An update on sending fanmail to Benedict Cumberbatch

Recently we have been receiving enquiries asking if it is a good idea to send fanmail to North Gower Street for Benedict during Sherlock S3 filming - the only answer to this is NO.

No. 187 may be the exterior used for 221B, but in reality it is a private residence, including several flats that are home to individuals who have NOTHING to do with the production. If mail starts to land on their doormat for a ‘Mr. B. Cumberbatch’, even if they did realise who it was for they would have no means to pass it on to him and so chances are your letters will only end up in the bin. Similarly, Speedy’s is a café and although the people who run it have embraced Sherlock and are very accommodating to the fans, Benedict’s time is very limited while shooting the few scenes at this location and so probably won’t appreciate receiving lots of fanmail while trying to prepare for a scene when there are official routes to send fanmail via.

The ONLY address your mail is guaranteed to reach Benedict is the following:

FAO: Benedict Cumberbatch
c/o Conway Van Gelder Grant
3rd Floor, 8-12 Broadwick Street
London W1F 8HW, UK

Please note however, that due to his busy schedule, Benedict is unable to reply to each piece of correspondence he receives. We have been given the following information:

As much as he would like to, Benedict is unable to answer mail personally or sign personal items, it would just be impossible due to the overwhelming amount of mail he receives every week. However, it does ALL get read and he does see as much of it as possible and is very grateful for all the lovely gifts, kind comments and support the letters give him. From time to time, a photocopy signature will be sent in reply, but with so much fanmail, it is impossible to guarantee a reply.

Although we have only received enquiries with regard to Benedict, if you would like to send fanmail to any of the other cast members or some of the crew members, you can find the applicable addresses to send correspondence to on their biography pages located in the Behind the Scenes section on our site.


Setlock Part 2

Ben came over to us and explained about a charity/organization that he’s the chairman of. I couldn’t hear him very well because he wasn’t talking very loud (someone else can jump in and correct me if I’m wrong) but it had something to do with small music groups or music venues in Soho that are getting shut down by bigger ones and trying to keep them thriving. It came up because of the button he was wearing. He was very nice and made a point to stop and say hi (even if he wasn’t doing autographs and pictures) before getting in his car for the first break. Martin on the other hand was super sneaky and disappeared and reappeared without any of us catching him doing it. 


Setlock at North Gower Street - 7th February.

The author writes:

As far as I could tell the dialogue was:

John - Sherlock. Sherlock!
Sherlock - No time for this - get on.

They then get on to the carriage and Sherlock takes the reigns, shouting “hiyah” and then the scene ends.

You can clearly hear Martin saying “Sherlock, Sherlock”!

Edit: Probably it isn’t “Sherlock, Sherlock!”, but “Cab, cab!”


We talked a lot about this video during setlock. 

But what kind of slipped my mind: Sherlock says “Get on, John!” - John! He says John. They are calling each other by their first name! That makes me happy. :)


Streets of London

So how can you tell me you’re lonely,
And say for you that the sun don’t shine?
Let me take you by the hand and lead you through the streets of London
I’ll show you something to make you change your mind

Other photosets:
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Wanna see some more?

Sherlock: mi-caw-ber
John Watson: itsloki
Photographer: welcome2chaos

Scene 112, filmed with 50 Frames per Second

[bottom right corner = “50 FPS”]. This is the scene

We know from a few scenes, that they filmed with 25 FPS. So what does this mean? What are the reasons for changing the FPS rate?

  • Would it make sense to have a single scene in 50 FPS during the episode? 
  • Could you do some special transition with this rate?
  • Is this scene part of the end titles? (Would it make sense to have a higher FPS rate for the end titles?)
  • Or does the different rate indicate that this is something additional? trailer, minisode etc.?

Calling 221beemine and mid0nz for help! :)


(Credit for edited picture and deciphering: angelsincircles)