ names are Anted, Eisu, Aatti, Comux, Inham and Bodvoc.

Today was shit, and the good news is I get to do it all again tomorrow. Maybe including the uncontrollable sobbing if I’m really lucky.

When I took this job, they told me the woman before me had had a nervous breakdown and had to leave for medical reasons. There’ve been many moments over the past 14 years where I’ve fully understood that. The last four months, bitching and venting on tumblr aside, have been the second time I’ve felt like I’m there.

Also. I’m unhelpful. That’s nice to know. I’m unhelpful and my attitude stinks, and I gave up ten minutes of *my* Saturday, standing in a corridor in my pyjamas so I didn’t disturb a friend, to run through April figures and a random anomaly I’m under no obligation to remember the details of. I’m unhelpful but I’m the one sorting out SDC requests and vehicle orders and reinvoicing despite lack of anyone providing me with any information, and fuck yes, I’m stressed and snappy and often grossly miserable, sorry it’s a terrible day to talk to me.

But I’m unhelpful.